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At a certain point of time everybody feels the of sexual satisfaction. But , there are many people in this world that suffer from your inability of fulfilling the complete satisfaction of their partner. Sex-related problem is quite a common problem and it also prevents you from having the complete satisfaction during the time of sexual activity or even masturbation. Impotence not only leads to physical discontentment, but it also causes psychological problems. But timely medicine and a healthy way of life can surely help you overcome the issue and you may also guide a normal life like others.

The most common problem how the male experiences while having intercourse is keeping an erection, reaching climax rapidly and finding it difficulty in achieving the orgasm. The problem can just be understood by the person that is experiencing it and in order to get rid of it, the person should have a healthy existence. There are even those who have a different sexual desire which is important not to confuse using the people who absence the ability to fulfill sexual desire. Sex-related difficulties among men may even decrease the intimacy. When among the partners provides low desire then both partners can feel discomfort while having intercourse which can produce a distance within the romantic relationship.

There are different ways of male enhancement through which you can get a happy sexual existence:
? Penis enlargement surgery is among the choices that you can choose. However it is considered to be probably the most unpleasant process and might be unable to perform your penis properly until the place gets cured. It is usually taken as the last step when the rest of the option does not carry out.

? You are able to choose the penis enlargement pills which will help you will get rid of such problems. However there are many products available for sale and it also becomes nearly impossible in your part\ to choose the most accurate product that matches your problem. Wrong selection can even get side effects and may cause serious damage to you. You should always ask your family physician about the pills you are determining to consumption.

? You can also apply penile extenders that helps in order to stretch the penis and allowing it to repair. This stretching allows to unlock the spaces that are one of the cells and with the continue utilize you can boost the number of the number of new tissue in that particular spot. But , you need to discover the most effective gadget.

Penile enhancement is a solution that can help you get the sexual satisfaction and in so that they can do so you need to discover the suitable product on your own. There are many sexual enhancement products that can be found in the market. These products actually boost the blood flow and improves the blood circulation. It can help to increase the growth associated with sperms and enable you to definitely have a longer sex experience. Natural sexual enhancement products are very user friendly and are also regarded as the very best solution.

At a certain point of time everybody feels the of sexual satisfaction. But , there are many people in this world that suffer from your inability of fulfilling the complete satisfaction of their partner. Sex-related problem is quite a common problem and it also prevents you from having the complete satisfaction during the time of sexual activity or even masturbation. Impotence not only leads to physical discontentment, but it also causes psychological problems. But timely medicine and a healthy way of life can surely help you overcome the issue and you may also guide a normal life like others.

There are different techniques that you could adopt in case of penile enhancement. Surgeries, pills and extenders are a few of the ways that you could implement to be able to experience the large size of the penile. Learn more about ? Sex-related enhancement.


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Iraq: 10 people killed in attacks south of Baghdad

BAGHDAD (AP) ? Two separate bombings south of Baghdad killed 10 people and wounded another 24 on Monday, Iraqi officials said ? the latest apparent attacks by militants aimed at undermining security and confidence in the government.

The deadliest attack was in the town of Musayyib some 60 kilometers (40 miles) south of the capital, where militants planted bombs around two houses, one belonging to a police officer. Two women and two children aged 11 and 14 years old along with three men were killed, while three others were wounded in the pre-dawn blasts, a police officer said.

In the city of Hillah, a parked car bomb exploded in a busy street where local government offices are located, killing three people and wounding 21, another police officer said. He said some Shiite pilgrims were there making their way to the nearby city of Karbala to mark the 7th century death of the Prophet Muhammad's grandson, Imam Hussein.

He didn't say how many pilgrims were among the casualties. Hillah is about 95 kilometers (60 miles) south of Baghdad.

Two doctors confirmed the casualty figures. All officials spoke on condition of anonymity as they were not authorized to release information.

Although violence has ebbed since the height of the insurgency in the past, some groups presumed to be primarily Sunni extremists are still able to launch lethal attacks nationwide against government officials or civilians.

Shiite pilgrims are one of their favorite targets. Each year, hundreds of thousands converge on the southern city of Karbala where the Imam Hussein is buried. Many travel on foot and the mass gatherings are frequently attacked despite tight security.


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14 Solutions to Your New Year's Midnight Kiss

New York State Assemblyman Sean M. Ryan announced this week that he?s proposing tougher animal abuse penalties. The legislation, which is being called, ?Phoenix?s Law,? is named for a Jack Russell Terrier who was burned alive by two teenagers in October. ?Phoenix? lived through the ordeal, but is still in a Buffalo animal hospital recovering from burns and broken bones.


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Venus Williams leads US to victory over South Africa

PERTH, Australia (AFP) ? American Venus Williams gave her comeback hopes a boost with a win at the Hopman Cup in Perth on Sunday.

Williams beat the 60th-ranked Chanelle Scheepers in three sets to help the United States post a 2-1 win over South Africa in their Group B tie at the mixed teams tournament.

Although Kevin Anderson levelled the tie for South Africa with an upset win with over fellow big man John Isner in the men?s singles, the Americans prevailed in straight sets in the deciding mixed doubles.

Williams, playing for the first time since October and just 24 hours after arriving in Australia, made a slow start against Scheepers but steadied to win 4-6, 6-2, 6-3.

File photo: Lagos State Governor Babatunde Fashola presents the emblem of the state government to US tennis stars Venus (C) and Serena Williams during a visit at the Government House in Lagos October 31, 2012. AFP PHOTO

File photo: Lagos State Governor Babatunde Fashola presents the emblem of the state government to US tennis stars Venus (C) and Serena Williams during a visit at the Government House in Lagos October 31, 2012. AFP PHOTO

The seven-time Grand Slam singles winner has climbed the rankings this year as she recovered from a major setback due to illness in 2011.

Williams has not won a Grand Slam singles title since her 2008 success at Wimbledon. She slipped to 134th in the rankings last year after suffering from Sj?gren?s Syndrome, a systemic autoimmune disease.

However, the 32-year-old has enjoyed much better fortunes this year.

She won her first singles title since 2010 in Luxembourg, teamed with sister Serena to win gold in the doubles at the London Olympics and finished the season ranked 24th in the world.

Speaking after hitting 44 winners in disposing of Scheepers, Williams said this year was a great platform for the coming 12 months.

?Last year was so awesome for me, winning a tournament and getting to the Olympics and getting a gold,? she said. ?I was extremely happy last year and moved up quite a few spots.

?This year is just about building on it and continuing to play deep into the draws and put myself in positions to play well deep into the tournaments.?

Williams, who had to come from a set down against Scheepers, said she still believed she could be a force in the Grand Slams.

?I always feel that way,? she said. ?That?s how you have to feel, you have to be positive.

?I try to be positive and tell myself I?m the best now. It doesn?t happen every time but you?ve got to have that mind frame.?

Anderson, ranked 37th, upset the 14th-ranked Isner 7-6 (7/0), 7-6 (7/5).

The Americans dominated the mixed doubles to win 6-3, 6-2.

Meanwhile, Germany?s Andrea Petkovic has withdrawn from the tournament after injuring her right knee during her singles match on Saturday.

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NBA Pacers' Assignee Orlando Johnson Helps Energize The Mad Ants

With Fort Wayne just a 2-hour drive from Indianapolis, it only makes sense for the Pacers to send their rookies north for some playing time. Orlando Johnson made the most of his minutes and led the Mad Ants to their fourth win of the season.

Indiana Pacer rookie, Orlando Johnson, got a chance to run this weekend after being assigned to the Fort Wayne Mad Ants for the second time this season. In his previous stint with the Fort Wayne Mad Ants, the 6-foot-5 guard scored a combined 45 points and pulled down 15 rebounds over two games.

The former UC-Santa Barbara standout continued his D-League success by leading all scorers with 24 points in the recent Mad Ants win against the Texas Legends.

After being named the "Big West Player of the Year", Johnson was selected in the second round (36th overall pick) of the 2012 NBA draft by the Sacramento Kings. He was then traded to the Pacers for cash.

So far, the 23-year-old looks like a solid investment. Simply put, Johnson can score from anywhere on the floor. He plays offense with confidence and can hit buckets on the run, off-the-dribble, or in catch and shoot situations.

At times, it seems that the more difficult the shot, the more likely it is to fall for Johnson. He has nice perimeter moves that give him just enough room to get shots off. The guard's high release point allows him to hit with ease, even with a hand in his face.

With that said, the Legends could not find a way to stop Johnson on Friday night. Late in the game, they opted for the double team. However, when Johnson couldn't split the defense and score anyways, he switched gears and dished out six dimes, in addition to pouring in of the points.

His strong performance pulled the defense out to the perimeter and created scoring opportunities for his teammates. Johnson was fast in transition and even mixed it up on the boards against bigger opponents, pulling down five rebounds too.

It must be jarring to go from sitting on the bench to dominating an NBADL contest, but Johnson has handled it well. In three games with the Mad Ants, he's averaged 23 points, 6.7 rebounds, 2 assists, and 2 steals in 38 minutes per contest, and surely will only look to build upon that success as he continues in both the NBA and D-League.

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#MyJihad in Libya: Muslims bomb church, murder two

"You are a wonderful fighter for liberty" -- Bat Ye'or

"Well, I read Atlas Shrugs, Power Line, National Review blogs" ........ "Atlas Shrugs breaks more news than dozens of liberal blogs combined." ...... ... Ambassador John Bolton

"I'm a fan!" - Mark Steyn

"Fearless, intelligent, beautiful --- Pamela Geller wears her Supergirl costume well." "Pamela Geller is a dynamo of energy and a paragon of courage and fearlessness. --Robert Spencer, JihadWatch in his book Stealth Jihad

"You do great work. You are a hero". -- Geert Wilders, Dutch MP

"You are my hero!" -- Wafa Sultan, Former Muslim, Author human rights activist

Hot female host with a good sense of humor based in NYC? I nominate Pamela.-- Michelle Malkin

"A nationally recognized authority on the threat of radical Islam" -- Rep. Steven King (R-IA)

Pamela is one of the nation's most vigorous opponents of bigoted violence.- John Hinderaker, Powerline

"I honestly think that one day historians will write about the defense of Western values and virtues in the 21st Century and speak of heroes. And one will be Pamela Geller." Michael Coren, TV host, Sun TV

"I'm cheering you on!" -- Amanda Carpenter

"Great site," Dick Morris

"A brash New Yorker and an irrepressible firebrand" -- Robert Tracinski, The Freedom Fighter's Journal and The Intellectual Activist

"Indeed, some of Israel's best friends and most articulate defenders can be found in the blogosphere .... Atlas Shrugs, [et al] all provide a refreshing alternative to the moral relativism and politically correct anti-Israel blather of the media. Michael Freund, Jerusalem Post

"She does more in one week than most of us do in a frickin' lifetime -- Pamela Geller!" -- Jaz McKay, Talk Radio KNZR

"Influential online fanatic" --- Max Blumenthal, Writer, Al Jazeera and The Nation

"I never go to MSM for news. Atlas is where I go. I am amazed at all that is happening, that only Atlas readers know about"". --- JCL, Atlas reader

"The heroine of the right wing blogosphere. 'We?re all Pamela Geller now!'? -- Charles Johnson, mental patient

?Geller had joined Stop the Madrassa and blogged often about the matter on her website, Atlas Shrugs. Blessed with sultry Hollywood sex appeal and a sassy, scythe-like wit ? a personable Ann Coulter and articulate Sarah Palin rolled into one ? Geller would ride the Park51 project protest to superstardom.?

- Southern Poverty Law Center

"Pamela Geller is one of the most polarizing women in the country."

Village Voice

"Pamela Geller's writings, rallies and television appearances have both offended and inspired, transforming Ms. Geller from an Internet obscurity, who once videotaped herself in a bikini as she denounced ?Islamofascism,? into a media commodity who has been profiled on ?60 Minutes? and whose phraseology has been adopted by Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin." The New York Times

"Geller and Spencer are probably the most important propagandizing Islamophobes in the world, these people's voices speak very loudly ? not just here in the United States but overseas." Heidi Beirich, director of the Southern Poverty Law Center's Intelligence Project


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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Venezuelan VP heads to Cuba to visit ailing Chavez

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) ? Venezuelan Vice President Nicolas Maduro announced Friday night that he was traveling to Cuba to visit President Hugo Chavez, who is recovering from cancer surgery in Havana.

Maduro said during the inauguration of a state governor that he and other government officials would fly to Cuba late Friday. He did not specify how long he would be away but said Energy Minister Hector Navarro would be in charge of government affairs in the meantime.

Maduro's trip comes amid growing uncertainty about Chavez's health.

The Venezuelan leader has not been seen or heard from since undergoing his fourth cancer-related surgery Dec. 11, and government officials have said he might not return in time for his scheduled Jan. 10 inauguration for a new six-year term. There have been no updates on Chavez's condition since Maduro announced Monday night that he had received a phone call from the president who was up and walking.

Maduro is the highest ranking Venezuelan official to visit Chavez since the surgery. Bolivian President Evo Morales traveled to Cuba last weekend in a quick trip that only added to the uncertainty surrounding Chavez's condition. Morales has not commented publicly on his visit or even confirmed that he saw Chavez while he was there.

Earlier Friday, Maduro read a New Year message from Chavez to Venezuelan troops, though it was unclear when the president composed it.

"I have had to battle again for my health," Chavez said in the message. He expressed "complete faith in the commitment and loyalty that the revolutionary armed forces are showing me in this very complicated and difficult moment."

A group of opposition candidates demanded Friday that Maduro provide an official medical report on Chavez's health. Lawmaker Dinorah Figuera said the country needs "a medical report from those who are responsible for the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of the president."

"The Venezuelan people deserve official and institutional information," Figuera told Venezuelan media.

Before leaving for Cuba, Chavez acknowledged the precariousness of his situation and designated Maduro as his successor, telling supporters they should vote for the vice president if a new presidential election was necessary.

A legal fight is brewing over what should happen if Chavez, who was re-elected in October, cannot return in time for the inauguration before the National Assembly.

National Assembly Diosdado Cabello insisted Monday that Venezuela's constitution allows the president to take the oath before the Supreme Court at any time if he cannot do it before the legislature on Jan. 10.

Opposition leaders argue the constitution requires that new elections be held within 30 days if Chavez cannot take office Jan. 10. They have criticized the confusion over the inauguration as the latest example of the Chavez government's disdain for democratic rule of law and have demanded clarity on whether the president is fit to govern.


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All eyes on them, Senate leaders seek fiscal deal

WASHINGTON (AP) ? Senate leaders rushed to assemble a last-ditch agreement to avoid middle-class tax increases and possibly delay steep spending cuts in an urgent attempt to find common ground after weeks of postelection gridlock.

An impatient President Barack Obama pressed top lawmakers to cut a deal before the year-end deadline, even one that falls short of the ambitions he and congressional leaders may once have harbored for a bigger deficit reduction package.

"The hour for immediate action is here. It is now," Obama declared.

Following a White House meeting Friday among Obama and congressional leaders, aides to Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., began racing against the clock for a bipartisan bargain.

The leaders could present legislation to senators as early as Sunday, with a vote possible on Sunday or Monday.

The guest list for the White House meeting included Reid, McConnell, House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, and House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. But the key players were clearly Reid and McConnell, both of whom stayed behind briefly at the White House and huddled with their staffs and Obama's top legislative aide, Rob Nabors, in the West Wing Cabinet Room just outside the Oval Office.

Neither side expected compromise to be easy. However, McConnell and Reid voiced unexpected optimism that they could work toward a deal that could win support in both their camps.

Warned Reid: "Whatever we come up with is going to be imperfect."

Whatever manages to pass in the Senate, with its Democratic majority, would then face a second test in the Republican-controlled House.

Boehner, a Republican speaker who has struggled recently with anti-tax rebels inside his own party, said through an aide that he would await the results of the talks between the Senate and White House. A House vote could come as late as Wednesday, the final full day before a new Congress takes office.

Officials said there was a general understanding that any agreement would block scheduled income tax increases for middle-class earners while letting rates rise at upper-income levels.

Obama was sticking to his campaign call for increases above $250,000 in annual income, even though in recent negotiations he said he could accept $400,000.

The two sides also confronted a divide over estate taxes. Obama favors a higher tax than is currently in effect, but one senior Republican, Sen. Jon Kyl of Arizona, said he's "totally dead set" against it. Speaking of fellow GOP lawmakers, he said they harbor more opposition to an increase in the estate tax than to letting taxes on income and investments rise at upper levels.

But the estate tax was more likely to be used as a possible bargaining chip that Democrats could give away in exchange for higher rates for top earners and other Obama priorities.

Obama and Democrats want to prevent the expiration of unemployment benefits for about 2 million long-term jobless men and women, and there is widespread sentiment in both parties to shelter doctors from a 27 percent cut in Medicare fees.

Also likely to be included in the negotiations are taxes on dividends and capital gains, both of which are scheduled to rise with the new year. Also the alternative minimum tax, which, if left unchanged, could hit an estimated 28 million households for the first time and mean an average increase of more than $3,000.

The White House has shown increased concern about a possible doubling of milk prices if a farm bill is not passed in the next few days, although it is not clear whether that issue too might be included in the talks.

One Republican who was briefed on the White House meeting said Boehner made it clear he would leave in place spending cuts scheduled to take effect unless alternative savings were included in any compromise to offset them. In previous White House proposals, Obama has suggested finding enough cuts in government spending to put off the steeper cuts for up to six months.

Obama, speaking to reporters following his meeting with the congressional leaders, faulted a system that left crucial decisions to the last minute, a way of governing that he said the public finds "mindboggling."

"Outside of Washington nobody understands how it is that this seems to be a repeat pattern, over and over again," he said.

Still, Obama himself is part of the negotiating process, and his meeting with all four top leaders Friday was the first since Nov. 16. A phone call he placed Wednesday night to McConnell was the first the Republican leader had received from a Democrat on the fiscal talks since Thanksgiving.

Looking to add pressure on negotiators, Obama said he expects Reid to put legislation on the floor to prevent tax increases on the middle class and extend unemployment benefits ? an implicit challenge to Republicans to dare to vote against what polls show is popular.

The start of negotiations in the Senate marked a new endgame for discussions that have moved in fits and starts since the November election.

Boehner refused for weeks to accept any rate increases, and simultaneously accused Obama of skimping on the spending cuts he would support as part of a balanced deal to reduce deficits, remove the threat of spending cuts and prevent the across-the-board tax cuts.

Last week, the Ohio Republican presented a Plan B measure that would have let rates rise on million-dollar earners. That was well above Obama's latest offer, which called for a $400,000 threshold, but more than the speaker's rank and file were willing to accept.

Facing defeat, Boehner scrapped plans for a vote, leaving the economy on track for the cliff that political leaders in both parties had said they could avoid. In the aftermath, Democrats said they doubted any compromise was possible until Boehner has been elected to a second term as speaker when the new Congress convenes Thursday.


Associated Press writers Alan Fram and Andrew Taylor contributed to this report.


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Patio Heaters: An Efficient Winter Investment - ...

[unable to retrieve full-text content]HOME :: Shopping and Product Reviews :: Electronics ... For Patio Heaters and various refurbished and new ice machines, browse through and get heavy discount on all our products. Article Source: ...


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Christopherson Business Travel ? AirPortal 360?: Providing a 360? ...

With the newly developed AirPortal 360?, Christopherson Business Travel?s powerful collection of corporate travel management software is delivered directly your company?s travel manager, in an intelligent dashboard with a fully-customized view.

Built for ease, convenience, and improved travel management, AirPortal 360 provides all the advanced tools you need to reduce travel spend, guarantee traveler security, keep track of unused tickets, access traveler profiles, ensure policy compliance, and more.

Quite simply, AirPortal 360? is the panoramic view you need to keep all your company?s travel details in line and in the black.

  • Manage your entire company?s travel program from one, single sign-on, intelligent dashboard
  • Access to advanced tools to manage travel spend, duty of care, unused airline tickets, traveler profiles, & travel policy compliance
  • Movable widgets, customizable Quick Links, and mega menu provide immediate access to what?s most important to you
  • Capability to set up multiple travel managers within an organization
  • Ability to restrict travel manager access to company divisions, departments, teams, or areas of responsibility
  • Generate reports based on the structure of your company
  • Analyze travel spend for the entire company or by department, division, or team
  • Ability to drill down from a high-level, comprehensive view of travel program data to single transactions

*AirPortal 360 is just one of the many valuable business travel tools Christopherson provides through our integrated technology platform, AirPortal?. To learn more about AirPortal, AirPortal 360, and how Christopherson can save your company time and money on business travel, please contact one of our representatives.


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Looking at Private Schools for Your Children

Your child?s success in life has a lot to do with you, but it also has to do with the school he or she attended. Private schools and public, were usually the main option from which most people thought they could choose. Today, some may choose an independent school as well, which is a college prep style of school.

The school you choose for your children is ultimately up to you. You know your children best, so you might know what type of school might be the best fit. If your child struggles academically, then a public school might be an option for them if the school you are considering has a special education program. Some private schools may also help a child who is behind more than most. A college prep school however, may not be the best choice. The focus of this type of school is on a child preparing for college. Although children with special needs can go to college, another school might be more of an encouragement in that direction.

Private schools come in all shapes and sizes. Some are parochial and are a school that is attached and associated with a local church. Others might simply be a school that is not funded by the state. It does not have to have any religious associations.

A privately run school may not offer financial aid. That is one of the differences between an independent school and one that is privately run. One that is independent may have the resources to get financial aid for your child to attend the school. Other significant differences may be in the academic goals; although they may also agree in this area. It will really depend on the school.

If your child struggles in the public school for various reasons and is looking for a smaller setting, then private schools might be that solution. Before making a decision on one school, you should include your kids in the decision. Take a trip to the various places and have the kids sit for the day in each one. By the end, they should know their preference. If you are allowed, you may want to observe a few classes as well.

School has changed a great deal over the years. What was once mostly academic has now become a multi-faceted culture that includes academics, athletics, and social situations. There is nothing wrong with teaching through real-life experiences, but it is important to be balanced in the right direction. Private schools may offer that balance that your child needs.

Interested in learning more about private schools in Florida? If so, please visit for more information.


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neesonthewlis: Health & Fitness Solutions: Self-Hypnosis ...

By Mamie Nanez

It's important that you become familiar with the field of hypnosis - especially self-hypnosis - and one of the best ways to do so is to start by reading shorter reports like this one to begin your knowledge base. Delve into the subject wholeheartedly and you will find that it doesn't take long to get a well-rounded grasp of what hypnosis is all about. Hypnosis is not a difficult subject to comprehend as there's really nothing complicated about it. The same holds true for self-hypnosis.

Since we are all so different, you may find the need to use self-hypnosis many times. The important thing is not how many times you need to use a particular script for some particular goal. The only thing that counts is that you are triumphant with it and get to the target you had in the first place. There is no way to know how you will respond to self-hypnosis until you try it out. An additional point that is critical is that it takes many applications to get to the phase where your endeavours are really valuable. You will more than likely not have the greatest execution at the start and you will not be entirely at ease with the procedure.

For a self-hypnosis session to be effective, you have to choose a place that is quiet. Try to remove all distractions from the place before commencing a session.

Creating your own personal space to practice your self-hypnosis is a good thing to do. Your ideal scenario could be in a cool, low-lit room with candles and incense.

Once you have decided to use self-hypnosis, you need to make a commitment. Unless you are fully committed and have confidence it will not work for you. It is imperative that you have conviction and believe the necessary things that need to change will. Hopefully you already have a good idea of the impact that faith and conviction have for favourable results. The whole concept of hypnosis, whether it is done by a therapist or by ones self, is up for disbelief by many. There are folks that have been assisted with the use of hypnosis throughout time and in many instances.

Every script to write and design needs to be exquisite for each hypnosis session. Consider that you are trying to reach your unconscious mind directly. That means you have to bypass your ordinary consciousness that looks at the world in a critical manner. So you have to know exactly how to use the right words that will be the most effective. You can buy self-hypnosis tapes or even buy scripts from hypnotherapists. A licensed trained hypnotherapist should be where this material comes from. They are governed by hypnosis organizations that will make sure they are on the straight and narrow. Your local area, and certainly the Internet, will have people you can talk to. In conclusion, there are many other self-hypnosis tips that are available. You can learn them if you want. Just be sure you are getting quality information from the web. Building a website, and populating it with information, is very easy to do - this is why you need to be careful with the info that you find.

About the Author:

Do you want to beat eczema? Self-hypnosis is a simple way to overcome it without any medications.


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Randy Press: Engaged to Brandy!


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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Advice On Long Distance Relationships: How To Keep It Healthy

Long Distance Relationship 5 Tips To Make It Happy And Healthy

It is no secret that distance is one of the most difficult things for any relationship to overcome. The most common advice given to people planning on attempting a distance relationship is to give up before even trying.

While it?s true that most long distance relationships don?t end up working out, it?s not impossible. Here are 5 ways to make a long distance relationship a little more bearable.

Have A Clear Plan For Your Next Meeting

One of the things that make the distance so hard to deal with is the hopelessness. When your unable to see the person you love for any extended period it?s easy to start to feel like you will never see them again.

Having a clear defined time for your next meeting gives you both something to look forward to and helps a lot when things are especially hard. The more concrete and detailed the planed meeting the better.

Find A Way To Keep Intimacy Alive

Distance doesn?t change the needs of either person in the relationship. The foundation of any good relationship is intimacy and that doesn?t just mean sex. There are a number of things that can be done to maintain a feeling of closeness even from a far.

A good example is to set up nightly talks on the phone where you share thoughts, feelings and details of the day. Knowing that your voice is last they hear every night before they drift to sleep can be one of the most intimate feelings in the world.

Honesty and Avoiding Any Doubt

Another reason long distance relationships are so difficult is trust. It?s easy to say you trust someone, but when you?re far away and all you have to go on is his or her word it?s much more difficult. In this situation more than any other it?s positively vital that you are 100% honest about everything.

Chances are you are both going to make mistakes. Talking about them and not covering them up is the only possible way for this sort of relationship to work. The moment any doubt is expressed it?s extremely hard or even impossible to get back to a place of trust.

Spend Plenty of Time Together

Just because you?re far away from each other, doesn?t mean you should spend all of your time apart. With the help of cell phones, it?s easy to stay connected to each other and talk often even on the go.

Another great resource to ease the pain of a long distance relationship is Skype. Skype allows the two of you to see and talk to each other face to face. All that?s required for Skype is an Internet connection and a computer. It doesn?t even cost you a penny.

Do More Than Just ?Talk?

No matter how much you enjoy talking to someone, there comes a point when conversations start to get a little stale. Planning activities to do together on the phone or on the Internet is a great way to enjoy each other?s company without getting bored.

The easiest example of something like this is to watch a movie together while on Skype. Calling the other person on Skype and then watching the same TV program or a movie on HBO is fun, easy and most importantly breaks up the monotony.

Well, there are countless ways to make it work. It all depends on your perspective.

Maria Rainier is a freelance writer and blog junkie. She is currently a resident blogger at First in Education where she?s written on?online adult education programs?along with?optometry jobs. In her spare time, she enjoys yoga, playing piano, and working with origami.


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Pony back with circus after Christmas kidnap

VIENNA (AP) ? A tiny pony is back at its Austrian circus home more than a week after apparently being kidnapped by a woman who wanted to give her sick daughter a Christmas surprise.

Fridolin the pony, who is only about 2 feet (60 centimeters) tall, went missing from the Vienna Christmas Circus early last week. He was found near a Vienna bus stop Wednesday.

Circus director Adolf Lauenburger told the Austria Press Agency Thursday that a woman called the circus and told officials where to find the pony. She said her daughter wanted a circus pony and she'd taken him to fulfill the girl's wishes for Christmas ? but decided she couldn't keep the animal.

Lauenburger wasn't able to identify the woman. Police were looking into the matter.

Associated Press


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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Retail sales creep higher in weak holiday season: early data

(Reuters) - As the U.S. holiday season winds down, retailers are left to hope that post-Christmas sales can help salvage their worst performance since 2008, preliminary data showed.

Holiday-related sales rose 0.7 percent from October 28 through December 24, compared with a 2 percent increase last year, according to data from MasterCard Advisors SpendingPulse.

The preliminary estimate from SpendingPulse is in line with other estimates showing weak growth during the holiday season, when retailers can book about 30 percent of annual sales and in many cases half of their profits.

Research firm ShopperTrak said last week it expected an increase of 2.5 percent, rather than 3.3 percent. And on Tuesday, the International Council of Shopping Centers and Goldman Sachs Weekly Chain Store Sales Index said sales rose only 0.7 percent in the week ended Saturday.

The latest holiday season sales would be the worst performance since 2008, during the last recession.

"The broad brush was Christmas wasn't all that merry for retailers, and you have to ask what those margins look like if the top line didn't meet their expectations. So it could be a very unmerry Christmas for retailers," said Kim Forrest, senior equity research analyst at Fort Pitt Capital Group in Pittsburgh.

The Mid-Atlantic showed the worst performance, with a 3.9 percent decline, as sales in early November were disrupted by Superstorm Sandy, which hit the densely populated region in late October.

Sales recovered in the second part of November, with early hours and promotions helping drive traffic during the Black Friday weekend, analysts said.

But there was a deep lull in early December as a winter storm in parts of the United States may have limited sales, said Michael McNamara, vice president of research and analysis at MasterCard SpendingPulse.

SpendingPulse estimated the 0.7 percent increase in sales covered apparel, electronics, luxury goods, online and furnishings across all payment types, including credit cards, cash and checks.

Aside from the weather, some analysts also said shoppers may have curbed spending due to concerns about whether Washington will reach an agreement to avert the "fiscal cliff" of tax hikes and spending cuts that take effect in the new year.

"Who wants credit card debt in January when there will be 2 percent less in the check plus a year of higher tax rates on stale incomes," Brian Sozzi, chief equities analyst at NBG Productions, said in a note to clients.

(This story corrects 7th paragraph to show Mid-Atlantic had worst performance, not Northeast)

(Reporting by Brad Dorfman; Additional reporting by Chuck Mikolajczak; Editing by Jeffrey Benkoe)


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F.C. Real Estate Agent Earns 'Emeritus' Status

The Long & Foster Real Estate Falls Church office announced this month that Lillian Peterson, a sales associate with the office, has earned the prestigious Realtor Emeritus status from the National Association of Realtors, in recognition of 45 years of service to the real estate community.

Peterson is also the first-ever member of the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors to earn membership in the organization?s Multi-Million Dollar Sales Club each year for more than four consecutive decades and is the only member to hold that title. She is also a lifetime member of NVAR?s Top Producers Club.


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Stocks edge higher as traders return from holiday

NEW YORK (AP) ? Stocks opened modestly higher on Wall Street Wednesday as traders returned from the Christmas holiday.

Trading was quiet. Markets in Europe were still closed. Traders were also watching to see if a budget agreement materializes in Washington. President Barack Obama cut short his Christmas vacation in Hawaii and was returning to Washington later Wednesday to resume budget talks with Congressional Republicans.

The Dow Jones industrial average was up 21 points at 13,160 as of 10:19 a.m. Eastern.

The Standard & Poor's 500 index was up half a point at 1,427 and the Nasdaq composite was up less than a point at 3,014.

Better news about the housing market was tempered by disappointing readings on the U.S. holiday shopping season.

Home prices rose in most major U.S. cities in October compared with the same month a year ago, according to the latest Standard & Poor's/Case-Shiller national home price index. Sales rose at the same time the supply of available homes declined. The index increased 4.3 percent, the largest year-over-year jump in two and a half years, when a homebuyer tax credit temporarily boosted sales.

The news on holiday shopping wasn't encouraging. In the two months before Christmas, sales of electronics, clothing, jewelry and home goods increased just 0.7 percent compared with the same period last year, according to The MasterCard Advisors SpendingPulse report.

That's well below the growth of 3 to 4 percent growth that analysts had expected and the worst year-over-year comparison since 2008, when spending shrank during the Great Recession. Last year sales climbed 4 to 5 percent during November and December, according to ShopperTrak.

Major retailers fell. Macy's gave up 52 cents to $37, Target fell 41 cents to $59.13 and Urban Outfitters fell 61 cents to $38.59.

Home builder stocks were higher following the increase in home prices. Lennar rose 26 cents to $38.54 and PulteGroup rose 9 cents to $18.24.

Netflix and Amazon both fell after Netflix blamed Amazon for an outage over Christmas eve that that affected customers wanting to stream video. Netflix fell 84 cents to $89.39 and Amazon fell $2.85 to $255.77.

The yield on the benchmark 10-year Treasury note edged down to 1.76 percent from 1.77 percent Monday. Trading was closed Tuesday for the Christmas holiday. Oil prices rose. Benchmark crude gained $2.37 to $90.98 a barrel.

Japanese stocks hit a nine-month high as a pro-business government prepared to assume leadership. The Nikkei 225 index surged 1.5 percent to 10,230.36.

Japan's new prime minister, Shinzo Abe, has put pressure on the Bank of Japan to raise its inflation target. The goal is to extricate the country from two decades of deflation, or declining prices, which has deadened the world's third-largest economy.


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In Regards To Hidden Networks? - Renoise Forums

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    Posted Today, 07:49 AM

    Definitely NOT audio but worth a discussion... Lately i've been into hidden networks. Had a laugh in TOR for a bit... I know it goes deeper in this world and I want to discover. Any experiences in other simmilar quests? What should one be studying and what should one avoid? Anyone up for a discussion on the matter? Public or private dont be afraid ;)



    "The magnitude of pleasure reaches its limit in the removal of all pain. When such pleasure is present, so long as it is uninterrupted, there is no pain either of body or of mind or of both together." -Epicurus


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    Tuesday, December 25, 2012

    Video: Next Year's Energy Outlook

    Sorry, Readability was unable to parse this page for content.


    Carlton Morgan Freeman Dead Stand Up to Cancer Azarenka NFL fantasy football Chris Kluwe Jennifer Granholm

    Report: Women at Iran nuclear plant violate code

    TEHRAN, Iran (AP) ? An Iranian lawmaker is saying Russian women working in the country's sole nuclear power plant do not observe the strict Islamic dress code, though they are paid extra to comply.

    Under Iranian law, all women must cover themselves from head to toe in public.

    A Tuesday report by the semiofficial ISNA news agency quotes Mahdi Mousavinejad, a representative of the southern Iranian port of Bushehr, where the plant is located, as saying violation of dress code by the Russian workers has had a "corrupting and negative impact" on his constituency.

    Mousavinejad says he will report on the case to the Iranian parliament. He did not say how many women were involved or how much they were paid.

    Russia says it will hand over the plant to Iranian engineers in mid-2013.


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    Monday, December 24, 2012

    George H.W. Bush to stay in hospital longer

    By NBC News and news services

    Handout / Reuters

    Former U.S. Presidents George W. Bush and his father George H.W. Bush attend a function onboard the USS George H.W. Bush aircraft carrier off the coast of Maine, June 10, 2012 in this U.S. Navy handout photo.

    Former President George H.W. Bush, who has been hospitalized for a month undergoing treatment for bronchitis, may not be released from a Houston hospital in time to celebrate Christmas at home as doctors had hoped.

    Bush, 88, remained in stable condition, George Kovacik, a spokesman at Methodist Hospital, said in a statement on Sunday.

    ?His doctors feel he should build up his energy before going home. They remain optimistic about his full recovery and are being extra cautious with his care. No discharge date has been set at this time,? the statement said.

    Earlier this month, Kovacik said doctors expected Bush would be able to spend Christmas at home with his family.

    Bush, the 41st president and a Republican, took office in 1989 and served one term in the White House. The father of former President George W. Bush, he also is a former congressman, U.N. ambassador, CIA director and vice president for two terms under Ronald Reagan.

    Reuters contributed to this report.


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    Colts beat Chiefs 20-13 to clinch playoff berth

    Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, right, scrambles away from Kansas City Chiefs inside linebacker Brandon Siler during the first half of an NFL football game on Sunday, Dec. 23, 2012, in Kansas City, Mo. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

    Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck, right, scrambles away from Kansas City Chiefs inside linebacker Brandon Siler during the first half of an NFL football game on Sunday, Dec. 23, 2012, in Kansas City, Mo. (AP Photo/Charlie Riedel)

    Indianapolis Colts cornerback Darius Butler, right, returns an interception 32 yards for a touchdown during the first half of an NFL football game against the Kansas City Chiefs, Sunday, Dec. 23, 2012, in Kansas City, Mo. (AP Photo/Orlin Wagner)

    Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles (25) runs from Indianapolis Colts outside linebacker Jerry Hughes, left, during the first half of an NFL football game Sunday, Dec. 23, 2012, in Kansas City, Mo. (AP Photo/Ed Zurga)

    Kansas City Chiefs outside linebacker Tamba Hali, left, celebrates with Kendrick Lewis, right, after a sack of Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck during the first half of an NFL football game Sunday, Dec. 23, 2012, in Kansas City, Mo. (AP Photo/Orlin Wagner)

    (AP) ? The expectations placed upon Andrew Luck almost seemed unfair.

    Being the heir to Peyton Manning in Indianapolis is heady stuff for a rookie taking the reins of a franchise that won two games last season.

    Now, after guiding the Colts back to the playoffs ? and breaking Cam Newton's single-season passing record for a first-year player ? it's safe to say Luck exceeded just about all of them.

    Luck threw for 205 yards Sunday, and his 7-yard touchdown pass to Reggie Wayne on third-and-goal late in the fourth quarter gave the Colts a 20-13 victory over the Kansas City Chiefs. That put them into the playoffs without worrying about anybody else.

    "Would we have done it without him?" Colts interim coach Bruce Arians asked. "No."

    Luck broke Newton's record of 4,051 yards passing in the second quarter. But it was extending his own rookie record for fourth-quarter comebacks to seven was more important.

    The Chiefs had rallied behind Jamaal Charles' 226 yards rushing to tie the game 13-13 heading into the fourth quarter. The Colts' defense stuffed quarterback Brady Quinn on fourth-and-inches to give Luck a chance.

    That's all he needed.

    After a miserable stretch in which he connected on 1 of 13 passes, the fabulous freshman calmly led Indianapolis (10-5) downfield. He completed a key pass to T.Y. Hilton on third down and made two nice throws to Wayne before hitting the veteran in the back of the end zone.

    "We had so many opportunities all game, especially on third down, that we squandered," Wayne said. "We wanted to get that done. That was the opportune time to do it."

    Darius Butler returned an interception 32 yards for the Colts' other touchdown, helping them join the 2008 Miami Dolphins as the only teams to win at least 10 games after losing 14 or more the previous season.

    Most of those wins have come under Arians, who has filled in admirably while Chuck Pagano underwent treatment for leukemia. Pagano is expected to rejoin the Colts this week.

    "Mission accomplished. That's all I can say," Arians said. "Without getting emotional again, knowing that (Pagano) is going to be back Monday, the work week shouldn't be as stressful."

    Charles' big day included an 86-yard touchdown run on the first play of the second half. It was his second 200-yard game of the season, and came one week after he managed 10 yards on nine carries against Oakland.

    "It was fun today, competing out there and doing it while we were trying to come back," Charles said. "It was fun going out there and putting out a performance like that."

    Charles joined the Titans' Chris Johnson and former Lions great Barry Sanders as the only players with three runs of 80 or more yards in a season. His third career 200-yard game also set a franchise record, which he had shared with Larry Johnson.

    Peyton Hillis added 101 yards on the ground for the Chiefs (2-13), who had 352 yards rushing in a losing effort ? the first time that's happened in NFL history.

    A big reason why was Quinn, who was just 10 of 22 for 162 yards with two interceptions.

    "This game was without a doubt, 100 percent on my shoulders," he said. "You can't play the way I played today and win a football game."

    His trouble began with the Chiefs' fifth offensive play, when he threw woefully behind Dexter McCluster ? who wasn't even looking for the ball. Butler picked off the pass in stride, taking it untouched to the end zone for a 7-0 lead.

    Kansas City managed a field goal by Ryan Succop, but he missed his next try and the Colts went the other direction to set up the first of Adam Vinatieri's two field goals.

    Charles fumbled in the red zone later in the second quarter, and the Colts moved into Vinatieri's range for a 36-yard field goal and a 13-3 halftime lead.

    Charles electrified a sparse crowd on the first play of the second half. He angled to the left and then found room down the sideline, cutting back toward the middle of the field and winning a foot-race with the Indianapolis defense for an 86-yard touchdown run.

    The Chiefs were in position to take the lead later in the third quarter, but Quinn was picked off by Vontae Davis in the end zone. The defense forced a three-and-out and Kansas City was driving again before settling for Succop's tying 47-yard field goal.

    The Chiefs got the ball back again late in the fourth quarter, but Quinn was stuffed on a quarterback sneak on fourth-and-inches from the Indianapolis 27.

    That turned the ball over to Luck, who completed an 11-yard pass to T.Y. Hilton to convert a third down before he and Wayne won it.

    "At times it looked a little bleak," Arians said. "Guys hung in there, made plays when they had to make them. Offensively we struggled, and then put together a drive, like we have all year."

    Notes: Chiefs WR Terrance Copper (left knee) and DT Tyson Jackson (left foot) left with injuries. ... Wayne had five catches to become the fifth player in NFL history with four 100-catch seasons. He also became the 14th player to reach 13,000 yards receiving.


    Online: and

    Associated Press


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    NASA prepares twin spacecraft for crash landing

    Ebb and Flow, two spacecraft that have been investigating the moon's gravitational field, will end their existence by smashing into the moon's north pole next week. The event is not likely to be visible from Earth, but the?Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter?may catch a glimpse. ? ?

    By Alicia Chang,?Associated Press / December 13, 2012

    This artist rendering released by NASA shows the twin spacecraft Ebb and Flow orbiting the moon. The duo is preparing for a crash landing on the moon next week.

    AP Photo/NASA


    After nearly a year circling the moon,?NASA's?Ebb and Flow will meet their demise when they crash ? on purpose ? into the lunar surface.

    Skip to next paragraph

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    '; } else if (google_ads.length > 1) { ad_unit += ''; } } document.getElementById("ad_unit").innerHTML += ad_unit; google_adnum += google_ads.length; return; } var google_adnum = 0; google_ad_client = "pub-6743622525202572"; google_ad_output = 'js'; google_max_num_ads = '1'; google_feedback = "on"; google_ad_type = "text"; google_adtest = "on"; google_image_size = '230x105'; google_skip = '0'; // -->

    Just don't expect to see celestial fireworks. Next week's impact near the moon's north pole by the washing machine-sized spacecraft won't carve a gaping crater or kick up a lot of debris. And it'll be dark when it happens.

    "We are not expecting a big flash or a big explosion" that will be visible from Earth, said mission chief scientist Maria Zuber of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

    Still, it'll mark a violent end to a successful mission that has produced the most high-resolution gravity maps of Earth's closest neighbor. On Friday, engineers will turn off the science instruments in preparation for Monday's finale.

    Previous unmanned trips to the moon have studied its lumpy gravitational field, but Ebb and Flow are the first ones dedicated to this goal. Since entering orbit over New Year's weekend, the formation-flying spacecraft have peered past the craggy surface into the interior.

    Initially, the spacecraft flew about 35 miles (56 kilometers) above the surface and later dropped down to 14 miles (22 kilometers). About an hour before Monday's impact, they will fire their engines until they run out of fuel and slam at 3,800 mph (6,115 kph) into a predetermined target ? a mountain near the north pole that's far away from the Apollo landing sites.

    Ebb will hit first followed by Flow 20 seconds later. Though the drama won't be visible from Earth, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter will fly over the crash site afterward and attempt to spot them.

    The last time?NASA?aimed at the moon was in 2009. The world watched through telescopes and over the Internet as a spacecraft and its booster rocket smashed into a permanently shadowed crater ? a one-two punch that fizzled when spectators saw little more than a fuzzy white flash.

    The mission's end will also mark the close of a student campaign that used cameras aboard the spacecraft to image lunar targets including on the moon's far side. The MoonKAM project was spearheaded by a science education company founded by Sally Ride, the first American woman in space. Ride died of pancreatic cancer in July at age 61.

    Even after Ebb and Flow complete their mission, scientists will continue to pore over the bounty of data they collected.

    Among their findings so far: The moon is more beat up than previously imagined. The crust is much thinner than thought. And there's no evidence that Earth once had two moons that collided to form the one we see in the night sky.

    Follow Alicia Chang at


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    Sunday, December 23, 2012

    Rock Stars, Dying Early To Be Famous | Psych Central News

    By Janice Wood Associate News Editor
    Reviewed by John M. Grohol, Psy.D. on December 23, 2012

    Rock Stars, Dying Early To Be Famous  Successful solo rock and pop stars are twice as likely to die early as those in a band, according to new research.

    The researchers also found that rock stars who died from drug or alcohol misuse were more likely to have had a difficult or abusive childhood.

    For the study, the researchers included 1,489 North American and European rock and pop stars over a 50-year period between 1956 (Elvis Presley) and 2006 (Regina Spektor, The Arctic Monkeys, and Snow Patrol).

    Their successes were determined from international polls and top 40 chart hits, while details of their personal lives and childhoods were drawn from a range of music and official websites, published biographies, and anthologies, the researchers explain.

    During the 50-year period, 137 (9.2 percent) famous rock stars died. The average age of death was 45 for North American stars and 39 for those from Europe.

    The gap in life expectancy between rock and pop stars and the general population widened consistently until 25 years after fame had been achieved, after which death rates began to approach those of the general population ? but only for European stars.

    Solo performers were around twice as likely to die early as those in a band, whether they were European (9.8 percent solo vs 5.4 percent in a band) or North American (22.8 percent vs 10.2 percent).

    The researchers speculate that the peer support offered by bandmates may be protective. In other words, the social support of friends can help alleviate the stress and loneliness of touring on the road.

    While gender and the age at which fame was reached did not influence life expectancy, ethnicity did, with those from non-white backgrounds more likely to die early, according to the study.

    The chances of survival increased among those achieving fame after 1980, researchers noted.

    Nearly half of those who died as a result of drugs, alcohol, or violence had at least one unfavorable factor in their childhoods, compared with one in four of those dying of other causes.

    Unfavorable factors included physical, sexual, or emotional abuse; living with a chronically depressed, suicidal, mentally or physically ill person; living with a substance abuser; having a close relative in prison; and coming from a broken home or one in which domestic violence occurred.

    Four out of five dead stars with more than one unfavorable childhood factor died from substance misuse or violence-related causes, according to the study.

    A career as a rock star may be attractive to those escaping an unhappy childhood, but it may also provide the resources to feed a predisposition to unhealthy or risky behaviors, say the researchers.

    ?Pop/rock stars are among the most common role models for children, and surveys suggest that growing numbers aspire to pop stardom,? they write in the study, which was published in the online journal BMJ Open.

    ?A proliferation of TV talent shows and new opportunities created by the Internet can make this dream appear more achievable than ever. It is important they [children] recognize that substance use and risk-taking may be rooted in childhood adversity rather than seeing them as symbols of success.?

    Source: BMJ-British Medical Journal


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