Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How Do Thieves Do Id Theft? | Legal Help And Advice Blog

Fraud And Identity Theft

Avoid being a victim of fraud.. know which credit report is best

If you?re for a restaurant or store and you give your credit card keep an eye on the greeting card because once you can?t see what are the employee is performing it?s an chance them to skim the card. Employing a card having a low limit is effective in reducing your contact financial id theft. Thieves want to target the ?high-value? cards for instance platinum and gold cards. Also, avoid a card that may be linked up with your bank checking account. That?s a recipe for disaster because the thief can literally empty your savings account. Do not forget that lawfully your fraud liability is different between transactions which has a debit card along with a check card.

Shoulder Surfing
When someone is attempting tt2l42l to have financial information like PIN codes, passwords, account numbers and other private information from peering over your shoulder. This simple and easy simple technique, surprisingly, are still being used today. To cut back the probability of being caught ?High-Tech? shoulder surfers sit of their cars using a cam corder the incorporates a telephoto lens to record the cardboard number and PIN. Some older machines still print the complete account number on the receipts so do not toss your receipt on the convenient trash can near the ATM.

Fake Automated teller machines
When the government De-Regulated the Bank it caused it to be feasible for anyone to purchase and look after them. The obvious way to ensure that you avoid a crooks machine is by using the ATM your bank or established banks. When approaching an ATM scan the spot you deal with as well as the machine to be sure there is nobody suspiciously loitering. May be the ATM well-lit during the night? Thinking about your surroundings will decrease this sort of scam.

Mail Theft
It is possible to many mailboxes around throughout this country so when you place instructions in the box to get delivered you increase the ?Flag? that signals in an Identity thief there may be private information inside. Thieves have brazenly been through neighborhoods collecting mail disguised as a replacement mail carrier plus general residents don?t provide a 2nd thought. There have also been times when legitimate mail carriers have already been recruited by Identity Thieves to steal information or bank statements to enable them to use. Using a Secure Post office box or perhaps a P.O box is the foremost approach to get rid of this challenge.

As I have stated before there are various strategies of ID Theft as ?Identity Theft is just restricted to the creativity with the thief.? Just be aware about your data and ways in which it is being employed.

Know the so you can avoid identity fraud..


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Fitness Goals Are Helpful | about mobile

A lot of health and fitness supplements for women are making headlines today. They promise to help you lose weight, feel great, and even shed the pounds where you hate them the most. But are these supplements safe to use? And do they follow through on their promises? More studies are showing that health and fitness supplements for women may be a poor decision when it comes to the health of your body, causing more problems than solutions.

The first things to keep in mind with health supplements for women are that many of these have not been scientifically tested. While they might say they have been tested in their labs, this is not a definite indication of quality. Another consideration is that those supplements that have been tested may not have been tested on women exclusively. This means that they may contain higher levels of some ingredients that are safe for men but not for women.

Buying health and fitness supplements for women isn?t the answer to your weight and health woes. There are no quick fixes when it comes to your health and to your weight. If you want to lose weight, you need to exercise more and eat less. Most fitness experts will tell you that health and fitness supplements for women are not advisable. Not only are they not addressing the problems or habits that have caused weight or health issues, but they may be adding to the problems at the same time. They gave users a lot of energy and helped them lose weight by reducing their appetite. But as users started to report heart palpitations and even some deaths, the safety of these pills was called into question. For the time, they were even taken off the market. While they?re back on the market now, this does not mean that they?re safe for you to take. Those items on the market may be ticking time bombs in your body ? and do you really want to be the test subject?

Your health and fitness program deserves the same level of attention, whether you are just beginning to map out your fitness plan or looking to expand and improve your current fitness routine. Set some goals for your health and fitness. You must know why you want to get fit before you embark on a new health and fitness program. Maybe your pants split as you got up to greet your blind date, and you thought, ?I really ought to do something about this.? Maybe you cannot keep up with your grand children. Maybe heart disease runs in your family, and you want to avoid carrying on that tradition. Give yourself a time frame for the next six months. Some people get really creative with their long-term goals in their health and fitness plan.

You have to ensure that your long-term goals are realistic. If you have decided to run your first full marathon, you do not need to run the full marathon on the first training session. On the other hand, do not be afraid to dream. Visualize that you will are running in the local marathon competition. Choose a goal that really sparks you on. This is something that may be out of reach at the moment but is not out of the realm of possibility. People are often surprised by what they can accomplish.

You need to judge for yourself what is practical. Some people rise to the occasion when they set goals that seem virtually impossible. Other people get discouraged by setting extremely high expectations. If you are a beginner, try to set moderately challenging goals. If you reach your goals earlier than you expect that is the time to choose more ambitious ones.

Six months is a long time to wait for feelings of success. In order to stay motivated, you need to feel a sense of accomplishment along the way. Set short-term goals for one week to one month. Here are some examples: Use the stair-climber four times this week for 30 minutes each time. Improve your one-kilometer walk by 30 seconds in one week. Bicycle 50 kilometers a week for the next three weeks. Go to the health fitness club 3 times a week. Goals are like a point on the compass that will help to get to the destination you want to arrive at.

Read About Gold Coast Boot Camps Also Read About Group Fitness Training And Personal Trainer Gold Coast


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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Kentucky Workers' Compensation ... - John Henry Smith Insurance

Kentucky regulators have approved the sixth straight reduction in workers? compensation loss cost rates. Kentucky Insurance Commissioner Sharon Clark has approved a statewide average 7.5 percent decrease in loss costs rates. The new rates mean that the state?s loss cost ?


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Watch Dumb Kids Dodge Death While They Hang On the Side of a Moving Train [Video]

Not satisfied with trying to outrun trains, looney kids are now latching onto the side of a MOVING train and playfully dodging things that they pass by. Right when you think they'll smash into a pole, they manage to stay alive. It's insane. More »


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Monday, August 29, 2011

Analysis: China keeps world guessing on yuan plan (Reuters)

SINGAPORE (Reuters) ? Figuring out what the People's Bank of China is doing can be as perplexing as parsing a statement from Alan Greenspan, the notoriously opaque former U.S. Federal Reserve chairman.

Now that the U.S. central bank has made it clear that any further economic assistance will have to wait until September -- if it comes at all -- the world is even more reliant on China, the second largest economy, to do what it can to support growth.

Letting the yuan rise more rapidly is arguably the most potent option available. It would send an immediate signal that Beijing is confident in China's economic strength despite growing global gloom, and that it is committed to a longer term goal of curbing its reliance on exports.

"On any objective gauge, the Chinese currency should be higher today than it is," Reserve Bank of Australia Governor Glenn Stevens said on Friday.

"I think it would be beneficial to the global economy, and beneficial to the Chinese people for there to be more flexibility in that price. There is no shortage of people telling Chinese authorities that," he said.

Indeed, this has been a recurring theme with China for the better part of the past decade. Many economists argue that the less pressure the world places on Beijing, the more likely policymakers are to loosen their grip on the yuan.

In the past three weeks, China has come tantalizingly close to signaling some sort of a policy shift. The PBOC has fixed the yuan mid-point at a series of record highs, and did so yet again on Monday.

A flurry of articles and editorials in government-controlled newspapers have argued that the time is right for faster appreciation.

But just when investors and economists smelled a change, the PBOC stepped back and let the yuan drift sideways for a week. Reuters spoke with several analysts at Chinese government think-tanks, who said expectations of a big move were misplaced.

Liang Youcai, senior economist at the State Information Center, said a sharp yuan rise could backfire by attracting more investment money into China, worsening the inflation pressures that the PBOC wants to counter.

Still, the yuan has risen about 0.8 percent against the dollar so far this month. That may sound modest, but considering it rose just 2.3 percent over the first seven months of the year combined, it shows Beijing has stepped up the pace even though growth concerns have intensified.

Back in 2008, China responded to the global financial crisis by halting the yuan appreciation, and did not reverse course until June 2010 -- a full year after the U.S. economy officially exited the recession.

"This time, Chinese policymakers appear to be still in observation mode," said Grace Ng, an economist with JPMorgan in Hong Kong.


Beijing is well known for its policy cautiousness. Even when state-linked newspapers were talking up the chances of a swifter yuan rise, some government officials stressed that now would be a dangerous time to do so because growth is slowing in China's two biggest export markets, the United States and Europe.

The mixed messages may reflect disagreement among Chinese officials about the ideal policy path -- another factor that points to Beijing proceeding slowly.

The PBOC itself has said repeatedly that inflation remains its no. 1 concern, suggesting it is inclined to keep tightening monetary policy despite concerns that the global economic malaise could deepen China's slowdown.

Several major banks including UBS lowered their growth forecasts for China through 2012 last week, largely because of concern that exports will fade.

Actions speak louder than words, especially when the words are inconsistent. A closer examination of the yuan's recent moves suggests Beijing is allowing a bit more flexibility.

Tellingly, China has let the yuan to rise against the currencies of several of its key trading partners, not just the U.S. dollar. On a trade-weighted basis, the yuan is at a three-month high.

Back in September 2010, the last time investors got their hopes up for a speedier yuan rise, Beijing did allow the currency to rise more rapidly against the dollar but it moved in the opposite direction on a trade-weighted basis.

Jim Walker, founder of Asianomics in Hong Kong, is not holding his breath for decisive action this time around either.

"We've been waiting for two years for a significant move in the renminbi (yuan) and we haven't got one," he told Reuters.


For China's Asian neighbors, a stronger yuan would provide a bit of cover for them to let their own currencies rise more quickly without jeopardizing exports. That can be a useful tool for containing stubbornly high inflation.

Singapore and Indonesia have been among the most aggressive in using currency appreciation to combat price pressures. Both have shown success, although Singapore's inflation picked up more than economists had expected in July.

The biggest benefit for the world may be psychological. If China endorses a faster yuan rise, it may quell concerns that the economy is faltering as global growth slows.

Letting the currency do some of the work in fighting inflation would also give the PBOC a bit of wiggle room to hold off on further interest rate rises, which would put an unwelcome drag on economic growth.

But Walker, the Asianomics founder, said China cannot hope to contain price pressures when interest rates are below the inflation rate, even if it lets the currency rise faster.

"Frittering around with the renminbi is fine. It will marginally tighten monetary policy. But until you send the right signal about the cost of capital, problems will remain," he said. (Additional reporting by Kevin Yao in Beijing; Editing by Mathew Veedon)


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PFT: Plenty of good, plenty to work on for Tebow

Denver Broncos Tim Tebow scrambles against the Seattle Seahawks during their pre-season NFL game in DenverReuters

First things first: Kyle Orton looked excellent on Saturday night once again.

He led the Broncos to a 17-3 lead early in the third quarter with two long touchdown drives against Seattle. ?He averaged more than 10 yards-per-attempt and showed terrific accuracy often fitting the ball into tight windows. ?Orton is?ready for the season.

Now on to the main story: The backups!

This time around, it was Tim Tebow that kept Brady Quinn watching on the sideline. ?It was a mixed performance with good, bad, and a game-winning field goal mixed in.

Tebow directed five drives that led to six points, including the winning three. ?He fumbled twice, but one of those fumbles was on a bad center shotgun snap. ?He took three sacks, but made a number of big plays with his arm and his feet. ?(He finished 6-of-11 for 93 yards and ran for 24 yards.)

There were plenty of exciting plays and plenty to work on. ?More than once Tebow took too long to make decisions. There was a broken play or two. Sacks happened. ?More than once, Tebow escaped pressure to make something out of nothing.

While the offense stagnated overall with Tebow, he did lead them on a game-winning 50-yard drive with 1:13 left.

Essentially, Tebow?s detractors will find enough material to criticize here. Tebow?s supporters will say this proves he?s a ?gamer.?

The reality is that the second-year quarterback is developing, not ready yet, and no one knows where this is going.


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Big Brother 13 Episode 22 Recap of Double Eviction

Last night was a busy one on Big Brother 13, Episode 22 so let us recap the live double eviction. First, as we know. Jeff won the Zingbot Bride POV contest. Since he was HOH, he now had full control over the nominations for eviction. During the POV ceremony, Jeff decided to take Porsche off the chopping block and replaced here with Danielle. This put the two allies, Dani and Kalia at odds with each other. Jeff succeeded as HOH in evicting Danielle, but at a price. Image Credit: Nikki Nelson / Danielle was able to convince Shelly to campaign for her, which the flighty Shelly was eager to do. Shelly tried to persuade Adam to vote against Jeff and his alliance and keep Danielle in the house. But Adam was not willing to commit. So Shelly bit her tongue, swallowed what little pride she has and started working on Rachel. Shelly told Rachel how Jeff deliberately threw the POV contest that resulted in Brendon being booted. Rachel went to Danielle to discuss the situation and a deal was offered by Dani. Sometime just before the live eviction vote, Jeff learned that Shelly was betraying him and his alliance. [...]


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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Leadership In Sales Management: Becoming A Better Leader ...

How do some people naturally become leaders and others just seem to follow them? you can see this happening from the very first personal experiences children have to adults in business. Some people seem to have a natural quality that makes people follow their lead. those who try to lead often find themselves failing because they lack the qualities that make a good leader. When someone tries to hard it is often seen as pushy or bossy and then the exact opposite of what they were hoping for happens.

Click link below to read full and original article

Leadership In Sales Management: Becoming A Better Leader

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Theme Party Supplies |

Theme Party Supplies

Theme Party Supplies

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Theme Party Supplies

Posted: Aug 03, 2008 |Comments: 0


For any party to succeed, it must have theme party supplies which go a very long way in ensuring that every thing needed is available. First, you have to go through the process of planning a party so that you can come up with a list of supplies that are necessary. Theme parties can range from western to Hollywood and fifties parties. This means that they are very many and depending on the theme you choose, you will have different supplies. Supplies can be found at shops that deal with party supplies and these shops are also found online. They supply all the decorations like favors, theme kits, personalized banners, entrances and arches, balloons, streamers, back ground papers and the list goes on.

When you want to make sure that you have the correct list for theme party supplies, you can go through the various aspects of planning the party. Firstly, you need invitations for the party and if you want them bought they will fall under the category of party supplies. You can however choose to cut costs by designing your very own invitation cards. You will need a computer and lots of creativity. It is advisable to keep the invitation simple especially when you are having a simple party like a tea party. The invitation will reflect the particular theme you have chosen. A theme is therefore very vital to a party and it helps in being more organized. You should not forget that you need to plan the party in advance. The sole reason for this is to give you enough time to plan well so that you can get theme party supplies.

Theme party supplies for decorations are the most common. When you are through sending invitations to guests, you already have a theme that you are working with and after you identify the venue, it is time to decorate. The supplies that will make the venue look like the theme idea will have to be supplied if they are not already there. They range from little supplies to major ones depending on the kind of party you are holding. The important thing to remember here is whether you have the accurate stuff that is needed. There are many types of balloons and you must be specific on which balloons you want. You will be in a position to do this by taking time prior to the preparations and writing down what you require.

When you are ordering theme party supplies online, make sure you go through all the items that are on offer and be sure of every supply. Party favors are also supplies that you need to consider seriously. If you are not making then for yourself, plan what you want then make sure they are supplied in time. This will be determined by whether you ordered them at the appropriate time which is early. The same goes for food especially if you are having it catered. Food supplies must be in a party at the right time and in the right quantity. Usually, people have all their party supplies delivered promptly to the parties with no major incidents.

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Peter Gitundu -
About the Author:

Peter Gitundu is a Web Administrator and Has Been Researching and Reporting on Party Ideas for Years. For More Information on Theme Party Supplies, Visit His Site at THEME PARTY SUPPLIES You Can Also Post Your Views About Theme Party Supplies On My Blog Here THEME PARTY SUPPLIES

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200?Characters left

What are some unique party themes?
What can I do for a theme birthday party?
What are some themes for a party ?

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Theme Party Decorations

Theme party decorations are paramount to ensure that guests are informed about the message of the day. Themes work by carrying a certain message which is usually not written but seen through decorations of a particular party.

Peter Gitundul

News and Society>
Women's Issuesl
Aug 03, 2008
lViews: 764

Theme Party Ideas

Theme part ideas will never run out and there are many things you can do to make a theme party the best. Firstly, it is vital to begin by choosing a good theme. This means that you have to choose a suitable theme that will go with your occasion or celebration.

Peter Gitundul

News and Society>
Women's Issuesl
Aug 03, 2008
lViews: 842

Pool Party Ideas

A pool party is one of the most interesting parties which provide great fun in and around the pool area. Planning for a successful pool party will take some work and you can also enhance your party to become even better with pool party ideas.

Peter Gitundul

News and Society>
Women's Issuesl
Aug 03, 2008
lViews: 285

Theme Party Invitations

Theme party invitations are sent out for a particular purpose which is to inform potential guests that there will be a party. Most party hosts send out invitations after carefully considering various things about the invitations.

Peter Gitundul

News and Society>
Women's Issuesl
Aug 03, 2008
lViews: 1,000

Babes Blocking Traffic - Stop the Cycle of Child Trafficking

Today, there are approximately 2.5 million people, mostly children, living as slaves. These children are trafficked ... sold for less than by desperate families or stolen in the night by kidnappers, and often work in the sex industry or in agriculture or in both. Babes Blocking Traffic is a 3,093-mile bicycle ride across America to spread awareness and stop the cycle of child trafficking.

Amanda Christmann Larsonl

News and Society>
Women's Issuesl
Aug 25, 2011

You May Want To Find Out Where To Buy Pepper Spray If You Don't Like Being Mugged

Knowing how to defend one's self is something that everyone should make a priority. Knowing where to buy pepper spray should be the first step.

Carl Vouerl

News and Society>
Women's Issuesl
Aug 24, 2011

How will world women be perceived in the 21st century?

Grown up girls facing lack and censure lose their lives. In future this shall not happen and all those fruits put on a tree by nature will get full protection by it. Very naturally the population of world women will rise. This will continue in future and according to wise thinkers by the time the 21st century ends 2/3rd of the world population will be women and only 1/3rd will be men. Nature is known to destroy that which is useless. Only tasks of security will be handed over to men.

Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharmal

News and Society>
Women's Issuesl
Aug 23, 2011

Marine Corporal Dakota Meyer... recipient of the Medal of Honor. True grit

By Dr. Jeffrey Lant Author's program note. For this article, there is only one song that will do: the Marines' Hymn of the United States Marine Corps with its revered and unmistakable opening line, "From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli".


News and Society>
Women's Issuesl
Aug 18, 2011

Various movements and agitations seen for women's awakening

For attaining equal rights for the 1st time in the annals of world history Rome's women had blown the bugle in the year 43 BC. It was carried out under the leadership of Hotenesia who was the daughter of a well known Roman lawyer. She had placed one single question in front of her countries political leaders holding highest posts in the government. She asked as to why in comparison to men women were looked down upon and detested by all? She is equal to males regarding capacity to work.

Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharmal

News and Society>
Women's Issuesl
Aug 18, 2011

Weight Training - Is It Okay for Young Kids?

Weight training is a form of exercise that is usually done in order to increase strength, size and shape of muscles. When performed properly, this form of exercise can be very effective and results are visible after just a few months of consistent training.

Peter Gitundul

Sports and Fitness>
Muscle Buildingl
Sep 08, 2010

Why Vitamin B12 Is Important In Weight Loss

Many people who suffer from weight problems and are always looking for ways to lose it. Due to this problem, they end up falling prey to products in the market that promise a quick fix to the problem. These products come in the form of pills and supplements which sometimes do not help in solving the problem.

Peter Gitundul

Sports and Fitness>
Muscle Buildingl
Sep 08, 2010
lViews: 166

Getting a Bronze Look Without the Risk of Skin Cancer

Sun tanning is the process of exposing the skin to natural sun ultraviolet rays or to artificial sources in order to achieve a sun kissed look or a darker complexion. People normally do this because, they believe that, it makes them look more beautiful than if they had a pale complexion.

Peter Gitundul

Sep 08, 2010

Fighting Hair Loss

Hair loss occurs when the rate of hair renewal does not match that of the loss. In medical terms, this condition is known as alopecia. Hair loss does not only occur on the head but also on other body parts of the body where hair normally grows. This condition usually affects both sexes and can occur at any age.

Peter Gitundul

Hair Lossl
Sep 08, 2010

Stretches You Can Do Before Weight Training

Weight training is the art of working out in order to develop shape and size of your muscles. It is very effective in increasing physical strength, losing fat fast and also in changing the shape of your body if done correctly.

Peter Gitundul

Sports and Fitness>
Sep 08, 2010

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Peter Gitundu is a Web Administrator and Has Been Researching and Reporting on Party Ideas for Years. For More Information on Theme Party Supplies, Visit His Site at THEME PARTY SUPPLIES You Can Also Post Your Views About Theme Party Supplies On My Blog Here THEME PARTY SUPPLIES

Article from

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Among His Believers: With Glenn Beck's Posse in Jerusalem (

Back in Cincinnati, Hugh Gallagher runs a company that makes u-bolts for trailers. So he knows a few things about connections. But it wasn't until he came to Jerusalem with Glenn Beck that Gallagher began to get his arms around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

"I've been here three times but this time I've got more in-depth understanding of what's going on," Gallagher says, as he files toward the hilltop that Jews call the Temple Mount and Muslims know as the Noble Sanctuary - and that Beck made use of as a backdrop for his ongoing tour of the Holy Land. (See photos from Glenn Beck's Washington DC "Restoring Honor" rally.)

"The Palestinians here have a lot of problems," he says, "but at the same time lots of problems they've made for themselves. It's obviously a very complicated problem, but if the Arab countries had assimilated the Palestinians there wouldn't be a Palestinian problem. For three generations of Palestinians to be living in refugee camps is just absurd!"

Gallagher paused and let his fellow Americans move past him, concerned citizens who, like himself, equated Israel with righteous resilience and Beck with straight talk from the heart. His "Restoring Courage" campaign was winding up with its fourth straight event in Israel. He talked about the need to "Stand by Israel," and also to restore personal responsibility. And if, during the 90-minute finale the word "Palestinian" would not pass the broadcaster's lips, the absence went unremarked by travelers whose weeklong itinerary, according to Gallagher, included no exposure to the other side.

"It would've been interesting to hear what the Palestinians had to say," Gallagher says, "but our tour guide, who's an ex-army major, told of instances where he talked to Palestinians and they say Jews were raping Arab women and on and on and on. But more people in the U.S. need to have a better understanding of what's going on."

Many watched from home. Beck's staff reported 1,400 "viewing parties" worldwide around computers tuned to GBTV, the online channel ($4.95 a month through September) where Beck has appeared since leaving Fox News. Of those who signed up online to come to Israel with him, several who could manage the $3,000 fee spoke affectingly of those who perhaps could not, but came regardless "to make a statement," says Gallagher. The Americans appeared to number about 500, though Beck's organization claimed there were more.

"They're not rich people, most of them," says Sharon Lambly, 71. One of the few Jews in the group, she retired to Sedona, Arizona after vice presidencies at IBM and Hershey, and found her faith in the system shaken over the last eight years by behaviors in Washington: "the absence of leadership and clear thinking. (See a collection of souvenirs from the Tea Party.)

"He says 'support Israel," Lambly says, of Beck, "but what he's basically saying is 'Do good. Do things the respectful way and change things.'"

It was indeed a largely positive message Beck delivered under a cerulean sky, in what resembled a megachurch service, albeit one adapted to a holy site shared by three faiths. The band and singers hit notes evoking Judaism, Christianity and Islam, in order of appearance. "This plot of land, though tiny, is big enough for three religions," Beck exulted. "It must be as big as God's heart!"

But it was not all light. "We had several people back out at the last minute," Beck said, moments after the Jerusalem mayor proclaimed the basis of the city's economy should be tourism. "The Middle East is a very dangerous place." He gave one award to survivors of a horrific home invasion in a West Bank settlement (without identifying it as a settlement), and another to an Israeli supermarket magnate whose outlet in the Gush Etzion settlement bloc sells to both Arabs and Jews. He warned of a Nazi resurgence, and mocked anyone who did not recognize militant Islam as the force driving the Arab Spring.

During quiet moments, the bleats of protesters drifted up from the back, where several dozen Israelis protested Beck. Some objected to his support for settlements. Others opposed him as the most prominent of evangelical Christians (though Beck is Mormon), the so-called "Christian Zionists" whose support for Israel in many cases harks to an "end of days" narrative that welcomes the return of Jews to their Biblical homeland, but also requires them to convert to Christianity to survive the apocalypse. "Evil is growing," Beck said at one point, speaking at the site the Bible says it will all happen. "Darkness is coming."

"A lot of people find it suspicious," says Shoshana Mageni, 65, who traveled from a settlement near Hebron. "The question is who is doing it for what reasons. If their real agenda is to ultimately convert the Jews to Christianity and they're putting their foot in the door? I'm not sure."

On the other hand, evangelical support helped lift American legislators to their feet for much of prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu's May address to a joint session of the U.S. Congress. "Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Glenn Beck - you take everyone with a personality and try to analyze, you find a problematic thing that he said," says Danny Danon, the Likud parliamentarian who hosted Beck at the Knesset earlier in the summer. "We are not in a position to be picky about who is supporting Israel and who is not, and why now and not before." (See photos of A Day in the Life of Glenn Beck.)

If much of the world sees the conflict from the Palestinian perspective, Israel was still an underdog on Wednesday night. Afterward, Lambly said she originally made plans to come to Israel a year from now, but moved up her plans because "with the Palestinians going to the UN and all, I hope there'll be an Israel."

She smiled and followed the directions of the ushers to the area where the bus would come. Scott and Sheila Powers were already waiting. "We recognize there's good and evil working in the world," says Scott Powers, a Houston native who now lives in Abu Dhabi, one of the United Arab Emirates; he works in petroleum. "We wanted to stand in the light. Many Muslims walk in the light as well."

Sheila Powers waves away the controversy over evangelicals and the Jewish State with a question. "Do you think they need our support, really?" she says. "But it's not about logic. It's about faith."

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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Life expectancy success story

ScienceDaily (Aug. 25, 2011) ? Life expectancy is increasing all the time due to better quality of life and better health care. Despite this, increases in life expectancy can be patchy, with some sources reporting that the gap in life expectancy between rich and poor is getting bigger as time goes on. However, a new report in BioMed Central's open access journal International Journal for Equity in Health finds that the life expectancy for people living in deprived areas in Campinas, Brazil, is catching up, rising at three times the rate of people living in more affluent areas.

Researchers from the State University of Campinas, S?o Paulo found that in 2000 the difference in life expectancy for people from deprived areas was 6.5 years less than those from the most affluent areas, but by 2005 this had reduced to 4.2 years. This difference was most noticeable for men from deprived areas whose life expectancy improved by over twice that of women from the same area (4.7 years compared to 2.2 years).

Prof Barros, who led this research, said that, "Our results clearly show a decline in the social inequalities in life expectancy which corresponds to a threefold overall rate of increase in life expectancy between deprived and affluent areas. During these five years of our study there has been an expansion in available health care and a decrease in violent deaths, both of which have more impact in the more deprived areas, and together may explain the improvements we found."

While some more developed countries are finding widening gaps in life expectancy, this example from Brazil may point the way towards parity in life expectancy between the sexes, and between the poor and disadvantaged, and the rich and comfortable.

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Story Source:

The above story is reprinted (with editorial adaptations by ScienceDaily staff) from materials provided by BioMed Central, via EurekAlert!, a service of AAAS.

Journal Reference:

  1. Ana Paula Belon, Marilisa B.A. Barros. Reduction of social inequalities in life expectancy in a city of Southeastern Brazil. International Journal for Equity in Health, 2011; (in press) [link]

Note: If no author is given, the source is cited instead.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of ScienceDaily or its staff.


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Free Online Games Game Game and Gaming Platforms | Welcome to my ...

It?s certainly a fallacy that only children and teenagers are fond of free online games. There are adults who love frequently crossing into the free online gaming platforms where myriad classic and contemporary titles are 24?7 available. And also, you don?t need to pay a single penny to play the same. All you need is a computer plus an uninterrupted internet connection to enjoy the Free Online Games round the clock. There is couple of paid sites as well, where 3D online games can be played, however, that aren?t so popular because you ought to shell out a particular amount to enjoy the same. That is why; the enthusiastic video gamers prefer Free Online Games over the paid ones.Free Online Games and Gaming Platforms

Thus certainly, these Free Online Games are sensational and gratify us to the utmost knowing our craziness and passion for the video games.

But the good thing is that these excellent action titles can be played and experienced on the free online gaming platforms as well.? Yes, at varied free online gaming stages, the classic and latest action games are available for free that allows you to enjoy the virtual action to the utmost that you might not experience in the real world.

Videos games are nowadays an integral part of our lives, be it our mobile phone or computer, games are everywhere ensuring that we stay happy and entertained. But today, when the virtual world is highly accessible in the form of Web 2.0, there are plenty of options we?ve in hand in terms of video games, which are commonly known as online games, which are free as well.Free Online Games and Gaming Platforms

If we attribute towards the games that are popular amongst the gamers, then action games automatically comes into the limelight. Classic one-on-one fighting titles and action-adventure oriented games like Street Fighter, Tekken 1, Tekken, 2, Tekken 3, Tekken Tag, Call of Duty, and Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice are still on people?s mind and they can?t get over this hangover. The unparalleled popularity of the action games is predominantly because of their adventurous plots, dark-eye-catching graphics, engaging background music and mysterious sound effects. These action games effortlessly create a mesmerizing ambiance that gamers couldn?t overlook and get hypnotized by the same.

Free Online Games and Gaming Platforms

Apart from the paid gaming sites, the free online gaming platforms has also overpowered the popular gaming consoles like PlayStation 1, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Play Station Portable, Nintendo DS etc. To purchase these eminent gaming devices, customers ought to shed couple of dollars from their pockets. But with people carrying their laptops, high-connectivity internet devices and 3G phones stick to their favorite Action Games, sport games, puzzle games, action games and games of varied genres that they play free of cost on the free online gaming sites.

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Article Source : Free Online Games and Gaming Platforms


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SNOSN? What Many People Don't Category Ag-l Know About a Spam ...

An anti spam appliance consists of a software program that identifies, isolates and deletes the emails with spamming features. There are two types of spam appliance: spam blockers and spam filters. And although the concepts are often used interchangeably, there are differences between the tools. A filter organizes those emails that are considered spam, so that the PC user may check and proceed with them later. The PC user has to delete or answer the mails manually afterwards. A blocker spam appliance on the other hand, prevents the receipt of spam in the first place, so that you don?t have to bother with deleting it.What Many People Don't Know About a Spam Appliance

What Many People Don?t Know About a Spam Appliance

Test a trial version before buying a spam appliance. Most software companies allow for a free download of their product within a maximum 30-day interval. If the software performance matches your needs, full protection can be achieved by registering. The prices for a good spam appliance can vary from to per month depending on the features. Corporations are the clients with the highest demand for protection and they are the first to purchase quality spam blockers in order to preserve the quality of their business transactions.

Major email providers such as Yahoo! Mail or Google Gmail have incorporated spam filters which already allows for an appropriate selection of the messages, but the filtering settings can been easily fooled by lots of spammers. Therefore, if you are in great need of minimizing the spam mail, it is advisable to install a quality anti spam appliance so that you also reduce the risk of computer infection with viruses and all sorts of malevolent programs. Some tools cost a small fortune while others are free, it all depends on the features and the usage extent.What Many People Don't Know About a Spam Appliance

Is or Isn?t a Message Spam?
Know More About How to Prevent Spam!
Spam Blockers ? Do You Really Want to Get It?
Buying Spam Blocker Program? Think Again!
What Many People Don?t Know About a Spam Appliance
Getting a Smart Pop Up Spam Blocker?
Efficient and Effective Ways to Get Rid of Spam!
Getting Effective and Free Spam Blockers?
What Many People Did Not Know About Exchange Spam Blocker
What Many People Don?t Know About Email Spam Blocker
Most Amazing and Effective Method to Block Junk Email?
The Best Spam Blocker Tools Invented?
Choice of an Highly Effective Anti-spam Tool?
Looking for Superiority and Higher Efficiency Anti-spam Tools?

Written by PatrickSia
Web and graphics designer, Editor, Writer, Magician, Internet marketer, Network Marketer

By the way, you might also be interested with the following articles:

Hope it helps.

In the absence of a quality spam appliance to block or filter unsolicited email messages, the operation of the personal or business inbox can be very difficult. The very sorting of the valuable emails is a cumbersome task when the web user needs to work with bulk mail. Only with a spam filter or blocker coming between the mail server and the personal computer, will you be able to make your mail account optimal in terms of usage. Some users are more exposed than others because there is no hiding from spam on the Internet. This is the case with online businesses or anyone who depends on the email to make a living.

Article Source : What Many People Don't Know About a Spam Appliance

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A question of gene silencing

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

When investigating cancer cells, researchers discovered numerous peculiarities: Particular RNA molecules are present in large numbers, particular genes are overactive. Do these characteristics have a relation to cancer? Do they promote cell growth? Do they inactivate growth brakes or are they just a whim of nature? To find clues for answering these questions scientists perform what are called loss-of-function analyses. They knock out (silence) the gene of interest in living cells or whole organisms and subsequently look for any changes in the cells' metabolism, physiology or behavior in order to find out whether specific cellular functions are lost.

"However, what was still missing was a method for selectively silencing those genes that do not code for proteins," said Dr. Sven Diederichs, who is head of a Junior Research Group at DKFZ and at the Institute of Pathology of Heidelberg University. With his team, the molecular biologist has now developed a new method for selectively silencing such non-protein-coding genes and, thus, determining their function. "In many cancers we find that specific non- coding genes are particularly active. Therefore, we want to understand what the RNA molecules transcribed from these genes bring about in the tumor cells."

Diederichs and his team have based their method on the use of zinc finger nucleases. These are engineered protein molecules that cut DNA at precisely defined sites and thus facilitate specific targeting and cutting of genes. Although the cell's repair machinery will re-connect the two ends after the cutting process, silencing works well for protein-coding genes. The repair enzymes usually do not repair the site precisely and insert small defects. This destroys the protein information so that the proteins can no longer be formed.

For non-protein-coding genes, however, such small defects are not relevant. Therefore, mere cutting does not bring the desired result. The repair process simply results in another functioning gene that is transcribed into RNA molecules. The Heidelberg researchers therefore used a trick: The repair proteins are also able to integrate small DNA segments when mending the two ends. Therefore, the molecular biologists integrated a signaling sequence at the site where the gene was cut. This sequence causes the RNA transcript of this gene to be broken down at once so that it is not available for any cellular functions. The resulting changes in cellular biology can then be analyzed comprehensively.

"We are now able, for the first time, to completely silence the non-protein-coding genes and thus study their molecular and cellular functions," said Sven Diederichs when explaining the goal of his research approach. "It is very likely that these genes play an important role in cancer development. We are sure it is not by chance that they are so very active particularly in tumor cells.


Non-coding RNA Gene Silencing through genomic integration of RNA destabilizing elements using Zinc Finger Nucleases. Genome Research 2011, Doi:10.1101/gr.122358.111

Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres:

Thanks to Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres for this article.

This press release was posted to serve as a topic for discussion. Please comment below. We try our best to only post press releases that are associated with peer reviewed scientific literature. Critical discussions of the research are appreciated. If you need help finding a link to the original article, please contact us on twitter or via e-mail.

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Friday, August 26, 2011

Tour Operator Jobs A New Way to Study | Business Management Life

August 26th, 2011 Filed under: Business Management Diploma ? Business Management Author

Tour operator jobs are a great way of entering into the exciting travel industry. There is a wealth of different qualifications you can acquire to give yourself the upper hand in your pursuit of the perfect job as a tour operator, including diplomas, A-levels, BTEC, NVQ and degrees. This year, however, sees the beginning of a new scheme that is designed to help young people prepare for their future, whether they continue in education or go straight into employment.

New Diploma

This scheme is a new Diploma in Travel and Tourism that has been developed with the help of the Institute of Travel and Tourism (ITT), and was put into effect in September 2010. It is now being taught throughout the UK. The diploma is a mixture of theory and practice, to better equip pupils for work in the real world. The diploma is a valuable asset for those applying for tour operator jobs, providing the experience of working in the travel sector and a skill set applicable to travel companies.

What it Teaches

The diploma is aimed at young people aged between 14 and 19 years and gives them an in-depth sector-specific learning that covers travel, tourism and passenger transport. The areas covered include travel services, tourism services, conferences and events, accommodation services, visitor attractions, bus, rail, coach, aviation, inland waterways, maritime, taxi and private hire, transport planning and community transport. It is hoped that the students will learn valuable life experience and employment skills that will help them when they come to apply for roles in the industry ? such as tour operator jobs.

Structure of the Diploma

The diploma is very flexible and can be completed on its own or combined with GCSE?s or A-levels. There are three levels of the diploma, each one giving the pupil more understanding of this industry. The foundation level is the equivalent of 5 GCSE?s and gives a broad overview of the sector allowing students to get a taste of what jobs and careers are available in travel. The Higher Diploma is the same as 7 GCSE?s and looks into legislation, finance and customer service, as well as providing a good understanding of the industry. The Advanced Diploma which is equated to 3.5 A-levels, covers travel, tourism and passenger transport in depth, and includes sustainability, business management, and marketing.


Although an ideal preparation for careers such as travel agents, tour guides and tour operator jobs, the diploma does not restrict a pupil to entering the travel industry. If, after completing the diploma, they find this career path is not for them, the skills they will have acquired are transferrable to many different industries. There are generic learning modules within the diploma, such as English, Maths, ICT and PLTS (personal, learning and thinking skills), as well as work experience that lasts around ten days, and an independent learning project for the students to show off their potential for independent study.


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ESPN Takes Flak for Photoshopped Image of Michael Vick as a White ...

ESPN came under criticism yesterday (August 25th) for creating and publishing a Photoshopped image of NFL quarterback Michael Vick as a white man to go along with a commentary column in ESPN The Magazine by cultural critic Toure called, ?What if Michael Vick were white?? Toure writes about how being black has shaped both the positive and negative aspects of Vick?s life, discussing how race has some bearing on who a person becomes, just as other factors like upbringing, class and parenting do. He dismisses the ?What if Vick were white? question by saying that changing his race would so fundamentally change him that he?d be unknowable. Responding to the backlash over the white Vick image, Toure wrote on Twitter that he wasn?t consulted about it, and that he also asked the editors not to use the ?What if Michael Vick were white?? title. He tweeted, ?Judge me on the story, not the art.?


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Stay or go? Officials ponder Irene evacuations

Hurricane Irene could hit anywhere from North Carolina to New York this weekend, leaving officials in the path of uncertainty to make a delicate decision. Should they tell tourists to leave during one of the last weeks of the multibillion-dollar summer season?

  1. Don't miss these Travel stories

    1. Flight attendants train for cabin pressures

      What's it really like to work at 30,000 feet? Nilou Motamed, Travel + Leisure's features director, visits flight attendant school for an inside look.

    2. Man reportedly threatened flight crew with glass
    3. Car shares changing how people get around
    4. United, Continental embrace iPads in the cockpit
    5. New rules aim to curb long tarmac delays

Most were in a wait-and-see mode, holding out to get every dime before the storm's path crystalizes. North Carolina's governor told reporters not to scare people away.

"You will never endanger your tourists, but you also don't want to overinflate the sense of urgency about the storm. And so let's just hang on," North Carolina Gov. Beverly Perdue said Wednesday. At the same time she warned to "prepare for the worst."

In the Bahamas, tourists cut their vacations short and caught the last flights out before the airport was closed. Those who remained behind with locals prepared for a rough night of violent winds and a dangerous storm surge that threatened to punish the low-lying chain of islands. Irene has already hit Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic, causing landslides and flooding homes. One woman was killed.

On the Outer Banks of North Carolina, some tourists heeded evacuation orders for a tiny barrier island as Irene strengthened to a Category 3 storm, with winds of 120 mph.

Story: Hurricane watch issued for NC's Outer Banks as East Coast preps for Irene

"We jam-packed as much fun as we could into the remainder of Tuesday," said Jessica Stanton Tice of Charleston, W.Va. She left Ocracoke Island on an early-morning ferry with her husband and toddler.

"We're still going to give North Carolina our vacation business, but we're going to Asheville" in the mountains, she said.

Flooding and power outages
Officials said Irene could cause flooding, power outages or worse as far north as Maine, even if the eye of the storm stays offshore. Hurricane-force winds were expected 50 miles from the center of the storm.

Predicting the path of such a huge storm can be tricky, but the National Hurricane Center uses computer models to come up with a "cone of uncertainty," a three-day forecast that has become remarkably accurate in recent years. Forecasters are still about a day away from the cone reaching the East Coast.

The mood was calm in Virginia Beach, Va. Jimmy Capps, manager of the Breakers Resort Inn, said the 56-room hotel is about 80 percent booked for the weekend, despite a few cancellations.

"It just appears they're not quite sure what the storm is going to do," Capps said. "The thing I'm amazed at now is that we haven't had more cancellations so far. Usually when they start mentioning the Outer Banks and Cape Lookout, which we are between, the phones light up."

In New England, some beachgoers started second-guessing vacation plans. Steven Miller, who runs a charter sport fishing company off the coast of Rhode Island, hasn't received any cancellations, but no one has been calling to schedule trips in the next few days, either.

"The hoopla beforehand could end the season," Miller said. "Everybody yanks their boats out, everybody leaves, and then they don't come back because it's so late in the season."

Sandbags were in demand in the Northeast to protect already saturated grounds from flooding. Country music star Kenny Chesney moved a Sunday concert in Foxborough, Mass., up to Friday to avoid the storm. High school football games were also rescheduled, and officials still hadn't decided whether to postpone Sunday's dedication of the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial on the National Mall. Hundreds of thousands were expected for that event.

'Make or break a season'
"Tourism depends so much on the weather, which is such an unpredictable element," said Samantha Rich, a tourism extension specialist at North Carolina State University. "An extremely hot season, an extremely cold season, a hurricane ? it can make or break a season, especially for small businesses."

Story: How to have a hurricane-proof vacation

In North Carolina's Outer Banks, where about 300,000 visitors come every week in the summer, tourism is the lifeblood of the towns that dot the sandy barrier islands. Dare County beaches are the state's top vacation destination. Tourism represents about $834 million for businesses in the county, which has 8,000 rental homes and 3,000 hotel rooms, plus campground spots.

Business owners are wary of sacrificing a weekend in August if it's not completely necessary.

"We had that occur last year, with Earl," said Veda Peters, co-owner of the Cypress House Inn in Kill Devil Hills. He was referring to the hurricane that passed off to the east, bringing little more than a night of rain and some wind gusts. "They evacuated the county, and then Labor Day weekend was gorgeous in the Outer Banks."

So far, the Cypress House Inn is fully booked for the coming weekend, but Peters already is getting calls about the weather.

"If it's safe for people to be here, we want them to be here. If it's not safe, we'll say so and we'll get you in as soon as it is," said Lee Nettles, managing director or the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau. "We have a peak summer season and we're in the midst of that."

Associated Press writers Tom Breen, Emery Dalesio, Gary D. Robertson and Michael Biesecker in Raleigh; Larry O'Dell in Richmond, Va.; David Klepper in Providence, R.I.; and Ben Fox in Nassau, Bahamas, contributed to this report.

Copyright 2011 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.


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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Husband: CA mom accused of throwing baby depressed (AP)

ORANGE, Calif. ? A mother accused of nearly killing her 7-month-old son by tossing him from the fourth floor of a hospital parking garage was treated for depression after the child's birth, her husband said Tuesday.

Sonia Hermosillo, 31, of La Habra, was arrested Monday night, hours after the baby was thrown over a parking structure at Children's Hospital of Orange County, police Sgt. Dan Adams said.

The woman's husband, Noe Medina, told the Orange County Register that his wife had been hospitalized for postpartum depression in June, was taking medication and wasn't allowed to be alone with their son, Noe Jr.

The infant remained in critical condition at the University of California, Irvine, Medical Center, which has a trauma unit.

Hermosillo, who could make a court appearance as early as Wednesday, was being held without bail for investigation of attempted murder and is undergoing a psychological evaluation in the jail's medical ward, said Orange County sheriff's spokesman Jim Amormino. She also was on an immigration hold, he said.

No one answered the door Tuesday at the upstairs apartment in La Habra where Hermosillo lives with her husband, two young daughters and infant son. A child's pink flip flops, a sand pail and two Barbie dolls sat on the stoop in the hot sun.

"I don't know what happened yesterday," Medina told the Register in a hospital interview.

Sonia Herrera, 40, lives in the apartment directly below and said she knew Hermosillo before the family moved into the complex two months ago. Their children attend the same elementary school.

She said Hermosillo was a normal, loving mother to her daughters and was excited to be pregnant with a son. But after the boy was born, the 31-year-old mother changed suddenly and seemed depressed, Herrera said.

She withdrew and, while bubbly before, hardly talked at all. Herrera became concerned she might have postpartum depression, although she never saw her harm the infant, she said.

"She was different. She was serious," Herrera said. "I asked her many questions, and she just said `Yes' or `No.'"

When she saw Hermosillo's picture on the news, she was shocked.

"I just wanted to cry, and I asked, `Why? Why did this happen?'" she said. "I hope everything will be OK for her and for her baby and for her family because the girls are very young."

At a similar apartment complex less than two blocks away in a working-class neighborhood of single-story homes and 1960s-style apartment buildings, former neighbor Carmen Ruiz said she saw nothing wrong with Hermosillo. They spoke almost every day, she said, and Hermosillo was a stay-at-home mother to her two young daughters while her husband worked in construction.

The couple, both immigrants from Mexico City, didn't seem to fight and were friendly with neighbors, she said.

Hermosillo would walk her older daughter, who had just started kindergarten, to school each day.

"She was a nice person. I am in shock," said Cristina Madrigal, who manages the La Habra Terrace Apartments on a side street that joins up with a busy boulevard of strip malls, gas stations and businesses.

Police have not released a motive and the Orange County district attorney's office declined to comment until prosecutors there received the case from detectives, said Farrah Emami, district attorney spokeswoman.

"Our investigators did tell me that they're certain she's the suspect and we're not looking for any other suspects," Adams said.

A witness on the ground saw the baby falling through the air just after 6 p.m. Monday and several people, including a doctor, called 911, said Adams, the police spokesman.

Surveillance video showed Hermosillo's tan Chevrolet Blazer sport utility vehicle with an empty child seat leaving the parking structure a short time later, the sergeant said. The female driver was the only person in the SUV, and the license plate was traced to the Hermosillo home.

Adams said that during the investigation, La Habra police notified detectives that a man had reported his wife, Sonia Hermosillo, and their son missing.

An Orange police officer driving past Children's Hospital at 10:15 p.m. spotted the Blazer driving on a street about 100 yards from the crime scene and Hermosillo was at the wheel, Adams said.

Police said that Hermosillo was cooperating with the investigation. They declined to release details.

Court records in Orange County indicate Hermosillo has no major criminal record but pleaded guilty to four traffic violations in La Habra in 2008, including driving without a valid license and having no proof of insurance.

It's unclear whether the family had any connection to Children's Hospital before the incident, Adams said. A hospital spokeswoman referred calls to police.

The hospital where the incident occurred is about 15 miles south of La Habra, where the couple lives.


Associated Press writers Jeff Wilson and Edwin Tamara in Los Angeles and John Mone in La Habra contributed to this report.


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Sale of fake trademark merchandise sin |

Help edit Baike card

sale of forgery trademark goods means the crime of knowingly selling counterfeit trademark merchandise, the sales value of extra than 50,000 yuan action.


Elements Elements of a controversial basis for finding that the crime] as a general principal, that can be whichever units and individuals;

related comics

2) violation of object for others to legally registered trademark rights and national mark management mandate; 3] have to be a subjective intent, that is known to be counterfeit trademark goods and sales. If the convict did not know, do not constitute the crime; 4) must have one objective delivery of counterfeit trademark goods, the amount and delivery of the larger doings. Distribution including wholesale, retail, assignment and other fashions. For the implementation of the suspects sold fake registered trademarks of knowing whether the identification, the circumstance ought be based on objective truths that tin prove it knows or ought understand is selling counterfeit goods, which can be identified as knowing. Based on 1. ????? fourteen knowingly selling counterfeit trademark goods, the larger the amount of sales amount, term of three annuals relevant


served in prison or a anchor, or tax a nice gold; a huge amount of sales amount, three to seven years imprisonment and a nice. 2. Judicial interpretation (2004): knowingly selling counterfeit trademark goods, the sales amount of more than 50,000 yuan, is ????? fourteen provides that goods sentenced to three years imprisonment or hook service, or impose a fine. Sales amount of twenty-five million or more, are ????? fourteen required Identified sale of counterfeit trademark goods and sales of fake or inferior products crimes There are three main differences: 1, from the object of analysis, the sale of counterfeit trademark goods is a crime against the object of the trademark landlord of the trademark rights and legitimate interests of consumers -related comics

benefits, which trademark infringement is a important appearance. The sale of fake alternatively lesser products against the object of citizen product quality supervision and treatment system and the consumers? legitimate rights and interests, which violate the lawful rights of consumers namely the main aspect. 2, from the objective ingredients namely the sale of counterfeit trademark goods objective aspect of crime in the performance of knowingly selling counterfeit trademark goods, the sales amount or the behavior of a cloud of of unlawful acquisitions; selling fake or substandard products is manifested in the objective aspect of the behavior in the product adulterated, or impurities, shoddy or substandard products for eligible products, the amount of sales of 5 million yuan behavior. 3, from the product, commodity nature of the point of outlook, the crime of guilty sale of fake and shoddy products and inferior products are the object of their products are substandard. Sale of counterfeit trademark goods targeted crime of counterfeiting a enrolled trademark goods, it may be counterfeit, it may be eligible. Controversial sale of counterfeit trademark goods sold because the crime of counterfeiting registered trademarks of the goods a crime, those who have some degree of Pok and in some debate aboard the publish has approached a unity, merely there are still some problems of theory has not yet commenced, and these problems a reasonable solution apt aid the judicial train correctly identified and penalized the sale of counterfeit trademark goods crime. To do this, elect the following 2 answers to consult.

sale of counterfeit trademark goods narrated crimes cases

First, the sales practices of this crime in the implementation of identified operations of this crime is to sell. The so-called sales, refers to counterfeit trademark goods paid migrate of ownership to others. Transfer and transfer of ownership of the goods paid the nature and characteristics of sales. As greeting the form, whether wholesale or retail, sales or interior sales market, is to charge money or in variety, etc., shall not affect the establishment of this crime. In practice, we should disburse consideration to the following question to grab Ji: 1. Take allocation of counterfeit goods sales in the registered trademark of whether the conduct sales practices? In this regard, there are those who deem that such acts Pok does not belong to the sale of counterfeit trademark goods act. This variety of view is questionable. This situation with advertising in order to expand the visibility of goods without any conditions giving qualitatively assorted behavior. Although the final goal which is to enable goods to be sold, but presented to the consumer goods do not necessitate consumers to pay any, so the behavior is the real award, not to say the problem of selling normal. While the former is actually an attempt to consumers: whether consumers ambition to obtain donated goods, the jobber must buy the specified goods. Therefore, presented to the consumer?s behavior is the peddler of goods sold as a means or strategy, in core, is tying behavior, the sales practices of its integral chapter. 2. Use of counterfeit trademark goods to pay the debt of whether the conduct sales practices? Answer this question relates to whether the sales practices to restrict the range of the present process of commodity circulation problems. According to the general understanding of marketing behavior usually occurs in the process of commodity rotation. But this can merely be a restricted understanding. If the spacious sense, because sales practices, in essence, the transfer of ownership of the goods has paid the characteristics, which, as the case of Goods to pay the debt that can be swept in the sales districts. Article 214 of the Penal Code only provides for actions of this crime as a circulation in the sale of counterfeit trademark goods does not act in essentially alter, will the crime of Otherwise, the only crime in the presence of sales practices limit the range of the process of commodity circulation, is undoubtedly the use of counterfeit trademark goods to pay the debt of the behavior of indulgence. This is obviously not conducive to a comprehensive, full activity to the provisions of Article 214 of the Penal Code registered trademark of the conservation of others. Therefore, we should be using counterfeit trademark goods to pay the debt of the act a crime in the sales-oriented behavior. 3. Sales Zhushou and complete identification of sales practices for this crime in the Zhushou, however in theory there is not discussion, but that does not mean there is no problem. In theory, the implementation of sales practices there must be a precondition that there must be buyers and sellers. If a customer does not yet exist, then the peddler before the appearance of the buyers in order to achieve the purpose of selling goods to implement any of the activities can only be sold arrangements. Consequently, only sellers to find buyers while, in order to nail their sales practices have started. Specifically, sellers and buyers to achieve the desired purchase and sale of goods. Although if the seller made to an individual or unit sales of direction, but the other did not adopt, then, since the buyer does not exist objectively, and therefore can not continue with the implementation of sales practices. Therefore, not only the subsistence of the practice of registration for the sale of counterfeit goods and to preoccupy buyers to implement the act is a crime of preparatory acts, that is, to those who sell counterfeit trademark goods and the implementation of counterfeit trademark goods purchase behavior storage fake registration trademarks of commodities, mostly a crime of preparatory acts. Of way, for the latter case, and should not be any sale of land identified as preparatory acts. If the seller prior to the presentation of these acts have base buyers and their purchase and sale approval was reached, they should identify the seller has begun to appliance a sales practice act. For this crime problem in the completion of sales practices, dominating theory that the sales practices of the players have done is a registered trademark of the counterfeit goods sold, and the tangible amount of sales received a mandate to reach a larger amplitude. Sales practices in the identification of this crime is complete, you should likewise pay care to the retinue questions: First, the behavior of human who received the deposit and the purchase of counterfeit trademark goods have been delivered to the buyers, but buyers are at present paid the purchase cost, whether identify sales practices has been completed? Although delivered counterfeit trademark goods, but buyers pay the purchase price has not been the case, who have more restrain sales practices that are unfinished form, identified as the sale of this behavior is not complete irregularities. Because, though the perpetrator has not received full disbursement, but the counterfeit trademark goods have been delivered to the buyer the fact that it means the act of legal interests have resulted in actual violations, while the focus on the punishment of this crime is concerned, is not questing illegal behavior on the subjective intent of the economic benefits, and thus the on should be identified as the achievement of sales practices. Second, buyers and sellers purchase and sale agreement has been reached but even now paid for delivery, the aptitude to identify the seller has completed the sale of behavior? The respond should be yes. Because, from the sale of an point of view, since the goods have buyers, but also received a payout, then the intention of sale has been achieved; from buying one, notwithstanding the case of counterfeit trademark goods ownership are often not transferred to the buyer, but behind the buyer yet has the right to extract the seizure of goods; behalf from the statute point of view the extent of break, in the case of sales of the main activities have been completed, its legal interests have resulted in actual real abuse, and has completed the delivery of goods, receive payment for the sale of two aspects of the typical behavior of the legal amuse to complete the break is not essentially different. Thus the case identified as the completion of sales behavior is applicable. Second, whether the crime problem Attempted Attempted on this crime, who are more Pok no special discussion, but on the perpetrator has been delivered of counterfeit trademark goods to obtain payment of the situation but the issue of how to deal with some analysis. For this problem, Pok attitude makers are not loyal. Pok who have attempted that could constitute a crime, although there are sales Pok believe that attempted, but often fall short of the social harm of crime and there is often incapable to determine the amount of sales of the problem can not be criminalized, even Pok believe that this behavior can not be thought even sales, because the perpetrator only the delivery of counterfeit trademark goods without recovery of the purchase price, the buyer can, through certain legal programs and modalities for non-payment of the purchase price, which can preclude the behavior of paid sex. Denied that the case of counterfeit trademark goods delivery behavior of the view that paid no cause, because to determine whether the conduct is paid to deliver the sales practices in the delivery of desired results before the two sides, even now the recipient upon delivery to work back, also disadvantageous to the sales practices of the establishment. Unless the delivery side also changed the incipient intent of the admitted sale of counterfeit trademark goods will be donated to every other. As for the view that the case is not a crime point of view, the establishment of the range from tight to keep the crime of criminal statute Modesty point of view, with quite reasonable elements, but the issue of China?s Criminal Law criminal attempt to use the prototype shows that the general provisions of Sales of counterfeit trademark goods attempted acts of criminal prosecution is not illegal, and even below customary circumstances the degree of danger to society attempted act constitutes a crime of reach, but not all cases of attempted acts are not harmful, circumstances are premonitory inferior cases, some attempted acts as planned sale of counterfeit trademark goods a colossal amount, etc., and make it beyond the class of peril to society in general achieved, if not as a criminal punishment, not only detrimental to the criminal decree of fairness and judge, it is laborious to fully protect the legal interests and to mainly prevent crime. Therefore, on the entire, denies the attempted sale of behavior can constitute a crime point of view has a definite lack of Hom. Should be recognized that the behavior of the attempted sale could constitute a crime, but should residence the sale of counterfeit trademark goods are misdemeanor crimes, attempted sale of harmful levels of more than a inferior objective facts in the judicial practice, should venture to set up a crime tightening sales range. Open category: legal, business, trademarks, crime


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