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Can you really expect to change your feelings and behaviors, erase negative thinking and break out into a new era of achievement and happiness by using positive affirmations? Getting ?unstuck? is a strange process, having been through it a few times myself, it certainly helps to have the experience of those that have successfully turned around negative thought patterns into strong, positive thoughts.

Certainly, to experience overall personal achievement at a massive level, changing your thought patterns is crucial ? one way that works for many people is through positive affirmations.

Using a combination of introspection through meditation with positive affirmations is an extremely powerful combination to beat down negative thinking and improve your positive mental attitude.

For many people though, they have tried affirmations and they noticed no difference ? so does it work for everyone?

There are 3 critical factors to manifesting positive thoughts and positive outcomes in your life using affirmations:

1. They must be based on achieving goals and objectives that are congruent with your inner purpose and beliefs. If you develop your affirmations around objectives that deep down you don?t believe in, you will hijack achievement at some point.

2. You must be consistent about using affirmations. Don?t expect to try affirmations out for a few days and see major changes occur in your life. Positive affirmations impact your life cumulatively -the positive results will expand over time.

3. My experience has been that you need to focus on a short list of affirmations for a period of time rather than dozens. I like to focus on 5-10 affirmations for 1-month, depending on the term of my goal, then replace that affirmation with another the next month. For some goals you may want to stick with them for a year or more.

Keeping these core principles in mind, here are some other tips on crafting effective affirmations.

1) Write the affirmation out in the present perspective. The objective is to create the thought and associated feelings that your affirmation is, in fact, true right now (not in the future or in the past)

For example, ?I am so happy that I feel totally self-confident when I get up and speak in front of my public speaking class?

2) Write your affirmation so that it ?feels? emotionally desirable to you. The more ?REAL? you can make affirmation and the more they make you comfortable, happy or seem like fun, the better results you will get.

3) Your affirmations should be about having something you desire rather than avoiding something you don?t want.

For example, I don?t want to feel tired should be re-worded to read ?I am filled with the electric vibrations of inner energy and can tap into an endless supply of boundless energy?

4. Be certain with your affirmations, instead of saying ?I believe I will?? or ?I feel I am energetic?? say ?I am energetic? or ?I have ready access to an endless supply of energy?

5. Be specific and describe your feelings?for instance ?I am cashing my first $10,000 check, enjoying the warm feeling it gives me as I immediately contribute $1,000 to XYZ charity? What is critical here is that you really picture yourself receiving the $10,000 check, how do you feel when you get it? Who do you tell and what is their response? What does it feel like to decide which charity you will give your $1,000 to? How do your family and neighbors react when you tell them about the check? What about when you see the $10,000 in your bank account, how happy do you feel?

I have recently started to write a set of descriptors about the imagery and feelings that go along with each affirmation so that I can use these when I review the affirmations daily.

Here are some simple, effective affirmations (remember, don?t use these unless they are in line with your main purpose and you really want the outcome as a top priority in your life right now)

?I am having so much fun enjoying a 30-day vacation at the ocean watching my kids completely innocent and in-tune with nature?

?Right now, I am enjoying a fascinating and stimulating conversation with my wife about her next move in life?

?I am enjoying the 1-hour I get to spend with my kids today because my business allows me to be at home and financially secure to spend this fun and exciting time with my boys.?

?I am fascinated with my girlfriend on our dinner date, we are having such an incredible time with each other laughing and sharing intimate thoughts?

?I am completely confident asking my boss for a $20,000 raise knowing that I will add far more than that to the top line of my company?

?I am gratefully out for a stimulating, energy producing walk in the woods?

?I am totally self-assured, self-confident and at ease in any social situation?

The great part about affirmations is the complete transition from the most negative thought patterns to an increasing pattern of positive thoughts eventually turning into a habit of positive thinking that becomes just as automatic as your current negative thinking.

Use these techniques to develop your own list of positive affirmations, use visualization to picture yourself having achieved the goals, repeat your affirmations at least twice each day for the next 30-days and you will begin to notice an overall change in your consciousness. Suddenly the law of attraction will kick in and you will mysteriously see more abundance enter into your life. The sooner you get started, the sooner you can experience this fundamental improvement in your life.

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