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Video: Pop Pilgrims 2012: James Dean?s last movie was Marfa, Texas? first Hollywood experience

The A.V. Club trekked all the way to Marfa, Texas, for Pop Pilgrims this year, and while we we?ve discussed two of the recent landmark films shot there (No Country For Old Men and There Will Be Blood), we can?t wrap up this season without talking about the film that put Marfa on Hollywood?s map: Giant.

Nearly everything about Giant has an epic sweep: its stars (James Dean, in his final film role, Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, Dennis Hopper); its multi-generational story spanning 201 minutes; its images of the wide desert vistas outside of Marfa; its take on the rise of oil in Texas and area?s deeply entrenched racism. Even the sets: The fa?ade of the Reata Ranch house?the center of Giant?was built in California and shipped on multiple train cars out to Marfa.?

That?s all it was, a fa?ade. Director George Stevens shot his exteriors outside of Marfa, but everything else was shot on a soundstage in California. Amazingly, the skeleton of Reata remains?visible from Highway 90?despite more than half a century of exposure to west Texas? unforgiving elements. ?

The only other major remnant of Giant stands not far from the Reata fa?ade: a miniature (relatively speaking?6 feet or so tall) oil well, one of the many Stevens used to trick shots of oil wells on the Reata property.?

The production took over Marfa for months in the summer of 1955, and vestiges of it remain. For one, it?s not uncommon for locals to have a grandparent or other family member who worked as an extra on the film (as is the case with Chip Love, our awesome tour guide for the No Country For Old Men episode). The Hotel Paisano, where the cast and crew stayed, has a room off the lobby with Giant memorabilia and a DVD of the film on a continuous loop. Although Dean, Taylor, and Hudson eventually moved into temporary residences in town, the Paisano renamed the rooms where they stayed after the stars, and it has kept the d?cor close to what it was when the film was in production.

The film was shot on Ryan Ranch, owned by Worth Evans. His son Clay still owns it and lives there. Clay picked up some work as an extra and palled around with James Dean during the shoot, and his parents frequently hosted Stevens, Taylor, Hudson, and other people from the film for dinner. Clay?s mother made a scrapbook of it all that still sits in a bookcase in the house. There?s the original agreement between Warner Bros. and the Evanses, candid photos from the shoot, a paystub for Clay for his work, press clippings about the movie and its stars going all the way through the ?70s, and best of all, a script with a note from Stevens on its cover:

Dear Worth,?

Here is the plan for the film that we are about to plant on a few of your many acres. I hope that when it?s all together and ready to run, you and your family will join with us at the premiere in Los Angeles or Dallas. We believe it will be a beautiful and humane picture.?


George Stevens

?Humane? describes well the message of Giant. Although the film?s iconography and reputation rest with oil?Dean?s character goes from nobody to oil tycoon?the real heart of Giant is its strident stance against racism. In this case, it?s whites against Mexicans, and Stevens makes sure nobody could possibly miss the point. (A title card saying ?RACISM BAD!? would be only slightly less subtle than the final shot of the film.)?

That?s okay; these weren?t times for subtlety. When the film finally screened in Marfa, audiences remained segregated. Stevens probably knew that racism was something that had to be chipped away; one film?no matter how long?couldn?t change that.

It changed Marfa, though?that tends to happen once Hollywood discovers something. In 1971, the renowned minimalist artist Donald Judd relocated from New York to Marfa and began a tradition that would turn a cattle town three hours south of El Paso into an unlikely artists? retreat. Even today, Marfa is an odd mixture of townies and bohemians?one gallery advertises two locations on its front window: Brooklyn and Marfa. That all began with Giant, and that?s where we?ll end the Marfa edition of Pop Pilgrims.

Source: http://www.avclub.com/articles/pop-pilgrims-giant,83063/?utm_medium=RSS&utm_campaign=feeds&utm_source=channel_film

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Brains are different in people with highly superior autobiographical memory

ScienceDaily (July 30, 2012) ? UC Irvine scientists have discovered intriguing differences in the brains and mental processes of an extraordinary group of people who can effortlessly recall every moment of their lives since about age 10.

The phenomenon of highly superior autobiographical memory -- first documented in 2006 by UCI neurobiologist James McGaugh and colleagues in a woman identified as "AJ" -- has been profiled on CBS's "60 Minutes" and in hundreds of other media outlets. But a new paper in the peer-reviewed journal Neurobiology of Learning & Memory's July issue offers the first scientific findings about nearly a dozen people with this uncanny ability.

All had variations in nine structures of their brains compared to those of control subjects, including more robust white matter linking the middle and front parts. Most of the differences were in areas known to be linked to autobiographical memory, "so we're getting a descriptive, coherent story of what's going on," said lead author Aurora LePort, a doctoral candidate at UCI's Center for the Neurobiology of Learning & Memory.

Surprisingly, the people with stellar autobiographical memory did not score higher on routine laboratory memory tests or when asked to use rote memory aids. Yet when it came to public or private events that occurred after age 10?, "they were remarkably better at recalling the details of their lives," said McGaugh, senior author on the new work.

"These are not memory experts across the board. They're 180 degrees different from the usual memory champions who can memorize pi to a large degree or other long strings of numbers," LePort noted. "It makes the project that much more interesting; it really shows we are homing in on a specific form of memory."

She said interviewing the subjects was "baffling. You give them a date, and their response is immediate. The day of the week just comes out of their minds; they don't even think about it. They can do this for so many dates, and they're 99 percent accurate. It never gets old."

The study also found statistically significant evidence of obsessive-compulsive tendencies among the group, but the authors do not yet know if or how this aids recollection. Many of the individuals have large, minutely catalogued collections of some sort, such as magazines, videos, shoes, stamps or postcards.

UCI researchers and staff have assessed more than 500 people who thought they might possess highly superior autobiographical memory and have confirmed 33 to date, including the 11 in the paper. Another 37 are strong candidates who will be further tested.

"The next step is that we want to understand the mechanisms behind the memory," LePort said. "Is it just the brain and the way its different structures are communicating? Maybe it's genetic; maybe it's molecular."

McGaugh added: "We're Sherlock Holmeses here. We're searching for clues in a very new area of research."

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The above story is reprinted from materials provided by University of California - Irvine, via EurekAlert!, a service of AAAS.

Note: Materials may be edited for content and length. For further information, please contact the source cited above.

Journal Reference:

  1. Aurora K.R. LePort, Aaron T. Mattfeld, Heather Dickinson-Anson, James H. Fallon, Craig E.L. Stark, Frithjof Kruggel, Larry Cahill, James L. McGaugh. Behavioral and neuroanatomical investigation of Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory (HSAM). Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, 2012; 98 (1): 78 DOI: 10.1016/j.nlm.2012.05.002

Note: If no author is given, the source is cited instead.

Disclaimer: This article is not intended to provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of ScienceDaily or its staff.

Source: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/07/120730170341.htm

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Bing search lets you tag Facebook friends, forces them to Google 'Bing'

Bing search lets you tag Facebook friends, forces them to Google 'Bing'

Microsoft has already made its "decision" engine get all buddy-buddy with Facebook and Twitter, but now it's taking the integration one step further. You'll now actually be able to tag your friends in searches. Why, pray tell, would you need to do such a thing? Perhaps you've got a buddy who grew up in Paris and need suggestions for where to eat while you're visiting. Or maybe you've spotted an awesome hiking trail and want others to tag along. Just enter the question in the Bing side bar then tag the appropriate people. The search will show up on your timeline and others can pitch in. Of course, you could always just ask these same people via Facebook message, text or (gasp!) in person. But why would you want to simplify matters? Check out the source for more info and the video after the break.

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Source: http://www.engadget.com/2012/07/31/bing-search-lets-you-tag-facebook-friends-forces-them-to-google/

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Pentagon chief Panetta says Syrian President Assad is hastening his own demise

TUNIS, Tunisia - Syrian President Bashar Assad's use of helicopter gunships to counter a civil uprising will prove to be "a nail in Assad's coffin," U.S. Defence Secretary Leon Panetta said Sunday at the outset of a five-day Mideast tour.

While giving no indication that the Obama administration is contemplating military intervention, Panetta said it is increasingly clear that the Syrian crisis is deepening and that Assad is hastening his own demise.

"If they continue this kind of tragic attack on their own people ... I think it ultimately will be a nail in Assad's coffin," Panetta told reporters travelling with him from Washington. "His regime is coming to an end."

Panetta said he would use his meetings in Tunisia, Egypt, Israel and Jordan to reinforce an international consensus that Assad must step down and allow a peaceful transition to a democratic form of government.

He said he also will continue consultations on efforts to ensure that Syria's stockpiles of chemical weapons do not fall into the wrong hands.

Panetta will be in Israel just days after U.S. Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, who has cast the Obama administration as too soft on Iran and insufficiently supportive of the Jewish state.

In a speech in Jerusalem Sunday, Romney said the United States has "a solemn duty and a moral imperative" to block Iran from achieving nuclear weapons capability. He steered clear of overt criticism of President Barack Obama, even though he said the threat of a nuclear-armed Iran "has only become worse" in the past five years.

Panetta declined to respond. "I'm just not going to get into that game of commenting on what candidates do," he said.

Panetta said he believes Israeli leaders still support an international campaign of economic, political and diplomatic pressure on Iran to prevent Tehran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

"My view is that they have not made any decisions with regards to" attacking Iran, he said.

While in Israel, Panetta planned to visit an air defence battery that uses technology developed in part with U.S. support to shoot down short-range rockets. Israel has suffered thousands of rocket attacks from Hezbollah militants in Lebanon and Hamas forces in the Gaza Strip in recent years.

The air defence system, called Iron Dome, has been an important success and serves to deter attacks from Iranian proxies, Panetta said.

He called Iron Dome an example of expanded U.S.-Israeli co-operation.

"We have achieved a level of defenceco-operation that is unprecedented in our history," Panetta said. "And my goal is to deepen that relationship even further."

This is Panetta's first visit to Tunis as defence secretary. The country was the launching pad for the wave of revolt that swept through the Arab world in 2011. It had been one of the most repressive governments in the region, while maintaining friendly relations with Washington.

Tunisia's uprising began in December 2010 when a fruit vendor, Mohammed Bouazizi, set himself on fire in the town of Sidi Bouzid to protest his lack of economic opportunity and the disrespect of the police.

Tunisia's new government is led by the moderate Islamist Ennahda Party, which had been banned under the previous government.

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/pentagon-chief-panetta-says-syrian-president-assad-hastening-232825119.html

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Windows 7 wallpaper - Number 7

Windows 7 wallpaper - Number 7 (click to view)

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Added: December 06, 2009

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Categories: Windows 7 Wallpapers

Description: Number 7 windows 7 widescreen wallpaper. Black background with the number 7 created by the words seven and se7en.

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Motherhood Uncensored: I'm human. And I'm super. Just not super ...

"Just eat what's in front of you!" I snapped, nearly tossing their sippy cups at them as I stomped off.?

"What did they do?" my husband asked as he fixed his coffee before leaving for work, my tone uncharacteristically short for 8am.?

"It's just me! Doing breakfast again!" I barked back.

"Makes sense," he whispered. Sarcastically.?

And I know it doesn't, to him anyway.?

We've had the "you think what I do is so easy arguments" and that's what it sounded like way back when I was depressed and lonely and dealing with a colicky newborn just over eight years ago.

Because I couldn't exactly verbalize what it was that I was feeling.

I know now that it was never a competition about who had the harder job. It's not the?exotic locales, like Madrid or Paris, or the "Ha I almost walked in on Jon Favreau in the bathroom!" texts.?

I have a babysitter for a few hours almost every day, where I cram every single thing in that I want to get done without kids around, which often times is just sitting quietly and eating alone.

But even then I'm still doing most meals. Most clean-ups. Most bedtimes and bathtimes. The picking up and putting away. Which I can do, I really can. But only for so long.?

I spent too long shaming myself for feeling this domestic claustrophobia that comes with being married to a pilot with kids in a big suburban house with family far away.

But as much as I want to believe that having four kids somehow changed me into a super human, it has not.?

And even though my husband does a lot and I have a babysitter and the cleaners come twice a month, I am not a super hero.?

I am who I was before I had kids.?The hard truth: On many days, I wish I wasn't.

Because maybe then I'd be able to make breakfast and lunch and dinner almost every day of the week without getting tired of it, or remain calm and patient after sitting in a dark room for an hour waiting for a baby to fall asleep for yet another night.?

"But I'm just me," I told my daughter one day, who thought mommies were perfect. "I'm sorry."

But no more. No fucking more.

I've been waiting for someone to hit reset for me, to give me permission or tell me or just force me for God sakes so it doesn't feel like I'm failing.?

But now I know that I just need to do it myself. Without apology. Or shame.?

I can't do it all and I don't want to.??

I'm human. And I'm super. Just not super human.?

Source: http://www.motherhooduncensored.net/motherhood_uncensored/2012/07/not-super-human.html

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Perpetual Reboot: read: The Information: A History, a Theory, a ...

The Information: A History, a Theory, a FloodThe Information: A History, a Theory, a Flood by James Gleick
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This was not what I was expecting. From the description given during our book club meeting and the bits of blurb I read, I thought this would be about the flood of information coming our way via the information superhighway. And maybe it would have some thoughts on how to deal with it.

Instead, this tells the history of Information, rather than the information superhighway (although it does include a bit about how we got the latter and what it may mean). And by history, I mean back to the days before writing. It is a very long, and often interesting, tale about the evolution of writing and human thought from the earliest days to the present.

The earlier parts of the book work better than the latter. This may be partially due to being more grounded in technology that is accessible to most people: speaking, writing, telegraph, telephone. Here the sidebars are easy to access and forgive. Later on, the subjects become deeper, more theoretical and harder to follow. I found myself wishing the author would stay more focused and help me understand it better, rather than telling more anecdotes about the scholars and scientists. Even so, I found the book to be thought provoking, although not provocative.

If you ever saw the BBC television show Connections with James Burke, this will seem familiar. If you haven't see that show, but like this book, go and find the show. You will likely find it informative and entertaining.

View all my reviews on Goodreads

Source: http://perpetualreboot.blogspot.com/2012/07/read-information-history-theory-flood-3.html

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Car Insurance Rates Can You Lower Them? | Arty Apt

Auto insurance rates are prohibitive these days. Many families genuinely struggle to spend the vehicle insurance bill each month. And vehicle insurance rates vary all the time. So if car insurance coverage cost is an concern for you, what can you do about it?

The auto insurance coverage industry is a massive business. It is also a highly competitive one particular, and auto insurance coverage rates vary over time as car insurance coverage companies compete for business. Vehicle insurance coverage rates are often extremely fluid.

It is entirely attainable to lower the cost of your auto insurance coverage rates by altering your behaviour, and you can do this by getting a much better understanding of how the rates are assessed.

Auto insurance rates are based on an assessment of threat. Whilst insurance coverage companies vary their rates to compete with other insurance organizations, they also vary their rates based on their assessment of the threat posed by a specific driver driving a distinct automobile. They do this since there is no point in acquiring business with low vehicle insurance coverage rates and then insuring high danger drivers at these rates. This is a recipe for losing funds.

So, if you lower your risk, you lower your car insurance coverage. How do you

lower your threat? Well theres a quantity of techniques that your personal driving and auto behaviour can impact your automobile insurance coverage rates.

Have an appear at the automobile you drive. Is it suitable for your current requirements? If not then would it be worthwhile to take into account a change?

Different vehicles attract distinct auto insurance coverage rates. Sports vehicles, high powered automobiles and cars at greater threat of theft attract higher rates. How lengthy have you had your auto and would it be wise to believe about an additional a single that would be more affordable to insure and much more beneficial to you?

Are you a safe driver? Do you stick to the speed limit? Are you at risk of other driving offences? Several men and women do not think about some of the consequences of speeding tickets and driving offences till immediately after they have noticed their subsequent car insurance bill.

Your threat profile is a direct result of your driving record. A clean driving record and you will be rewarded by less expensive rates. A poor driving record and you will be penalised, typically for fairly an even though.

Are you prepared to attend driver instruction courses? Several auto insurance coverage firms offer particular discounts for drivers who have attended a course. Why? Lower threat.

Are you prepared to drive much less? Could you car pool or use public transport to get to perform? Vehicle insurance coverage companies appear at the quantity of driving their clients do when assessing their vehicle insurance rates. Why? Lower threat. Much less miles driven equals much less danger. And youll save on other automobile expenses also.

So if auto insurance coverage fees are an problem for you and your family members there are factors you can do. These are just a couple of of those items, there are numerous far more. Automobile insurance rates are not set in stone.

For more information, please go to: instant cash loans

Source: http://artyapt.com/blog/car-insurance-rates-can-you-lower-them/

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Reliable Handyman Painting, Drywall, Trim, Tile, Doors, Windows, Masonry, Decks 850-867-8558

Source: emerald coast marketplace

Reliable Handyman Painting, Drywall, Trim, Tile, Doors, Windows, Masonry, Decks 850-867-8558

Source: http://emeraldcoastmarketplace.kaango.com/ad-reliable-handyman-painting-drywall-trim-tile-doors-windows-masonry-decks-850-867-8558/20926761

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Wife of Trayvon Martin's killer pleads not guilty to perjury

MIAMI (Reuters) - The wife of George Zimmerman pleaded not guilty on Friday to a perjury charge after Florida prosecutors alleged she lied about their family's finances during a bond hearing in the case of her husband's shooting of black teenager Trayvon Martin.

A lawyer for Shellie Zimmerman filed the written plea and waved her right to appear in court at an arraignment hearing scheduled for Tuesday, said Michelle Kennedy, a court spokeswoman.

Shellie Zimmerman was arrested on June 12 and released the same day on $1,000 bond.

George Zimmerman, a former neighborhood watchman, has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder in Martin's shooting.

A judge revoked his $150,000 bond last month and ordered him to return to jail after prosecutors said the Zimmermans misled the court about their financial status.

The judge ruled at the time the Zimmermans failed to disclose more than $135,000 that donors had contributed to a website set up to help pay for George Zimmerman's legal defense.

George Zimmerman has since been released on a new $1 million bond.

During an April bond hearing, Shellie Zimmerman testified the Zimmermans had no money and that she did not know much had been raised through the website.

But several phone calls recorded while George Zimmerman was in jail showed them using coded language to discuss the money and discussing plans to move it to an account belonging to his sister.

His lawyers have acknowledged that Zimmerman hurt his credibility by claiming not to have any money and misleading the court.

On Friday, Zimmerman's lawyer, Mark O'Mara, confirmed his parents have launched a new fundraising website at http://robertandgladys.com to help with their living expenses.


With an American flag as a backdrop, the website says its purpose is to give the public an honest description of Zimmerman, explain what the family's life has been like since the February 26 shooting and to ask for donations.

In the site's first lengthy post, Robert Zimmerman said his son has been "savagely portrayed in the media."

The family has been forced to move several times to escape constant media calls and visits and because they have received numerous death threats, he said.

One note left on the front door of their central Florida home threatened "to kill anyone with George's DNA," he added.

Robert Zimmerman said he, his wife and mother-in-law had previously refused to accept donations but that now, "we fully realize that the peaceful, secure life we once knew is now just a memory," adding that the family needed help to cover "greatly increased living expenses."

He described his son as a good neighbor and good citizen who donated blood, mentored two African-American children and worked in a men's homeless shelter.

"George has always been, and continues to be, a truly caring, loving and selfless individual," he said.

Zimmerman, 28, shot and killed Martin, 17, during a fight in a gated community in Sanford, Florida, where Martin was visiting his father.

Martin was unarmed and walking back from a store when Zimmerman called a 911 dispatcher and said the teen looked suspicious.

Zimmerman said he shot Martin in self defense after Martin attacked him and repeatedly slammed his head to the ground.

(Reporting by Kevin Gray and Jane Sutton; Editing by Philip Barbara)

Source: http://news.yahoo.com/wife-trayvon-martins-killer-pleads-not-guilty-perjury-002120293.html

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Greinke gone

UPDATE: Morosi confirms that it?s Greinke for Segura, Hellweg and Pena.

By the way, Segura, Hellweg and Pena were ranked as Angels? second, fourth and ninth best prospects by Baseball America coming into the season.

7:38 PM Nothing official yet, but Bill Plunkett of the Orange County Register writes that prospect right-handers Ariel Pena and Johnny Hellweg are most likely being sent to Milwaukee along with Jean Segura. If so, that?s a pretty nice haul for a two-month rental who can?t be offered arbitration.

7:24 PM ET: Things just got very interesting in the American League West.

According to Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi of FOXSports.com, the Angels have acquired right-hander Zack Greinke from the Brewers.

The Brewers are getting prospect shortstop Jean Segura and two Double-A pitchers in return. Rosenthal writes that the deal is done, but the ?finishing touches? are still being applied.

Greinke, an impending free agent, wraps up his tenure with the Brewers with a 3.67 ERA in 49 starts over two seasons. The Brewers recently offered him a contract extension, reportedly in the range of five years and $100 million, but the two sides weren?t able to make progress on an agreement.

With Greinke, Jered Weaver and C.J. Wilson as their big three, it?s safe to say the Angels could go toe-to-toe with anyone if they make the playoffs. They could be even more dangerous if Dan Haren and Ervin Santana get back on track.

The AL West-leading Rangers might have had a bigger need for the starter than the Angels did, so it will be interesting to see whether they intensify their efforts to land Josh Johnson from the Marlins or possibly James Shields from the Rays.

Source: http://hardballtalk.nbcsports.com/2012/07/27/angels-acquire-zack-greinke-from-the-brewers/related/

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Quit smoking - Benefits | Revista Women's Health

If you?ve tried to quit many times and not been successful, do not give up. This information portal will introduce the most effective methods exist to quit smoking you can definitely remove nicotine from your life.

It must make clear several aspects, one is that there is no person in the world that can not quit, and two that few found it easy to quit. If you ask how they did some ex-smokers to quit smoking, the answer given is: I decided to leave and threw the cigarettes, and I decided that was it.

However, it is easy for everyone, indeed, for most smokers to quit is an extremely difficult process. The good news is that despite all, can be done. Although?quit smoking is hard and uncomfortable test, you can succeed.

An important premise for quitting is that the more realistic your expectations are, and more information you have about the variety of treatments, the greater your chance of success to defeat the snuff.

The conclusions and recommendations of the Medical College of London (1962) and the advisory committee of the Secretary of Public Health United States (1964), demonstrating the harmful effects of snuff to health, caused a tremendous global upheaval and then was born the concept of smoking, ie disorders or diseases caused or aggravated by smoking, whether it will be important to make the effort to quit smoking.

More recently, in the third world conference on smoking and health (1975). It was noted that: the snuff should be viewed as a substance capable of inducing habituation and that smoking cigarettes regularly be construed as a drug dependence.

Therefore, from the medical point of view, more attention should be paid to smokers and helping them master this dependence, particularly those with certain medical conditions (heart attack, coronopat?a disease, chronic bronchitis, asthma, emphysema, obliterative arteritis, ulcer gastro duodenal, etc..) and pregnant women who smoke and who are also adversely affected by this condition definitely help to quit smoking.

Surveys have shown repeatedly, in several countries, a large proportion of smokers (50% in Uruguay), want to quit, but that a significant percentage of them is unable to do it himself, although some can achieve, if they receive adequate care, services organized to stop smoking.

Learn the benefits of quit smoking

To quit smoking, find out about the many advantages: long life, prevent illness and hospitalization, prevents cardiac and respiratory disability, reduce sick days in bed, removes multiple disorders, reduces labor days of inactivity, a savings of money and is a good example for others.

The smoking not only harms himself, but indirectly it does to his family. The harm by their bad example, with their illnesses, reducing labor and premature physical disappearance.

quit smoking, besides being good for their health is good business. Indeed, it has been found through various surveys, the frequency of lung cancer and overall mortality decline among smokers who have struggled to quit smoking and have to quit, and so much more, the more years makes quit smoking.

This was demonstrated, among others, the work of ec Hammond in the united states and r. Doll and J.A. Bradford Hill. The United Kingdom.

Similar observations have been made in relation to other conditions. By quit smoking, smokers immediately improve chronic cough, expectoration, fatigue, bad breath and lack of taste. Also, remove the possibility of a prolonged disability due to respiratory failure or cardiac disease or premature death for that and other reasons.

In any comprehensive program to control smoking cessation should be given to the operation of services which will help smokers to quit or reduce cigarette consumption. It is done through them important educational work and alert smokers to the general population.

In these, among other things, can appreciate the reasons why smokers began the habit and why now want to quit smoking and also study and apply the best methods to quit smoking and achieve those objectives .

Source: http://revistawomenshealth.com/diseases/lung/quit-smoking-benefits.html?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=quit-smoking-benefits

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Global VoIP Service Market 2011-2015 : RSS Feed Directory

July 26, 2012 by admin ? ?

TechNavio?s analysts forecast the Global VoIP Services market in the Telecommunication industry to grow at a CAGR of 7.1 percent over the period 2011-2015. One of the key factors contributing to this market growth is low cost of communication services. The Global VoIP Services market in the Telecommunication industry has also been witnessing the increasing use of session initiation protocol for VoIP services. However, perceived deployment and usability complexity could pose a challenge to the growth of this market. TechNavio?s report, the Global VoIP Services Market 2011-2015, has been prepared based on an in-depth analysis of the market with inputs from industry experts. The report covers the Americas, and the EMEA and APAC regions; it also covers the Global VoIP Services market industry landscape and its growth prospects in the coming years. The report also includes a discussion of the key vendors operating in this market.Key vendors dominating this market space include Comcast Corp., France Telecom SA., and Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. Other vendors mentioned in the report: AT and T Inc., BT Group plc., Fringland Ltd., Jajah Inc., Nimbuzz BV., Skype Inc., Truphone Ltd., Verizon Communications Inc., Vonage Holdings Corp., and Vyke Communications plc.Key questions answered in this report:

What will the market size be in 2015 and at what rate will it grow?
What key trends is this market subject to?
What is driving this market?
What are the challenges to market growth?
Who are the key vendors in this market space?
What are the opportunities and threats faced by each of these key vendors?
What are the strengths and weaknesses of each of these key vendors?
You can request one free hour of analyst time when you purchase this report. Details provided within the report.

Original Post Global VoIP Service Market 2011-2015 source Researchmoz Market Research
Telecommunications and Wireless Reports

Source: http://www.rssfeeddirectory.co.uk/2012/global-voip-service-market-2011-2015/

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Video: Santelli on Deregulating Banking

Sorry, Readability was unable to parse this page for content.

Source: http://video.msnbc.msn.com/cnbc/48338086/

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Behold, Early iPhone and iPad Prototypes

iproto13The iPhone's design is iconic but the final version looked rather different from early designs. With sleek but simple lines, the iPhone set the bar for smartphone design. This bar was set so high that most agree that the iPhone undeniably influenced other phones -- a thought that Samsung is currently fighting against. However, as revealed by court documents, the iPhone we all know finally hit the market after several generations of wild concepts.

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/Techcrunch/~3/-aANggn_y3M/

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

A324453 - Kerawa.com

Pension fund administrator firm jobs
A? Pension Fund Administrator Company based in Nigeria. To sustain and enhance our strategic position, exceptional opportunities exist for ambitious and result driven individuals to join our team of dedicated workforce in the following positions:
1. Recent Jobs? for RISK MANAGEMENT ANALYST ? PRM001
Grade Alignment: Senior Officer
Bachelors Degree or its equivalent, Professional Degree, Masters Degree in any related field.
At least 5 years in the Risk management division of a Bank or financial institution in Nigeria
Thorough knowledge of Risk Management concepts, policies, procedures and practices
Good networking in the banking or pension industries particularly related to risk management.
To identify and quantify the organizations exposures to accidental loss. To adopt proper financial protection measures through risk transfer (to outside parties), risk avoidance & risk retention programs.
To develop and update a complete system for recording, monitoring, and communicating the organizations Risk Management program components and costs to the executive staff and others as necessary.
To establish Risk Management policies and procedures
Primary champion of risk management at strategic and operational level
Building a risk awareness culture within the organization
Establishing internal risk policy and structures for busipess units Designing and reviewing processes for risk management
Coordinating the various functional activities which advise on risk management issues within the organization
Developing risk response processes including contingency and business continuity programmes
Preparing reports on risk for the Board and the stakeholders
The successful candidate will report to Senior Management and is expected to play the leading roles in defining risks, apply the controls, and recommend policies on risk management to ensure the business operates within the risk tolerance levels set by the Board of Directors.
Grade Alignment: Assistant Manager
The successful candidate is expected to be part of the team responsible for building
and maintaining web and Desktop data driven applications.
First degree in Computer, Mathematics, Physics or any relevant discipline
Certifications in Database Management, Networking and net programming
Should be very innovative
Minimum of 6 years working experience
Database management (MS SQL Server)
Management of Active Directory
Install ani Manage Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and 2008
Configuration of DNS
Manage and troubleshoot routers and switches
Implementation of security policies on ASA firewall
Exchange Server Management
Implementation of Data Backup Solution
Assist in maintaining program libraries, users? manuals, or technical documentation.
Design new systems or enhancements to existing systems.
3. Recent Jobs? for CUSTOMER SERVICE ? PCSOO4
Grade Alignment: Senior Officer
The candidate must be between 28 35 years old,
Must be a graduate of a renowned University with a minimum Qualifications of 2:2 in any social science course.
5 years post NYSC experience in related field is compulsory.
A Master?s degree from a local or foreign university will be a bonus.
Management of the Client feedback process
Resolution of all customer related queries
Develop different educational materials and write up?s weekly to send to customers
Supervision of all inbound and outbound calls received in the department.
Attend to Clients via the Live Chat platform
Manage the company Facebook page and resolve all queries logged on the page.
Provide weekly activity reports on all customer service activities
Grade Alignment: Senior Officer
The candidate must be between 28 ? 35 years old,
Must be a graduate of a renowned University with a minimum Qualifications of 2:2 in any social science course.
5 years post NYSC experience in a Human Resource role is compulsory.
A Masters degree from a local or foreign university will be a bonus.
Coordinate staff recrutrnent and selection process in order to ensure a timely organized and comprehensive procedure is used to hire staff.
Identify training and development opportunities
Provide assistance when conducting staff performance evaluations Organize staff training sessions, workshops and activities
Provide assistance in developing human resource plans Monitor staff performance and attendance activities.
Provide information and assistance to staff, supervisors and Company on human resource and work related issues.
Provide advice and assistance to staff and management on pay and benefits systems
5. Recent Jobs? for SALES AND MARKETING ? PSMOO11
Grade Alignment: Senior Officer
The candidate must b&between 28 ? 35 years old
Must be a graduate of a renowned University with a minimum Qualifications of 2:2 in any social science course.
5 years post NYSC experience in related field is compulsory.
Experience within the Financial Services industry with proven track record of significantly exceeding targets and expectations
A Masters degree from a local or foreign university will be a bonus.
Business Development
Preparation and coordination of action plans for effective search of sales
leads, prospects and new market.
Preparation and submission of proposals and presentations to prospective
Registration of new clients under the Pension Reform Act 2004
Management of Existing Clients with the view of retaining clientele base
Meet all Sales Target
Adherence to all company policies, procedures and business ethics codes
and ensures that they are communicated and implemented within sales team.
6. Recent Jobs? for GRADUATE TRAINEES
Graduates between the ages of 23 ? 30 needed in Lagos, Abuja, PH, Enugu, Imo and Ibadan for the following positions:
CUSTOMER SERVICE/BENEFITS PAYMENTS ? PM006 (Lagos, Abuja. PH, Enugu, Imo, Kano and Ibadan)
MARKETING -? PM007 (Lagos, Abuja. PH, Enugu, Imo, Kano and Ibadan)
OPERATIONS -? PO008 (Lagos)
Must be a graduate of a renowned University with a minimum Qualifications of
2:2 in any social science course.
2 years post NYSC experience in related field is compulsory.
A Master?s degree from a local or foreign university will be a bonus.
Method of application for the?? Jobs opportunity
All interested applicants should send their CV?s to recruitrement042012@gmail.com within 2 weeks and indicate ??? codes on ??? subject field

Source: http://www.kerawa.com/en/post/324453_graduate_trainees_markters_hr_cso_program_administrator_and_risk_management_analyst_current_job.html

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Intense Competition among Scientists Has Gotten out of Hand

Image: Carl Wiens

When Isaac Newton developed calculus and his theory of gravity, he reaped a reward far greater than stock options in a start-up or a big year-end bonus. He got credit for his work and recognition among his peers?and eventually the wider world. Since Newton, science has changed a great deal, but this basic fact has not. Credit for work done is still the currency of science.

How should credit for scientific work be assigned? The question has tremendous implications for how science is done and what society gets from its investment. Since the earliest days of science, bragging rights to a discovery have gone to the person who first reports it. This ?priority rule? has led to some colorful disputes?Newton famously got into a tussle with Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, who wanted credit for inventing calculus?but by and large, the rule has worked well. In recent years, however, intense competition among scientists has led to difficulties, and we have begun to wonder if there isn't a better way.

At its best, the priority rule fosters healthy competition, which can be a strong motivator for scientists to innovate and rapidly solve problems. Economists view scientific knowledge as a public good, which means that competitors are free to make use of that knowledge once it is publicized. The priority rule provides a potent incentive for scientists to share their knowledge. Some think that the priority rule also helps to ensure that society gets the optimal return from its investment in science because rewards go to those scientists who benefit society the most.

The winner-take-all aspect of the priority rule has its drawbacks, however. It can encourage secrecy, sloppy practices, dishonesty and an excessive emphasis on surrogate measures of scientific quality, such as publication in high-impact journals. The editors of the journal Nature have recently exhorted scientists to take greater care in their work, citing poor reproducibility of published findings, errors in figures, improper controls, incomplete descriptions of methods and unsuitable statistical analyses as evidence of increasing sloppiness. (Scientific American is part of Nature Publishing Group.)

As competition over reduced funding has increased markedly, these disadvantages of the priority rule may have begun to outweigh its benefits. Success rates for scientists applying for National Institutes of Health funding have recently reached an all-time low. As a result, we have seen a steep rise in unhealthy competition among scientists, accompanied by a dramatic proliferation in the number of scientific publications retracted because of fraud or error. Recent scandals in science are reminiscent of the doping problems in sports, in which disproportionately rich rewards going to winners has fostered cheating.

The importance of teamwork in science has never been greater. Studies of publications over the past 50 years show that teams increasingly dominate science and are contributing the highest-impact research. Collaborators, consortia and networks are essential for tackling interdisciplinary problems and massive undertakings, such as the Human Genome Project. The priority rule may be undermining this process.

The appropriateness of the priority rule for science has never been seriously questioned. Is it best suited to the modern scientific age, in which scientists operate in large teams that put a premium on cooperation? An alternative system that celebrates team effort toward solving problems may work better. Industry, which favors collective goals over individual achievement, and the NIH Intramural Research Program, which encourages risk taking and collaborative partnerships with industry and academia, provide contrasting but instructional examples. Perhaps scientists would gladly trade the benefits of the priority rule (individual reward) for a system that offers greater stability of support and collegiality, freer sharing of information, more fairness, and improved scientific rigor and cooperation. This would be a discovery of enormous benefit to the scientific enterprise and the society it serves.

Source: http://rss.sciam.com/click.phdo?i=edf6756781312144e0751176804eb6c9

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Video: To Break Up the Banks, Or Not?

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What are the various types of roofs? Th - Is roof moss removal ...

by Tom George Derringer
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What are the various types of roofs? Th More Details about What are the various types of roofs? Th here.

What are the various types of roofs? There are many different types of roofing structures. Some roofing structures are better at repelling moss and others are prone to getting moss on them. Some of the many different types of roofs are gable roofs which are traditional roofing shapes with two main slopes that then that meet at the top, cross gabled roofs which often have another section that branches off, mansard roofs which are shaped like a box at the top and have edges that come off the sides, hip roofs which are four sided with two main sides and two end sides, pyramid roofs which are shaped like a pyramid structure, cross hipped roofs which are similar to a hip roof but it has another section that branches off, salt box roofs which are long on one side and very short on another, gambrel roofs which are oval-shaped on top, flat roofs which are completely flat, bonnet roofs which have four sides and pegs that extend down on all four corners and last but not least, shed roofs which are completely flat but angled. All of these different roof structures are shaped differently and some are more prone to developing moss than others. Moss can grow on any type of roof.

Just like the different structures of roofs, there are also many different types of roofing materials. Asphalt shingles are the most common type of roof in the United States. Asphalt shingles are very commonly known to develop moss and you will definitely want to look into moss removal services for your roof if you have noticed an excess amount of moss on the top of your roof. Metal roofs are another commonly found type of roof in the United States. However, these roofs traditionally do not attract moss as much as an asphalt shingle roof would. Since moss is not commonly found on metal roofs, the removal process is actually quite simple. Metal usually retracts the growth of things like moss so removing it is just a matter of scraping it off the top. Moss should be easily removed from a metal roof and this should not cause you much trouble. Some other types of roofing that are more commonly known to attract the growth of moss are wood shingles, clay and concrete and slate. If you were to develop moss on any of these roofing materials, you should consult with a roofing specialist right away. When moss develops on these type of materials, it can decay the roof and cause serious damage.

What are the various types of moss? There are many different types of moss that can grow on a roof. Some of the most common types of moss are star moss or atrichum angustatum, spoon moss or bryoandersonia illecebra, tree moss or climacium americnum and fern or log moss or ctenidium molluscum. Some of these different moss types are more commonly found on roofs than others. For instance, Fern and Log moss is commonly known to grow on roofs with asphalt shingles.

What can moss do to a roof? Moss can cause serious damage to a roof and that is why it needs to be dealt with immediately. Over time, moss will decay the materials that your roof is constructed from and it will cause them to be an efficient and breakdown. If you handle your moss problem quickly, this could be avoided and you could salvage the hard earned money that you spent on your roof in the first place. Why it is best to hire a professional roof moss removal company to do the job! It is very important that you take the moss on your roof seriously. If you were to neglect the moss, it could grow uncontrollably and cover your entire roof. This would cause serious damage to the roof and it would undoubtedly result in decayed materials. By consulting with a professional, you can handle the moss on your roof quickly and affordably and live comfortably.

All Surface Cleaning Company are the experts in gutter cleaning, roof maintenance roof care, roof moss removal. Located in Portland Oregon they can help with all of your roof moss removal Portland needs. Call for roof cleaning Portland services at 503-590-9274.

All Surface Cleaning Company are the experts in gutter cleaning, roof maintenance roof care, roof moss removal. Located in Portland Oregon they can help with all of your roof moss removal Portland needs. Call for roof cleaning Portland services at 503-590-9274.

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Tom George Derringer

More Details about What are the various types of roofs? Th here.

What are the various types of roofs? Th

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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Surviving Eldercare Kindle Special | Ellen Besso Coaching

We are pleased to announce that Surviving Eldercare: Where Their Needs End and Yours Begin is now available on Amazon Kindle

For this week only, you can purchase the book for only 99 cents. If you find it helpful, please let others know about it by writing a review and telling friends and family.

Below is an excerpt from Surviving Eldercare. You can also watch the video on? Amazon?s Ellen Besso Page (bottom right side of the page)


Who Are You?

Women are caregivers
? Do you worry your parent might be lonely or unsafe when you?re not with them?
? Do you feel there must be more that you could be doing?
? Are you tired, stressed, resentful, guilty or physically unwell?
? Do you get frustrated and angry with other family members?
? Do you feel sad, powerless or fearful about your parent?s declining condition?

If any of the above issues resonate with you, you have joined the growing ranks of midlife caregivers. The MidLife Caregiver could be any woman? she?s the next door neighbor, the person in the next office, the woman in the grocery store, or maybe she?s us. We often don?t know the stories of other women?s lives until we stop and talk with them, then we find we share many similarities. I am a life coach, a counselor and a mother and I am one of you. My brother Johnny and I have been responsible for our mother?s well-being for the past ten years, ever since she asked us for help and opted to move to our community from Vancouver Island. During the first five years Johnny?s role was that of self-appointed case manager, looking after many details of our mother?s life, including hiring and supervising in-home care. His stress level increased over time as mom?s Alzheimer?s worsened, she became less safe and her needs more urgent. Sometimes there were phone calls to him late in the night.

Being a caregiver to my parent, who is frail physically and has severe dementia, is a much bigger responsibility than I expected it would be. For the past five years I?ve been the ?point woman? who oversees mom?s care. I?ve provided hands-on care including personal hygiene, taken mom on weekly outings and to appointments, hosted occasional overnight visits, bought all her clothes and toiletries and paid her bills. Additionally, I?ve given her consistent emotional support and connection to a world that slowly, year by year, slips from her grasp.

Most adult women are already caregivers of some kind or other ? for kids, family, friends or coworkers. Some of us have professional careers in caregiving also (such as nurses, care aides, counselors, teachers, doctors). Although gender roles are somewhat more flexible now, when it comes to caregiving our roles and responsibilities as women are very often still assumed. We don?t feel we have much choice.

By midlife many of us are confronted with an additional caregiving responsibility ? one that we may not have anticipated or given a lot of? thought to previously. Only thirty-five to forty percent of women interviewed had considered and discussed the possibility of being a caregiver to their parent, according to a Journal of Women & Aging study done by Laditka & Pappas-Rogich.

The challenge of aging parents coincides with perimenopause, menopause and the beginning of new projects and transitions. We may still have adolescent or young adult children at home, or we?re grandparents by now. The ?sandwich generation? label that describes women squished between younger and older family members fits many of us.

The US Department of Health Womens? Services reports that female caregivers make up seventy-three percent of all caregivers. Our average age is around forty-six (I was forty-nine when I began caregiving for my mom). Caregiving seems to be ?women?s work? in a way that housework was in previous generations.

Men are socialized to assume fewer caring responsiblities throughout their life than women. Additionally some research suggests that males have a different view of caregiving than women in a couple of ways. The male approach emphasizes delegating responsibility and also recognizes that there are limitations to what one can accomplish. It seems a healthy philosophy to me, and perhaps women could benefit from these ideas.


Unpaid caregiving can take many forms
A daughter who shops for her aging parent, one who lives in another province or state and hires a private local care manager, a son who manages his parent?s finances, a daughter-in-law who visits her parent in their care home and takes her on outings, or an adult child who lives with their parent all constitute caregivers. Long distance caregiving, sometimes called ?the geographic crunch? or ?suitcase caregiving?, is a worrisome job, and it is becoming more common as baby boomers and their parents age and live farther apart.

For two periods of time during the past ten years I?ve lived a forty-minute ferry ride plus a short drive from my mother. We were on opposite sides of the inlet between North Vancouver and the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, waiting for a bed to become available for her in a care home during each of these periods. It took the better part of a day to visit her and take her on an outing.

As she deteriorated, I felt badly about leaving her at the door of her apartment, and later saying goodbye to her at her care home, although to a lesser extent. Even though my mother had others nearby, I was unsettled and worried about what might happen when I wasn?t there, and about not being able to get to her if she had an accident or heart attack in the night when the ferries weren?t running.


Purchase Surviving Eldercare: Where Their Needs End and Yours Begin for only 99 cents this week only


Source: http://ellenbesso.com/midlife-women/surviving-eldercare-kindle-special

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Forums and Message Boards - Social Media Camp McAllen

Revisiting the Older Forms of Social Media: Forums and Message Boards

By SEO Inc + July 23rd, 2012

Before there was Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Quora, blogs, and del.icio.us, there was the message boards or online forums. Forums were one of the earliest forms of social media where people created an account and joined the discussion on just about anything. And by anything, we mean everything?from raising dogs to gardening to home improvement and [...]

Revisiting the Older Forms of Social Media: Forums and Message Boards is a post from: DreamGrow Social Media

ID 100882871 300x186 Revisiting the Older Forms of Social Media: Forums and Message BoardsBefore there was Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Quora, blogs, and del.icio.us, there was the message boards or online forums. Forums were one of the earliest forms of social media where people created an account and joined the discussion on just about anything. And by anything, we mean everything?from raising dogs to gardening to home improvement and yes, even things such as My Little Pony and LARPing.

Depending on the forum involved, the numbers could be as high as thousands of conversations per day. Some forums have thousands of users interacting with one another.

For businesses, forums and message boards were more or less the pioneer way to engage customers.

Forums worked for businesses because:

  1. It allows you to have conversations with customers in an informal manner.
  2. It gives your customers a venue to air questions and complaints. It also gives you and other users a chance to address the concerns raised in the forums.
  3. If used right, your forum posts could also paint you as an expert on the subject.
  4. It has some search engine optimization benefits as it provides an endless source of links, both incoming and outgoing, for your website. What?s more, any activity on a forum could help you keep your content fresh and new.
  5. It could be used for a dozen of content-related things including:
  • mini-blog
  • FAQ
  • Customer profiles
  • Update and announcement board
  • Event information and registrations

But basically, business-related forums provided a great place for business owners to get to know, talk to and engage their customers. This is why with the advent of Facebook and Twitter, message boards and forums somehow lost steam. For one, people took their conversations, rants and raves to social media where they are connected with people who matter, rather than strangers who become newfound friends.

Social networks are also less prone to censorship and have less rules to observe. In short, the customers lost interest in signing up for different forums and just focused their attention on social networking.

But are forums dead? Has it gone the way of MySpace and Friendster and other social media platforms that peaked and then disappeared forever?

No. This is because of three things:

1. Forums and Message Boards Have Found Their Use in Niche Markets

ID 100148171 300x166 Revisiting the Older Forms of Social Media: Forums and Message BoardsEven if you have 5,000 friends on Facebook, you will be hard-pressed to find another person with the same interest in, say, cross-stitching with the lights off. Now, if there is a forum for that, you will find that you are not unique with your interest at all and that a few hundreds scattered around the world also love cross-stitching in the dark.

While that may be an extreme example, think of how you would find people interested in your hobbies such as gardening, BB guns, off-road racing or airsoft.

2. Forums are a Great Way to Seek Answers from Experts Who are Not Vendor-specific or Tied to Any Company

Those who work in highly technical fields swear by the help they get from forums. Not only do they get answers to questions they pose, they can also get it immediately just by back reading on what has already been posted on forums.

For example, Internet marketers wanting to know more about local SEO could easily browse through the help forums hosted by Google.

3. Forums are Adapting

ID 100325881 300x169 Revisiting the Older Forms of Social Media: Forums and Message BoardsThere are now forums that bring posts to their users on mobile apps. If they do not, you can download an app called TapaTalk so that you could read forum posts on your iPhone or Android device. Forum posts, replies and whole threads are being shared on Facebook and Twitter.

How to Take Advantage of Online Forums

1. If you have a consumer product, then you would do well if you focus on the lifestyle of your current and potential customers. For example, focus on kitchen stuff, cleaning tips or gardening knowledge. Encourage your users to share their experiences and advice on how to use your products or something similar like it.

2. Look for a niche market that you serve and create conversations that would interest them. For example, if you are an SEO professional, you might want to start threads on real user experiences that got them banned from Google, or what worked for their websites from a SEO standpoint.

3. Do not market too much on message boards and online forums. You do not want to turn off your Facebook fans by always selling your products and services. You simply follow the same principle on online forums. Join the conversation and suggest alternatives for issues raised.

If you think that your product is the best solution, then suggest it. But if you think that there are comparable or better products out there, say so. This will only boost your credibility and your customers would love you for your honesty.

4. Be active in the conversation. The best thing about putting up an online forum for your business is that you get to talk about something that you are an expert on and it is a subject that you are interested in. So it does not make sense that you should skip out on the conversation, especially when your customers are participating.

5. Post FAQs, how-tos and other resources on your online forums.

6. Use online forums as an informal focused group. If you are thinking of launching a new product and want to know what features would be appreciated or if you want to make sure that your new user license agreement is acceptable, then create a thread for it.



This guest post is brought to you by SEO Inc; a Social Media Marketing Firm that understands the power of the original social media formats.? The point is to get involved wherever your target audience gravitates towards, whether it?s Facebook or old school message boards.

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Revisiting the Older Forms of Social Media: Forums and Message Boards is a post from: DreamGrow Social Media

Source: http://socialmediacampmcallen.org/2012/07/revisiting-the-older-forms-of-social-media-forums-and-message-boards/

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Peyton watch in Denver headlines preseason

Peyton Manning, front, and Eli Manning throw football during the Manning Passing Academy's Air-it-Out event at Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, La., Saturday, July 14, 2012. (AP Photo/The Times-Picayune, Brett Duke) MAGS OUT NO SALES ONLINES OUT USA TODAY OUT

Peyton Manning, front, and Eli Manning throw football during the Manning Passing Academy's Air-it-Out event at Nicholls State University in Thibodaux, La., Saturday, July 14, 2012. (AP Photo/The Times-Picayune, Brett Duke) MAGS OUT NO SALES ONLINES OUT USA TODAY OUT

FILE - This May 16, 2012 file photo shows St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher during NFL football practice at the Rams' training facility in St. Louis. Besides building a stronger roster after a year away from the NFL, new coach Jeff Fisher has been working on instilling a positive attitude and brushing aside the bad old days. (AP Photo/Jeff Roberson, File)

Peyton Manning has changed his ride, from a Colt to a Bronco.

Tebowmania has moved from the Rocky Mountains to the Meadowlands.

Randy Moss is back. So is Jeff Fisher.

Al Davis is gone.

As NFL training camps open from Mankato to Metairie, from Flagstaff to Flowery Branch, the spotlight will shine most brightly on Denver, and a certain No. 18 at quarterback.

The indestructible Manning proved very human last year, missing the entire season after neck surgery. Not only did his consecutive starts string end at 227 ? merely every game he's been a pro ? but the Colts collapsed without the four-time MVP.

Soon after, as Indianapolis was preparing to take Andrew Luck at the top of the draft to succeed Manning, the Peyton Tour of America began. Following layovers in Miami, Nashville and Phoenix, he landed with the Broncos.

But is he the same player at age 36 and coming off the first major injury of his sensational career?

That's the juiciest topic as the sweatboxes that are training camps get under way.

"We're going full speed ahead. We're being aggressive with everything we're doing," Broncos offensive coordinator Mike McCoy said. "He's fine. We have no concerns right now. We're not worrying about it. We're moving forward."

Actually, the Broncos began moving forward immediately after signing Manning to a five-year, $96 million deal in March. They sent Tim Tebow, one of the heroes of their AFC West title run and first-round playoff victory over Pittsburgh, to the Jets to make sure there was no clutter ? and no controversy ? in Denver.

If Manning is vintage Manning, there will be no questioning of that move west of New Jersey. Look for Manning to get more work than usual this summer, the most important preseason of his career.

Don't look for the same from Tebow, no matter how loudly his legion of followers protests that he should be on the field ahead of incumbent Mark Sanchez. The Jets are adamant that Tebow is a backup, an option for the wildcat, not to mention the protector on punts.

Nothing more.

That won't stop a mass of media from descending on the central New York college town of Cortland to chronicle the QB competition and controversy the Jets say doesn't and won't exist.

"I think we were the only people who never had a problem with it, it seemed like," coach Rex Ryan said. "We look at it as we're adding a good football player, which we did. Is he behind Sanchez on the depth chart? Yes. Just like every team has a guy behind their starting quarterback, but he brings so much more to the table."

Including Tebowmania, which won't subside even if Tebow messes up the many chances he ? or any backup quarterback ? gets to play in the preseason.

The quarterback carousel spun furiously in the offseason, with Manning, Matt Flynn (Seattle) and David Garrard (Miami) on the move among veterans. Luck, Robert Griffin III (Washington), Ryan Tannehill (Miami) and Brandon Weeden (Cleveland) are the rookie QBs who will get long looks in July and August, with all four in line to earn starting spots.

The quarterback situation was in flux in New Orleans before record-setting Drew Brees and the Saints agreed on a five-year, $100 million contract last week. The last thing the Saints needed was for their star passer and leader to miss time.

Then again, with all the bounties suspensions and litigation, nothing has gone easy this year in the Big Easy.

Moss could be motoring under passes from Alex Smith in San Francisco. The former game-breaking receiver who has worn out his welcome everywhere he's played. He didn't play at all in 2011. But the 49ers, desperate for help at the position, gave the 35-year-old Moss a one-year deal.

Also returning from a one-year hiatus is Fisher, whose 16-year run with the Titans included a Super Bowl loss to the Rams. Now, he's the head man in St. Louis, facing a massive rebuilding job for a team that has won a total of 12 games in the last four seasons.

"There's been a lot of changes since I've been here. This is by far the one I'm most excited about," defensive end Chris Long said. "I think we're all very excited about it. It's a new beginning for a lot of people and, in the same sense, you have to re-prove yourself."

Several teams and players have to prove that last season was no fluke ? or that it was just that.

The Lions want to validate themselves as a consistent contender, not a one-year wonder after they broke their 11-season playoff drought. Houston grabbed its first AFC South crown in 2011, then won its first playoff appearance, and now expects to go much deeper in the postseason. Cincinnati tries to build off a wild-card season in which two rookies, QB Andy Dalton and WR A.J. Green, were standouts.

Meanwhile, the Eagles long ago dropped the Dream Team persona, now hoping their collection of stars will reach the level expected and never attained last season. The Bears, on pace to make the playoffs before injuries ravaged their roster, believe good health will lead to great results this time.

Hopes are high in Buffalo after the Bills shelled out a nine-figure deal for defensive end Mario Williams in free agency. With Cam Newton coming off the most productive season for a rookie quarterback in NFL history, Carolina is thinking big. Not surprisingly, so is Green Bay, which went 15-1 behind MVP Aaron Rodgers but with little defense last year. The Packers feel they're significantly upgraded on D.

There's also uncertainty for two AFC powers: Pittsburgh, in transition with veterans Hines Ward, James Farrior and Aaron Smith gone, and Baltimore, where Defensive Player of the Year Terrell Suggs is sidelined with an Achilles tendon injury.

The most unsure situation probably is in Oakland, where for the first time in nearly a half-century, Davis no longer is running the Raiders. The organization swears the "Commitment to Excellence" remains. Without Davis' guidance and expertise, how close the Raiders get to carrying out that commitment is questionable.

Beginning this week, answers will come from across the NFL.

Associated Press

Source: http://hosted2.ap.org/APDEFAULT/347875155d53465d95cec892aeb06419/Article_2012-07-23-Back%20to%20Football/id-8d595ebfe2ae4938bff9fd6ec365c31c

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