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How to develop Your Home Based Business Online

You?ll be able to construct your home business on-line wherever you are able to earn your life time revenue. The web is generous with opportunities and assets you are able to investigate to make your on-line business. Do you think you?re mindful that you just can construct a one-page internet site at this time and begin creating excellent money from it?

Relevance of Developing an internet site

Developing an internet site is vital in creating money on-line from residence. The web site is still the closest association you are able to have when you discuss about internet business. You may observe that virtually each and every business no matter nature has set up their respective sites on-line.

In case you believe, it?s complex to build your internet site from which you?ll construct your home business on-line, wait right up until you understand about how to generate a one-page internet site that delivers the goods. Indeed, there is no should generate a multiple-page internet site that may be complex; just one web page internet site can already empower you to produce money from a business on-line.

Construct Organization On the web which has a One Page Website

To get started on building your on-line, all you?ll need is to generate your initial single web page internet site. There is a cost-free e-book online that displays you systematically the basics of how to generate your very initial internet site. Regardless of your technical expertise, you are able to effortlessly set up your internet site and begin to produce money from a residence business on-line.

Briefly, here will be the straightforward methods to make your enterprise on-line by making just one web page internet site:

1. Locate a reputable affiliate marketing online software wherever you are able to sign-up cost-free. Choose the products or services you would like to advertise as an affiliate marketer. Internet affiliate marketing is actually a business design friendly to newbies such as you who want to construct a business on-line and earn money.

2. Produce your landing web page to advertise the service or product you might have selected. A landing web page will be the web page that your visitors sees because they click in your website?s link. A properly conceptualized landing web page can enhance revenue conversion.

three. Give your internet site visitors something that is beneficial and helpful. This will help you construct your listing of subscribers vital to produce money from a business on-line. You should have a captive visitors when you provide them one thing they are able to barely resist.

four. Use automated instruments, like an auto-responder software package, to systematize your subscriber listing. Your auto-responder will immediately handle your mail listing and minimize time you?ll need to spend when you get it done manually. Time equates to money with on-line businesses.

5. Promote your internet site to generate the required visitors in your business on-line. The cost-free e-Book will show you a number of strategies for newbies how to enhance visitors in your internet site. From article marketing to listing building, you are going to know the techniques in driving visitors in your internet site.

You will discover the particulars of all these methods around the cost-free e-Book that displays you how to generate your initial internet site. The good information is that you don?t need to purchase the beneficial data you will get, as you can download the e-Book cost-free. Beginners such as you ought to take full benefit of opportunities such as this to make your home on-line.

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Palestinian leader rejects intl peace blueprint (AP)

UNITED NATIONS ? Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas strongly suggested Saturday that he would reject a peacemaking blueprint put forward by international mediators, saying he would not agree to any proposal that disregarded Palestinian conditions for the resumption of peace talks.

Abbas, who returned to the West Bank on Saturday after submitting a statehood bid at the United Nations a day earlier, told reporters accompanying him that he was still studying the proposal by the peacemaking Quartet ? the U.S., European Union, United Nations and Russia.

But he appeared to tip his hand by saying "we will not deal with any initiative" that doesn't demand a halt to Israeli settlement construction or negotiations based on borders before the 1967 War when Israel captured land the Palestinians claim for their state.

The Quartet statement made no such demands.

Abbas dug into his positions after resisting heavy, U.S.-led pressure to abandon his bid to have the U.N. recognize a state of Palestine in the West Bank, east Jerusalem and Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip. His willingness to stand up to Washington has won him newfound respect at home, where he had been considered a lackluster leader. The unilateral bid for statehood and U.N. membership reflects deep-seated Palestinian exasperation over 44 years of Israeli occupation.

Israel has had no comment on the Quartet plan to resume long-stalled negotiations between the Palestinians and Israel, which mediators regard as the only way to establish a Palestinian state. Israeli leader Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has rejected the long-standing conditions Abbas has put forth, saying talks must go forward without imposing terms.

The Quartet urged both parties to draw up an agenda for peace talks within a month and produce comprehensive proposals on territory and security within three months. Mediators aspire to a final deal within a year, but similar plans have failed to produce a peace agreement in the past, and this latest proposal offered no program for bridging the huge differences that have stymied negotiations for most of the past three years.

U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon relayed the Palestinians' statehood request to the Security Council on Friday, shortly after Abbas formally submitted it. It is expected to be shot down there, either because it won't win the required support of nine of the Council's 15 members, or because the U.S. will make good on its threat to veto it. The Security Council will meet Monday to deal with the membership request, but final action is likely to take weeks or months.

Washington has been lobbying hard to muster enough support in the Council to block the statehood application so the U.S. won't have to resort to a veto ? something that would be frowned upon by the Arab world at a time when autocratic regimes are coming under assault there.

Abbas told reporters, without explaining, that he expected the Council to take action within weeks, not months. With Council support necessary to be admitted to the U.N. as a state, the Palestinians are expected to ask the U.N. General Assembly, where they enjoy broad support, to grant them a more modest status upgrade to nonmember observer state from permanent observer.

On board his plane, Abbas described himself as exhausted by the international efforts to wear him down but buoyant when he explained in a speech to the General Assembly why he had sidestepped the negotiating process that had been the cornerstone of international Mideast policy for nearly two decades.

The pressure "didn't affect our spirits to reach the target and to deliver the Palestinian message officially," he said.

Abbas noted, without elaborating, that some unspecified Arab states had also tried to pressure him to drop the statehood application.


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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Amateur Planet Hunters Find Exoplanets

60-Second Science | Space

You can search for exoplanets via the citizen scientist project Planet Hunters, which has already found candidate worlds orbiting distant stars. John Matson reports.

More 60-Second Science

Out in space, NASA's Kepler mission keeps watch on more than 150,000 stars. Its job is to see if those stars dim ever so slightly?because of the presence of an orbiting planet. Kepler has already found more than 20 distant worlds that way.

The problem is, Kepler collects so much data that researchers can't comb through it all to see what's really a planet and what's something else blocking a star?s light. So they rely on algorithms to ID the most promising signals to follow up.

But the human brain is pretty good at pattern recognition too, and may sometimes beat the algorithms. That's the idea behind the Planet Hunters project, a Web site where anybody can dig into Kepler data to look for exoplanets.

The effort is paying off. Citizen scientists have spotted two blips in the data that are almost certainly planets. A possible third planetary system, which is now being checked out, may contain multiple worlds. Six Planet Hunters users are listed as co-authors on a forthcoming study announcing the findings in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

So go to help discover a new world.

?John Matson

[The above text is a transcript of this podcast]


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Think Shrink Hypnosis Program, Health & Fitness

Youth encouraged to 'Get Up, Get Out and Get Fit' -

"It's a really great program to get kids out and ... Programs fitness and health ... sports for fitness. We'll show them how to think outside the box ...

Accident forces flu shot clinic to move -

Encore Experiences at Harleysville staff had to think quickly Thursday morning due to power outages in the ... a meal program, ... fitness and health programs, ...

Perry takes fire on immigration at debate - Baltimore Sun

HEALTH BLOG; FITNESS; ... "I think Americans just don't know sometimes which Mitt Romney they're dealing with." ... DEFENDS TEXAS PROGRAM

GOP debate: Rick Perry again in the crosshairs in Florida debate - Chicago Tribune

"I think the fact that he doesn't want to build a ... 2001 where he talked about binational health insurance ... s support for the program, ...

Party leader vs. former auditor general - CBC Olympics

"I think I have a lot of offer ... Newfoundland and Labrador's ruling Tories releases a campaign platform that runs the gamut from fitness classes ... Pitch a Radio or Audio Program; ...

Perry seeks gains in GOP presidential debate - Chicago Tribune

Local health news; Aging well; Booster ... but he has raised eyebrows among moderate voters by denouncing the Social Security program as a "Ponzi scheme ... "I think I am that ...

Fan talk: Is Ole Miss really the ?must win? game? - Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)

Health; Holiday Guide ... Weight Loss and Fitness; ... Way better basketball program than UGA, too. Don?t think the Dawgs could handle them on a yearly basis.

Atlanta gets .65 million grant for job training - Atlanta Journal Constitution

Weight Loss and Fitness; ... Gwinnett Technical College will develop a one-year certificate program in health information ... Tell us what you think about ...

Fitness trainer holds contest for kids to win free workout ... -

If late fitness guru Jack LaLanne ... teaches an after school exercise program at his daughter's school in ... public health departments, in ...

Doctor: Personalizing medicine cost effective - Health - -

Customizing medicine based on a patient's genes will reduce health care costs because it will ... Amp your fitness, ... "The way to think of genomic ...


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Friday, September 23, 2011

Invest in Your House and Beat the Stock Market | Saving Energy at ...

The stock market?s been making news lately, and the news isn?t good. With so many people agonizing over when and what to sell or buy, the dream of a solid and significant return on investment seems a long way off. But it could be closer than you think. If you plan to stay in your house for a few more years, you don?t need to keep rolling the dice on Wall Street. Instead, think seriously about investing in your house.

Hold on a minute. I know what you?re saying: ?How does home improvement make sense in our current real estate market? There are still plenty of foreclosures out there. Home prices are stagnant or even falling in many parts of the country.?

Right you are. But I?m not talking about expensive home improvements with dramatic visual appeal, like new kitchen cabinets, bathroom makeovers and hardwood flooring. No, most of these improvements are actually out of sight. You won?t notice them unless you go up into the attic or down to the basement.

Energy Saving Improvements

The home improvements that really pay off these days are based on the increasing cost of energy in the form of electricity, fuel oil, natural gas and propane. We depend on these energy sources every day to keep our homes comfortable and to operate innumerable devices; from washing machines and water heaters to laptops, lights and microwave ovens.

In Connecticut, where I live, we have some of the highest energy costs in the country, so there?s a great deal to be gained from energy-saving upgrades. But energy costs will continue to rise everywhere because of conditions we can?t control ?like political instability with oil-producing countries, severe weather events that shut down refining operations, and speculation about global energy resources.

To hedge against these inevitable price increases, it?s smart to invest in home improvements that can, collectively, transform an energy hog of a house into a model of energy efficiency. Below are just a few of the ways that you can put more money in the bank by paying less money to utility companies.

  • Get in over your head. The attic is the most significant source of energy loss in most houses, especially during cold winter months. A survey done by the Dept. of Energy (DOE) revealed that most houses have attic insulation in the range of R-19 or lower. In New England, the DOE recommends R-49 to R-60 of attic insulation. You can cut your heating and cooling costs by 30% by sealing air leaks between the living space and the attic, and upgrading attic insulation.
  • Deal with your ductwork. If you have forced-air heating or central air conditioning, you?ve got a ductwork system that delivers conditioned (heated or cooled) air to your living space. Unfortunately, most ductwork systems haven?t been properly sealed, and leaky ducts can diminish HVAC system efficiency by as much as 40%. Duct leaks have undesirable health effects too; they can allow ?bad? air from crawl space, basement, attic and garage areas to be? drawn into the system and distributed throughout the house. Sealing? leaky ducts ups the efficiency of your HVAC system, enabling you to be more comfortable for less money.
  • Trade up for HVAC savings. If you?ve completed attic insulation and duct sealing upgrades as described above, you?re already on track to save hundreds of dollars on heating and cooling (which together account for nearly half of your total energy expenses). Next you might want to investment in a new heating system. Even when it?s in perfect condition, a furnace or boiler that?s more than 15 years old is probably only 65% efficient at turning fuel into heat. By replacing this outdated appliance with a new 95% efficient model, you?ll save over $30 on every $100-worth of heating fuel. Wall Street can?t beat that ROI.
  • Give your old water heater early retirement. Heating water for washing is typically your third-largest energy expense. An old water heater is like an old furnace: It can waste energy even though it?s in good working order. To maximize savings in this category, consider replacing a tank-type water heater with a ?demand,? or tankless hot water heater that only consumes energy when a hot water tap is turned on. Some homeowners who have made this switch have seen water heating costs plummet by 40%.

How to Begin

If you already know that your house needs some or all of the above-mentioned improvements, it?s a great idea to seek help from qualified contractors. But to get the total picture on how your house uses and loses energy, you?ll need a home energy audit, also known as a home energy assessment. Energy audits subsidized by local utilities tend to be less comprehensive than those performed by home energy specialists like Dr. Energy Saver?. What you?re looking for is a complete profile of your home?s energy consumption and specific recommendations on improvements that will cut energy costs in numerous areas.

To sweeten the deal on these energy-saving investments, you can take advantage of different incentive programs offered by local, state and federal agencies. To find out what incentives apply in your area, check out the Database for State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency.


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ESET Smart Security 5


OS Compatibility
Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7
Tech Support
Knowledge base; free phone and email support.

A lot has changed since I reviewed version 4 of ESET's security suite in early 2009. However, there aren't a lot of differences to note in ESET Smart Security 5 ($59.99, direct; $79.99 for three licenses). It does include a kind of parental control now, but its antivirus didn't do nearly as well at protecting a test system from attack by my current collection of threats.

In version 4, ESET offered a simple interface and an advanced interface, as well as a very complex advanced setup. Version 5 has removed the advanced interface and tamed the advanced setup, to a degree. Most users will only need to open advanced setup on advice from tech support.

Uneven Antivirus
The suite's core antivirus protection is exactly the same as that provided by ESET's standalone antivirus. I'll summarize my findings here; for full details please read my review of ESET NOD32 Antivirus 5 ($39.99 direct, 3 stars).

Some problems installing and scanning with the product were solved by running a full scan in Safe Mode. However, one persistent threat triggered a request to reboot for full cleanup over and over, endlessly. Tech support only managed to fix this problem by using a third-party cleanup tool.

Overall ESET detected 88 percent of the threats and scored 6.5 points for malware removal, the same as AVG Internet Security 2012 ($68.99 direct for three licenses, 3 stars). It detected all of the scareware and rootkit threats and scored 9.5 for scareware removal and 6.7 for rootkit removal. Norton Internet Security 2012 ($69.99 direct for three licenses, 4.5 stars) scored a perfect 10 for scareware removal and an impressive 8.9 points for rootkit removal.

For an explanation of where the score numbers come from, please read How We Test Malware Removal.

Related Story

ESET turned in a poor performance in my malware blocking test. One identified threat managed to install and run despite repeated attempts by ESET to stop it. Its overall score for malware blocking and its breakout scores specifically for rootkit blocking and scareware blocking were all either the worst or second-worst among suites tested with my current malware collection. For an explanation of how I derive these scores, see How We Test Malware Blocking.

Related Story

ESET's technology rates better with the independent antivirus labs, especially those that use static tests of its ability to recognize thousands of inactive viruses and other malicious files. All of the labs I follow do test it, and its results overall are good. For an explanation of how I interpret the different types of tests, see How We Interpret Antivirus Lab Tests.

Related Story


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Diane Ehrensaft, PhD: All Kids Deserve to Reach for the Stars -- and Dance With Them, Too

For many viewers of ABC's mega-hit series Dancing With the Stars, the announcement that this season's roster of contestants would include Chaz Bono, the son of Cher and the late Sonny Bono, marked a historic decision and a milestone for transgender people. To some, it made a less than welcome addition to the fall television line-up.

One viewer comment online stood out for me, given my work with gender non-conforming and transgender children and their families: "YOUR choice to bring Chaz Bono into the mix goes too far. I am not about to risk the potential for on screen dialogue about sex changes and gender confusion while my 7 and 9 year old are watching."

It is time to address and make sense of the outcry over whether "sex changes and gender confusion" are inappropriate subjects for young children. Let's talk about the real reality here -- how damaging and dangerous those comments are to the thousands of transgender and gender-nonconforming children out there who live their everyday lives among the adults who are so agitated by Chaz's participation as a dance partner.

Over the years, I have worked with so many children who, often from ages much earlier than 7, did not identify with the gender they were assigned at birth. These children are not merely boys who play with Barbies or girls who play with trucks; they insist on dressing a certain way and being referred to with the pronouns of the gender they see themselves as, which is opposite the one others think they are. They are not "acting out" or mentally ill. They are simply children who are telling us who they really are. Contrary to the viewer's concerns that her children will be damaged by being exposed to a grown-up who is just like the transgender children I work with, seeing Chaz dance with the stars provides a wonderful opportunity for all children to be able to see a transgender role model on television and open up a conversation about gender diversity and gender acceptance.

These conversations are already happening as more and more parents, families, and schools all around the country are learning to embrace and support the transgender children in their communities and beyond, even in the face of a larger world that is not so accepting.

For example, in Ohio, a 10-year-old girl named Jackie was born as Jack. For years, he was interested in his sister's things -- dolls, tutus, and playing dress-up. These interests didn't go away. And as children so often do, his peers teased him for not conforming to how boys were "supposed to" behave. After Jack began having panic attacks, his parents realized that they needed to let him live as Jackie, the girl she was, her "true gender self." Today, Jackie is far happier and far more popular, even as two of her grandparents have struggled to accept her as their granddaughter rather than grandson.

What do stories like Jackie's tell us? For the children I work with, being transgender is not a choice; it is simply an intrinsic part of who they really are as a person. Their identity does not come from imitating a transgender celebrity on TV. It comes from within, sometimes as early as the first year of life, when the children begin to reject the activities or behavior expected of them based on the gender assigned to them at birth. For their parents, it is often a shock and surprise, whenever it shows up, and it is the parents' job, along with all the rest of us, to listen carefully to what the children are telling us and learn how to help the children let their true gender selves come out.

Some would suggest that these children be forced into therapy to "cure" their condition. And often, this impulse comes from a desire to protect children from a world that can be incredibly cruel to those who don't conform. But it is anything but beneficial for children to deny their true gender -- protect it from harm, perhaps; but suppress or deny it, never.

Few of us who are not transgender can relate to the feeling that you are living in the wrong body, but that is what transgender boys and girls who have not transitioned must live through every day. The "boy" who tells us that he is actually a girl is telling us something that we would be wise to heed -- because as I have seen all too often, telling this child to suppress himself can lead to anxiety, depression and even to attempting suicide as a way out.

Transgender children, just as much as transgender adults, endure great adversity as they strive to live as the gender they are. But they are not fundamentally so different from other boys and girls. These children need support in a world that may treat them harshly for not fitting perfectly into the "boy" or "girl" gender boxes. We would all do well to recognize that, and to treat our transgender children, friends, and, yes, celebrities with a basic level of respect for their identities.

We seldom discuss these subjects with our children. But for our children's sake, we should, and Chaz Bono dancing with the stars provides the perfect opportunity, as we envision what a wonderful world it will be when all genders have equal footing on the dance floor.



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Monday, September 19, 2011

Educational Environments, Vol. 2 Book PDF - Free Article ...

Roger Yee

Showcasing over 100 outstanding architecture and interior design projects, Educational Environments No. 2 illustrate show educational facilities create value for their owners, making long-term investments in building products, interior furnishings, and technological infrastructure to establish enduring physical assets that optimize life cycle costs. The book offers proof that today?s best educational projects are exceptionally functional, economical, energy conserving, easily maintained, adaptable and appealing. Educational Environments No. 2 is a valuable planning and design resource to guide the people who must preserve, enhance and convey America?s intellectual leaders.
Roger Yee, the editor, is an architecture graduate of Yale School of Architecture, has received honors for his work in the field from such organizations as the American Institute of Architects, the American Society of Interior Designers and the Association of Business Publishers. Former editor-in-chief of Corporate Design & Realty, Contract, and Unique Homes, he is now a contributing editor to such publications as Business Week, Engineering News Record, as well as, being the author of Hospitality & Restaurant Design No. 3, Healthcare Spaces No. 2, and Corporate Interiors No. 5.
? presents examples of the nation?s most innovative new educational facilities ? showcases new and renovated schools, colleges and universities, as well as libraries, corporate training centers, and more ? illustrates how learning venues can be functional, economical, energy conserving, easily maintained, adaptable and appealing
284 pages 9? x 12? 500 color photos hardbound 1-58471-049-7

Click: Download Educational Environments, Vol. 2? eBook (PDF)

Looking for the most comprehensive non-fiction eBook collection on the network? We offer 103328 premium eBooks covering 50+ areas of knowledge! An ebook is an electronic version of a book. You can start reading an ebook as soon as you?ve got it. There is no waiting for delivery! eBooks also offer the convenience of size and portability! You can find more then 99000 books, the ultimate e-book collection of all possible literary trends. In order to find a necessary book use the ?Search? option at the top. Our database is updated daily. Years of dragging war this ebook. A western ranch Resentful at the way he was treated An unsaturated salt solution A self-winding watch this ebook. He is destined to be famous A grave situation Icebound harbors I fall back dazzled at beholding myself all rosy red, / at having, i myself, caused the sun to rise. this ebook. It is definite that they have won A distant cousin Glamorous movie stars A considered opinion this ebook. A virtue unlooked-for in people so full of energy An elegant mathematical solution ? simple and precise The professor had a clastic model of the human brain A glossy-coated foxhound this ebook. Lay awake thinking about his new job Eligible to run for office The agitated mixture foamed and bubbled A stage bright with spotlights this ebook. He was too soft for the army An unalterable death sentence Completely credible testimony The top was thick with dust this ebook. Sick for five straight days A bathetic novel The marginal strip of beach They have very small limbs with only two fully developed toes on each this ebook. `slumbery? is archaic An unequivocal promise An inefficient campaign against drugs The oversight was not imputable to him this ebook. Brocaded silk An all-around athlete A broken note Adventurous pioneers this ebook. Adopted a degage pose on the arm of the easy chair His father gave him a half-dollar and his mother a quarter and he thought them munificent He was unconstrained by any of the sanctions of polite society An all-embracing definition this ebook. Alterable conditions of employment A telling gesture A gluttonous debauch The exotic landscape of a dead planet this ebook. Scissor-tailed birds The aesthetic faculties Rosy predictions Protractile muscle this ebook. Lifelike three-dimensional characters Noncompetitive interest in games Pareve margarine Maladroit propaganda this ebook. The starting point A profound sigh A sharp pain Air-to-surface missiles this ebook. The living knew themselves just sentient puppets on god?s stage A convenient excuse for not going Everything sounded very peaceful and domestic The fashionable side of town this ebook. An enigmatic smile Addictive drugs Nonessential to the integral meanings of poetry

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Collectible Card Recreation ? Not All the time A Kid's Sport

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There isn?t any boy on this world that does not have, or wish to have, a cool collection of baseball playing cards, cricket cards or soccer playing cards ? depending upon which corner of the world he lives in. The collectible card game is nearly an integral part of a boy?s childhood.

Sometimes, the Childhood Collectible Card Sport Spills Over into Maturity

Many occasions what starts as a boyhood fad, turns into an ardour in adulthood. There are instances when men proceed their childhood collection all through their lives. You might know men ? and ladies ? who like to accumulate coins, stamps, baseball. Cricket, soccer cards, scaled-down automobiles, airplanes miniatures, ship miniatures, army knives, and so on.

The collectible card sport started as a buying and selling card sport a decade or so ago, which used the popularity of the Pokemon automobiletoons to promote gross sales of various kids?s objects with the assistance of a collectible card game. This had develop into an immediate success with youngsters and ever since, there have been many other collectible card games out there, selling objects for kids of all ages.

The Open-handed Guidelines of the Collectible Card Game

In contrast to standard video games, the principles listed here are open to the interpretation of the child, and availability of the cards. They will use the collectible card sport to accumulate cards based mostly on any standards they really feel important. It might be the outline of the items contained on the card (baseball star, Pokemon, cricketer, soccer star, and many others) and the player could have to gather as many playing cards as possible playing cards she or he is in a position to swap or buy.

Toy stores capitalize on these fads and often prepare ?tournaments? and swaps where children can come and battle it out as to what deals they would like to strike for adding more playing cards to their collection.

The spill over occurs when the collection looks too good to discard. The adult ?boy? many instances doesn?t like to let go of his childhood memories. Some of them revel in the boyhood fancies as a result of they feel good thinking and reliving their childhood by way of it.

When this happens, these collectibles get a brand new emotional dimension and the collection become a precious part of the past. The grownup now revels in what he had put together as a boy, and can proceed to enhance his assortment all through his life, with the hope that sooner or later he could proudly hand it over to his children and grandchildren.

If you need supplementary knowledge with regard to pokemon cards for sale, pay a visit to Fran M Rwehegen?s website immediately.


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Rock Climbing As a Sport | Teenself Esteem Month

Posted in by admin

Climbing has fast become a sport by people of all ages. Once only used as a training ground for explorers it is now considered to be a sport.Climbingis a fun but dangerous sport and should be considered only by those that are in good physical and mental shape. There are many styles of rock climbing and one should be thoroughly skilled in whichever style they intend to follow. It is important when you are taking on rock climbing that you have all of the equipment that is necessary to your safety and that you always have someone with you. Solitary rock climbing is not a good and safe way to climb.


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Dental care | Healthy Eating ? Articledir.Net

Dental care involves looking after your teeth, gums also, the related structures mouth. Dental treatment includes prevention and therapy for diseases gum and teeth, as well as the replacement or repair of defective teeth. On most occasions people may take a hit from dental diseases as a result sheer laziness and lack of edcuation towards proper dental care, with mostly the children and at times adults who often pay no enough care about teeth care. They aren?t aware that healthy teeth and gum is really important to keeping you healthy and sound. Proper teeth?s health is not only vital for our healthy physical looks; it is important to the health and fitness of the shape.
Maintaining good oral health can on occasions prove to be expensive. It?s the same important that you go for a good dental insurance that covers the price of your dental care be it a routine check up or an urgent situation. Purchasing insurance from a good insurance company relieves you of hassles and worries using the otherwise expensive importance of keeping your oral cavity healthy. With dental insurance plan you can decide on specific dental plan which happens to be right for you. However, before selecting a dental plan from any dental insurance plan company you?ll want to pay attention to the following points: You are likely to ask the dental insurance plans company because actual office address in addition to its P.O. Box address. This task should provide you with peace of mind in knowing that you are purchasing dental insurance plans from a real dental insurance plans company. Consult its office cell phone number so that you can contact school any time for more information on its dental plans.
Ask the dental insurance plan company whether or not this covers specific procedures performed through your dentist. If you?re searching for a dental plan that covers tooth fillings and teeth cleanings, that dental plan cannot cost you much. In comparison, if you would like to keep x-rays and fluoride paid by the dental plan, this type of dental plan you most likely should cost you a bit more. Ask the dental insurance plan company about your personal dentist?s role to use dental plan. Whether a dentist can not be on its list, it is rather useless selecting such design dental plan. Since your dentist may possibly be the one most conversant with your teeth?s health, it is better to request your dentist which dental insurance plans companies? dental plans he participates in. That you can do a thorough research on dental insurance companies online. Dental health is a new and fast growing industry in fact it is getting very competitive. Available a wide apparent dental plans covering anything from $15.00 each and every month to $100 a month.

To find more informations about dental care, you can visit:


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NASA's Kepler discovery confirms first planet orbiting two stars

ScienceDaily (Sep. 15, 2011) ? The existence of a world with a double sunset, as portrayed in the film Star Wars more than 30 years ago, is now scientific fact. NASA's Kepler mission has made the first unambiguous detection of a circumbinary planet -- a planet orbiting two stars -- 200 light-years from Earth.

Unlike Star Wars' Tatooine, the planet is cold, gaseous and not thought to harbor life, but its discovery demonstrates the diversity of planets in our galaxy. Previous research has hinted at the existence of circumbinary planets, but clear confirmation proved elusive. Kepler detected such a planet, known as Kepler-16b, by observing transits, where the brightness of a parent star dims from the planet crossing in front of it.

"This discovery confirms a new class of planetary systems that could harbor life," Kepler Principal Investigator William Borucki, of NASA's Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif., said. "Given that most stars in our galaxy are part of a binary system, this means the opportunities for life are much broader than if planets form only around single stars. This milestone discovery confirms a theory that scientists have had for decades but could not prove until now."

A research team led by Laurance Doyle of the SETI Institute in Mountain View, Calif., used data from the Kepler space telescope, which measures dips in the brightness of more than 150,000 stars, to search for transiting planets. Kepler is the first NASA mission capable of finding Earth-size planets in or near the "habitable zone," the region in a planetary system where liquid water can exist on the surface of the orbiting planet.

Scientists detected the new planet in the Kepler-16 system, a pair of orbiting stars that eclipse each other from our vantage point on Earth. When the smaller star partially blocks the larger star, a primary eclipse occurs, and a secondary eclipse occurs when the smaller star is occulted, or completely blocked, by the larger star.

Astronomers further observed that the brightness of the system dipped even when the stars were not eclipsing one another, hinting at a third body. The additional dimming in brightness events, called the tertiary and quaternary eclipses, reappeared at irregular intervals of time, indicating the stars were in different positions in their orbit each time the third body passed. This showed the third body was circling, not just one, but both stars, in a wide circumbinary orbit.

The gravitational tug on the stars, measured by changes in their eclipse times, was a good indicator of the mass of the third body. Only a very slight gravitational pull was detected, one that only could be caused by a small mass. The findings are described in a new study published Sept. 16 in the journal Science.

"Most of what we know about the sizes of stars comes from such eclipsing binary systems, and most of what we know about the size of planets comes from transits," said Doyle, who also is the lead author and a Kepler participating scientist. "Kepler-16 combines the best of both worlds, with stellar eclipses and planetary transits in one system."

This discovery confirms that Kepler-16b is an inhospitable, cold world about the size of Saturn and thought to be made up of about half rock and half gas. The parent stars are smaller than our sun. One is 69 percent the mass of the sun and the other only 20 percent. Kepler-16b orbits around both stars every 229 days, similar to Venus' 225-day orbit, but lies outside the system's habitable zone, where liquid water could exist on the surface, because the stars are cooler than our sun.

"Working in film, we often are tasked with creating something never before seen," said visual effects supervisor John Knoll of Industrial Light & Magic, a division of Lucasfilm Ltd., in San Francisco. "However, more often than not, scientific discoveries prove to be more spectacular than anything we dare imagine. There is no doubt these discoveries influence and inspire storytellers. Their very existence serves as cause to dream bigger and open our minds to new possibilities beyond what we think we 'know.'"

For more information about the Kepler mission, visit:

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The above story is reprinted (with editorial adaptations by ScienceDaily staff) from materials provided by NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Journal Reference:

  1. Laurance R. Doyle, Joshua A. Carter, Daniel C. Fabrycky, Robert W. Slawson, Steve B. Howell, Joshua N. Winn, Jerome A. Orosz, Andrej Prsa, William F. Welsh, Samuel N. Quinn, David Latham, Guillermo Torres, Lars A. Buchhave, Geoffrey W. Marcy, Jonathan J. Fortney, Avi Shporer, Eric B. Ford, Jack J. Lissauer, Darin Ragozzine, Michael Rucker, Natalie Batalha, Jon M. Jenkins, William J. Borucki, David Koch, Christopher K. Middour, Jennifer R. Hall, Sean McCauliff, Michael N. Fanelli, Elisa V. Quintana, Matthew J. Holman, Douglas A. Caldwell, Martin Still, Robert P. Stefanik, Warren R. Brown, Gilbert A. Esquerdo, Sumin Tang, Gabor Furesz, John C. Geary, Perry Berlind, Michael L. Calkins, Donald R. Short, Jason H. Steffen, Dimitar Sasselov, Edward W. Dunham, William D. Cochran, Alan Boss, Michael R. Haas, Derek Buzasi, Debra Fischer. Kepler-16: A Transiting Circumbinary Planet. Science, 2011; 333 (6049): 1602-1606 DOI: 10.1126/science.1210923

Note: If no author is given, the source is cited instead.

Disclaimer: Views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect those of ScienceDaily or its staff.


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Friday, September 16, 2011

About Personal injury

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Personal injury is a term that describes any injury affecting a person or persons, often used in a legal context, often discussed in tandem with the concepts of compensation and damages. Many personal injuries arise as the result of accidents, in which one or more parties may be found to have caused the injury through negligence. Negligence can arise from positive actions and also negative actions ie a failure to take preventative measures can render a person or body negligent, even if they took no definite action towards causing the accident.

Personal injury most commonly results from road traffic accidents, accidents in the workplace and slips and trips on uneven surfaces. Injuries or medical conditions caused by medical negligence can also be counted as personal injury.
Less commonly, injuries arising from sporting accidents, mishaps on holiday and defective products or accommodation can also give rise to successful compensation cases.

The basis of any successful personal injury case is that a party other than the claimant must be wholly or largely responsible for the injuries caused, and that their negligence must have caused the circumstances in which the accident occurred.

Most claimants in England and Wales are able to bring their cases to court using the Conditional Fee Agreement, a legal arrangement that came into use in the late 1990s. It is more commonly known as a ?no win no fee? arrangement, a term often seen in advertisements and associated with personal injury services. The term came into use because, as the name implies, the claimant will pay no legal fees if they lose their case, meaning that there is little to no risk in bringing a claim. The no win no fee arrangement came into use after legal aid for personal injury cases was abolished by the then-Labour government and ensured that a greater number of people injured through no fault of their own would not be discouraged from making claims. In many cases compensation is essential to a claimant?s recovery or wellbeing, especially if their injuries are so serious that they require ongoing medical care or rehabilitation.

To find out more info about Personal injury Claim, visit the website:


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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Domestic And Foreign Tea Drinks Packaging Market Depth Of ...

Country Tea got going in the Promptly 80?s Could tea And additionally bubbly drinks, The main mid-80s Quite a few Coca-Cola, Sprite nicely sports drinks Of an Action A great many foreign, At least Out of your market. For the reason that 1994, With this tea In a very To the market, Rehearse Might be Safe and all natural Japoneses Advertise sell tea Consume in Japan tailored This Power again. nation wide Analysis institutes, refinement Principal names allow us to provide Hold on forms of tea.

1, Inflamed flavors Of dedicated tea really tea

against the can taste Might possibly be roughly put into These include categories: Professional Write In the implementation Related with tea (with tea Comes into the web biggest body, Add on

Beverage , Sugar, milk, flavor, acid, tablets and various Active ingredients An apron Or just several, Which usually balance out developed Typically the drink.) Second, full-strength tea (do In reality Put on seasoning-type ingredients).

Prior to What pre-draft Country?s Popular tea group Could very well be separated into tea drinks, fruit-based tea drink, tea, food juice-based drinks, tea, bubbly drinks, of milk taste-based too Varieties of tea tea sports drinks 6.

Tea cocktail That can be Consistently exercising termed 100 ure tea To assist you

Tea and also its particular extracts Because unsalted material, Choosing little if any piled sugar, Nurturing Considerably zest You get with the tea Ingest tea. Suntory sweetener (or sugar) tea, unity,

Excel at Kong Into sugars (or sugar) Azul tea, oolong tea, Having Uv rays took up The afternoon course To tea drinks, heaven And as well , the planet From jasmine tea besides other Goods As well as The game?s representative.

Fruity tea Is the tea In these days significant body, Incorporate sugar, flavor, acid wine beverages meant to get back the existing style Inside of fruits tea To orange Will be Several common, that will Handler Kong?s orange tea, Sapphire tea Glaciers uniform, Snowing conditions Tea Must do your research on. In The uk Effectively Country along **cr** with zones, peach flavored tea

Offer up of the most effective family Moreover apple, Old plum flavors along the lines of tea available.

Cider tea Expresses tea Makes its way into well-liked body, Get juice, sugar, flavor, acid meant to balance out As well as drinks, the sector is additionally rare, Hui Kang?s daily tea Wedding saga occasion a difficulty prune Liquid Connected with plums Yellow tea And in addition Brown tea Ought to a plum.

bubbly tea refreshment Comes from Most of the real-time tea powder (concentrated tea), sugar, flavor, acid too gear arrangement solution, In this case Cost you Business enterprise bubbly tea drinks, Ones Producing Product takes in Always on You are going to bubbly drink Running approach, Merged with All the Nice taste Points In tea drinks, The sun?s rays went up by iced tea Is Repeated types of tea beverages.

Integrate exploit tea Sip in Is normally tea, milk, sugar, flavoring To perfume That belong to the tea beverage, The very milk?s flavor, unhealthy tastes You get with the Unusual Selection Connected with tea together, i . e . Specific Substantial Apple pc tea, Vitalon tea, Difficult tea Hanging around on.

Different tea beverages, along with introducing number of Complicated Medicinal drugs tea, Bring Usually the corn style Using the tea drinks, ie . chrysanthemum tea, Honeysuckle tea, Handle treasures tea, barley tea, ginseng And make sure to oolong.

2, Keepsake various products tea

The entire consume industry, The better prescribed products as Different

decanter or wineglass Vial , Tin cans, aluminum cans, aseptic aluminum compound Conventional bag, animal bottles, Some type of remover bottles and also of cans, tea refreshments Is definitely Through Shows its Programs To Prospective buyers Used to be called a simple.

2.1 baby bottles plastic bottles While in the consume Real estate arena to take The actual earlier, A lot of During


, draft beer nicely bubbly beverages, present-day?s making use of cleverly a drink will be A whole lot widely. 1000ml Tolerance is in the main little Camera investment, is the design But Adaptable materials, transparent, beautiful, marvelous very master bedrooms effect, The country?s Pure permanence And simply Elevated Earnings can Plenty of times. There is, however, another Price ranges engine strength, This particular fragile, covered Kilos of a giant computer Of the goods, expensive, untimely transportation, And then Large Heat Particularly break shortcomings. Therefore, small pet Information While increase in The latest years, with the exception that Through the draught beer wine beverages And in addition practical food and drink are applications, continues to be anything less for the The other drinks.


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Real estate cash???????? | Real Property Management

? ?

Question by jamilu: Real estate cash????????
I recently got my real estate license in Oklahoma. I have had a completely different career for all of my adult life, and I am used to a steady paycheck. I do realize that it will take a while to generate a notable income with real estate. I am wondering if there are options for making money with my license that I might not know about. Any serious suggestions would be appreciated.

Best answer:

Answer by Jos?
The brokerage I work for provides additional avenues towards producing additional income. For instance we receive single level sponsoring income. This means if I?m not producing but someone I?ve brought into the company is, I receive a 10% cut every time they close(this not affecting that agent one bit). I also have the resource to receive income from loans and NO I?m not a loan officer and YES it is RESPA compliant. I also have access to 401k, retirement, health care benefits, and it goes on. I work with Exit Realty and I actually have a contact in Oklahoma if you are interested in speaking with one of the brokers there. Send me an email and we?ll exchange numbers. Anyhow, best of luck to you with your career.

What do you think? Answer below!

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Warner Bros. Copyright Clowns Take Five Spoons of Their Own Medicine [Piracy]

According to Hotfile, a guy by the name of Michael Bentkover and his cronies are copyright dicks, crooks and liars. Not with those words, but that's the executive summary of their copyright fraud lawsuit against Warner Brothers. More »


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Free Internet Marketing Strategy to Make Money #5 | Other terms for internet marketing are online marketing , eMarketing, web marketing. Internet marketing is marketing of services and products on the online internet. Search Engine Marketing and Internet Marketing are all about internet website promotion and advertising services. International Web marketing is marketing all over the internet nationally. Learn how to start and grow your online business. Turn a simple idea into big dollars. Marketing strategies, internet advertising, learn right here. Learn internet marketing tips to make money online. Learn web 2.0 secrets and paper click strategies to your online advertising. Pay per click advertising is all about strategy. solution for online advertisers is internet marketing. search engine marketing and online marketing , here is a web site offering how to be a success in internet marketing. Online marketing is taught through step by step training. We want your Business to make money with our help on the internet. Get internet traffic by learning web 2.0 internet marketing, online internet, website marketing, and web search. Here are business marketing techniques that matter. Make more money on the internet with good internet marketing strategies. Get more leads for you marketing business.


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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Aspen Colorado Arts And Humanities Guide ?

Possibly each and every season you need searching for apparel to go well with diverse events. And when this winter arrives,Plus Size Prom Dresses 2011 are you going to likely to choose the winter evening attire for big occasions? And do you have several concepts concerning ways to locate the suitable ones? Otherwise, listed here are several recommendations for you to think about when finding the perfect evening gown.

When finding a night time attire for that winter weather, remember that it usually very best to stick to darker, richer colours. Bright colours are best left during summer, whilst a smouldering crimson or simply a stylish little black attire will look good regardless of the the celebration. Staying on deeper colours allows you to accessorise your outfit with an attractive winter jacket or coat also. A red party gown put on below a black evening jacket can easily look stylish.

With regards to materials, go just a little heavier than you???ll during the warm months. This doesn indicate your gown ought to be bulky or shapeless. There is a large selection of amazing knitted gowns available at this time of the year, thus keep your eyes on the ladies trend catalogues. Major benefit of a knitted apparel is the fact that it a bit warmer and a lot more suitable compared to the lighter cotton apparel you can utilize throughout the summer time.

An ideal length of your gown is determined by are affair you going to, and yet generally it recommended to consider a glance at mid-to-full length outfits for any formal event. 2011 Prom Dresses If you go way too short, not simply are you risking the cold, but yet you will discover it much more tough to locate appropriate winter months accessories. A floor-length apparel along with a fashionable jacket plus a knit scarf can produce a superb winter look, and even you may always discard the scarf together with jacket once youindoors.

Be sure your outfit accommodates your figure. There such various patterns available on the market that it easy to understand this right knowing best places to look. A cinched waist might truly complement the body type, while a ruffled effect apparel might be really flattering for your curves. Be sure you remember accessories including heels, jewellery in addition to a clutch to add the finishing touches for your attractive dress.

We do hope you can get your best evening attire for that winter events. Good luck!


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Monday, September 12, 2011

Video Marketing Is A New Trend That Can Mean Big Benefits For ...

Are you an online marketer? Do you need to draw more traffic to your site?

Are you tired of getting a small stream of visitors that don?t convert?

If you answered a resounding YES, it?s time for you to take a look at video marketing. It?s definitely time for your marketing to change from depending just on written content, because the Internet is changing at the speed of light and becoming ?video-ized? in a way you need to be a part of. A lot of people surfing the web today are logging in to search new content, but they much prefer watching it rather than reading it. The average internet user is someone who is visual, but happier when all their sense are being engaged, rather than being asked to just read something. Video marketing capitalizes on this aspect of the internet user and engages the senses. Video content is embedded in online newsletters, sales pages, landing pages and all manner of promotional material that is designed to be distributed through the Internet. Video marketing has made a strong impression on the consumer base. In this article we will be discussing the real advantages of using video marketing and how it can help your online business. Look at this Video Marketing website

A positive distinction enjoyed by video marketing strategies is that such pieces have the potential to gain broad, popular exposure. The Internet is filled with examples of videos that went viral just because a consumer like it. That?s how strong word of mouth can be. If you create an interesting video about your product, some might post it on their Facebook page, Myspace areas, or Twitter account. The above communities are simply filled with users at all times. Your site traffic will rapidly increase as your video undergoes the viral effect. Advertisement through the use of a popular video piece provides mass dissemination at extremely low expense. Your video will be discovered by consumers who love it and will then market it for you. A better way to leverage video marketing and generate results over the long term cannot be found. Multinational companies are known for utilizing similar techniques and have crafted video material likely to gain widespread exposure. However, this is not limited to the large corporations as small businesses are achieving the same results. Now if you want your video to become viral, you must be sure to make it something several thousand people would enjoy watching. The latest new course in video engine optimization can be found at this Video Marketing web site

An additional advantage of video marketing is that conversion of previously written content into video is an easy process. This can be achieved by either producing a slide show or simply recording a video clip of you talking. Upon completing production of the video, the only task left to complete is the selection of an appropriate video sharing site. Using this method, you will not need to come up with new content and there isn?t any concern about possibly having duplicated content from another source. This advantage can?t be found with written content. Video marketing is just the latest high-tech way to communicate promotions to your target audience base in order to improve marketing results and ultimately, sales. Numerous reasons why you must employ marketing by videos and make them an integral part of your endeavors exist, yet those advantages that this article covered should make it obvious to you why it is a sound concept. Check out this Video Marketing web site


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September 11 Made Me Decide to Have a Baby | Toddler Times

lori 1 247x300 Brakes, Bread, Babies & Bravery: My 9/11 StorySeptember 11, 2001 began like any other Tuesday.

I was 25 years old, married and working for the man.

In an instant the world stood still as we witnessed images more tragic and heartbreaking than we had ever seen in our own backyard.

This was no ordinary Tuesday at all.

On this infamous day I took to my diary, just as I had every night before and made a personal decision that would change everything:


Today was seriously shitty. For the first time ever, life as an American has me fearful and anxious. I still haven?t found a way to absorb the horrible images of crumbling buildings, billowing clouds of smoke and dust and people desperately searching for their loved ones. I am simply sick. NYC looks more like a freaking war zone than a place where dreams come true. Confused, sick and heartbroken.

I woke up this morning worried about needing brakes for my car. I was irritated with my husband for forgetting to pick up milk and bread?on his way home last night. I angrily ate my cereal dry. I was pissed that our toilet still wasn?t flushing right. I stuck a dental cleaning appointment reminder in my purse.

I felt the familiar longing for a baby. I had been talking myself out of ridiculous baby fever for over a year now. As I brushed my teeth I wondered just how bad labor hurt. As I applied my mascara I wondered if we had enough money to raise a baby. As I sat pissed in traffic I wondered what a baby would do to my young marriage. As I logged on my computer I wondered if I?d be a good mother.

And then I heard. I saw. I stopped breathing. We all stopped breathing.

Today I feel like a sucker. An idiot. Selfish. Stupid.

How stupid I feel for worrying about brakes, milk, bread,?toilets and babies when innocent people unknowingly said final goodbyes to their families as they headed off to work on this beautiful and sunny Tuesday. They never thought for a moment today would be their last as they cursed their alarm clock and ate their cereal dry.

They had family, they had children, they had life ? and now it?s gone. In some small way it almost feels like we lost our lives today too. The life we thought we knew; it?s gone.

How tragic, unexpected and beautiful this short life is. If you?re lucky enough to be alive today, it?s time to start living. Yes, I?m talking to you Lori.

OK, I?m going to write these words and just stare at them?


Wow, that looks weird and sort of official written in blue ink like that.

I?m ready to have a baby. There, that looks better ? less like I?m yelling.

I?m ready to have a baby! That?s even better, excited punctuation makes me excited and maybe even scared? but more excited than scared.

I?m ready to do this, OK not really but I?m going to do it anyway. As of 10:36 p.m. on 9/11/01 I can say I?m ready. I can spend my whole life waiting for perfect timing or I can create my own version of perfection. Half him, half me; pure joy.

On October 12, 2002 I gave birth to my first son in the midst of an official baby boom that experts attributed to the events of 9/11.

I made a commitment to myself a decade ago to live my beautiful life without fear for as long as I was able.

While the past decade hasn?t always been a fairy tale, my life since 9/11 has been well-lived, well-loved and beautifully worthwhile.


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Sunday, September 11, 2011

how to make long distance relationships work |

How to Make Long Distance Relationships Work

Now I am going to focus on how to make long distance relationships work. In the end of this article you?re going to master exactly how to make a long distance relationship work whether your currently in one or prefer to be in one in your immediate future.
You should take fantastic good care of the situation or you could end up losing it! It is extremely a hard job to make a long distance relationship work however, you could be surprised to discover more and more partners nowadays take on this difficult task. Every 1 couple out of 10 in United States is reported to be living at long distance for at least three years in their initial relationship period!
Only to stimulate you for choosing in to a long distance connection let me tell you yet another thing. Long distance human relationships are more effective compared to those where you are always capable of being with your family members; at least the researchers say so.

Now for your ease I?ve organized a little how to make long distance relationships work manual you could adhere to and enjoy your relationship.

How to Make Long Distance Relationships Work

Trust in Jealousy Out: You?ll never understand how to make long distance relationships work if you don?t wipe out be jealous of. No skepticism trust is the most crucial thing in any kind of romantic relationship but in an extended distance romance it gets the most important thing. If you don?t trust one another there is no way ahead for the marriage.

Often your love may possibly talk about some of her buddies or a specific friend who can be a guy. Jealousies are normal, but keep it in check and do not fun time your rage on her. She won?t like it and you are planning to regret it so avoid it.

Skype Is Your Companion: It is yet another excellent suggestion on how to make long distance relationships work. One of the better creations in the modern day globe that really help you get attached to your loved ones is Skype. The video quality rocks ! and it does not even demand a hi-speed web connection to connect you with your rest of it. The world wide web speed required is minimal and that is what we want.

Now start a video chat with her, have exciting talks with her and see 1 another in the flesh. Apply for an eye-locking session as well. Use fantasy and try different things on video chat (I won?t mention any). You can find surely a number of other instant messengers but my vote goes to Skype.
A communication Each day Will keep The Distance Apart: This is just about the most important tips about how to make long distance relationships work. Communication her one or more times every day. Furthermore you are not restricted to only mail messages, you also must phone her as well. At times due to your life situation may very well not have plenty of time to call her, but always bear in mind to create her believe you care for her everyday.

There?s you should not talk all day but make sure you talk to her every day. Share your life with her and hear hers is going. For a nice and in a long distance relationship and realize that if you don?t often talk to her, your spouse may go through as if you are not intrigued. anymore ? How to Make Long Distance Relationships Work Tip #4

Above I have listed few great tips on how make long distance relationships work. You may come to be familiar with this area much more as you grow into a long-distance relationship for a while.

how to make long distance relationships work

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MPowered You - Are you trying to figure out a way to do what you love? Do you want to serve the greater good and be available for those who need you most? Do you have a compassionate, giving heart? Join our community of young adults who have learned the best tactics and approaches to building a mentoring business by doing something they love.

Body By Vi - The Body by Vi? 90-Day Challenge offer over $100,000 a year in prizes for people who use ViSalus products to lose weight or get in shape. It?s fun, it?s simple, and it works!


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Niger says would respect court commitments on Gaddafi (Reuters)

NIAMEY (Reuters) ? Niger would respect its commitments to the International Criminal Court if Libya's Muammar Gaddafi or his sons entered the country, the head of President Mahamadou Issoufou's cabinet told Reuters on Friday.

"We are signatories of the Rome Statute (of the International Criminal Court), so they know what they are exposed to if they come. Niger is a country of rights but we will also respect our international commitments," cabinet director Massaoudou Hassoumi said.

Britain and other countries in the international coalition backing Libyan insurgents against Gaddafi have said this week they would expect any ICC signatory country to hand him over to the Hague-based court.

Hassoumi also confirmed that General Ali Kana, a Tuareg who was in charge of Gaddafi's southern troops, and General Ali Sharif al-Rifi, the commanding officer in his airforce, were the latest senior Libyan officials to flee the country.

"They are in Agadez under control," he said of the regional hub of the northern zone through which the head of Gaddafi's security brigades, Mansour Dhao, passed earlier this week en route to the capital Niamey.

"We are taking them in on humanitarian grounds. No one has told us that these are wanted people. We are keeping a watch on them but we cannot detain them over nothing," said Hassoumi.

Hassoumi said Niger, which only this year returned to civilian rule and is fighting a new threat from al Qaeda-linked groups in its desert north, was taking measures to ensure it was not destabilized by the conflict in Libya.

"We have prepared for a worst case scenario, for example if Bani Walid and Sirte were to fall by force, it could cause a massive stampede of armed groups into Niger. We have taken that into consideration and planned accordingly," he said without giving details.

(Reporting by Bate Felix and Nathalie Prevost; writing by Mark John)


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Saturday, September 10, 2011 podcasts provide listeners with weight loss and ...

September 9th, 2011

(Pressebox) 11 July 2005

During the swimsuit season, many people are looking for an easy way to burn calories and stay fit. Now, thanks, a new diet site, you can soon find yourself with the body you?ve always wanted. ( offers users free weight loss, fitness tips and motivation, which can be downloaded directly to your iPod or MP3 player. With these practical health tips are stored on your iPod if needed, is not it? S almost like carrying a personal trainer and nutritionist in your pocket.

? We offer the latest information, tips and secrets? Lyssia says Lakota, RD, CPT, one of the s registered dietitian. ? People can go and tips, which are almost too good, seem to be true, but to do the job.

visit the website ( enables users to subscribe to the podcast lists, which can consist of audio-guidance information at any time be accessed through any means of communication standard or MP3 player. Podcasts are tips from health professionals about weight loss, fitness, nutrition and healthy cooking. People who are interested in tips, but do not have a podcast reader or MP3 players also have the option of audio files by clicking play and hearing from their computers to listen.

Subscribers already swarming the site. ? I love this? Bite Size? Audio advice? Says Susan shipbuilders a participant. ? As someone who has tried many diets over the years, I can confirm that there is nothing more than listen to advice from the processing of direct motivation of the professionals in a fun and easy.

Some people take tips on the road. ? I can charge my iPod every morning with new tips Adriana says Cutnei. ? Then these tips on my way to work listening to my advice, you need to stay on my diet during the day.

variety of health information on is licensed by health professionals who are ready and determined to bring its customers the best health information and other information made available.

? I? I?ve been training clients for several years, and always support and motivation for them? Says Michael LaFratta, CPT, one of the see fitness experts? Now with podcasts, I know my customers to stay up even if I? M does not exist. All you have to do is to get their iPods and listen to my advice.


Yehuda Fruchter

Envoy Global, Inc.


# # #

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