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Quit smoking - Benefits | Revista Women's Health

If you?ve tried to quit many times and not been successful, do not give up. This information portal will introduce the most effective methods exist to quit smoking you can definitely remove nicotine from your life.

It must make clear several aspects, one is that there is no person in the world that can not quit, and two that few found it easy to quit. If you ask how they did some ex-smokers to quit smoking, the answer given is: I decided to leave and threw the cigarettes, and I decided that was it.

However, it is easy for everyone, indeed, for most smokers to quit is an extremely difficult process. The good news is that despite all, can be done. Although?quit smoking is hard and uncomfortable test, you can succeed.

An important premise for quitting is that the more realistic your expectations are, and more information you have about the variety of treatments, the greater your chance of success to defeat the snuff.

The conclusions and recommendations of the Medical College of London (1962) and the advisory committee of the Secretary of Public Health United States (1964), demonstrating the harmful effects of snuff to health, caused a tremendous global upheaval and then was born the concept of smoking, ie disorders or diseases caused or aggravated by smoking, whether it will be important to make the effort to quit smoking.

More recently, in the third world conference on smoking and health (1975). It was noted that: the snuff should be viewed as a substance capable of inducing habituation and that smoking cigarettes regularly be construed as a drug dependence.

Therefore, from the medical point of view, more attention should be paid to smokers and helping them master this dependence, particularly those with certain medical conditions (heart attack, coronopat?a disease, chronic bronchitis, asthma, emphysema, obliterative arteritis, ulcer gastro duodenal, etc..) and pregnant women who smoke and who are also adversely affected by this condition definitely help to quit smoking.

Surveys have shown repeatedly, in several countries, a large proportion of smokers (50% in Uruguay), want to quit, but that a significant percentage of them is unable to do it himself, although some can achieve, if they receive adequate care, services organized to stop smoking.

Learn the benefits of quit smoking

To quit smoking, find out about the many advantages: long life, prevent illness and hospitalization, prevents cardiac and respiratory disability, reduce sick days in bed, removes multiple disorders, reduces labor days of inactivity, a savings of money and is a good example for others.

The smoking not only harms himself, but indirectly it does to his family. The harm by their bad example, with their illnesses, reducing labor and premature physical disappearance.

quit smoking, besides being good for their health is good business. Indeed, it has been found through various surveys, the frequency of lung cancer and overall mortality decline among smokers who have struggled to quit smoking and have to quit, and so much more, the more years makes quit smoking.

This was demonstrated, among others, the work of ec Hammond in the united states and r. Doll and J.A. Bradford Hill. The United Kingdom.

Similar observations have been made in relation to other conditions. By quit smoking, smokers immediately improve chronic cough, expectoration, fatigue, bad breath and lack of taste. Also, remove the possibility of a prolonged disability due to respiratory failure or cardiac disease or premature death for that and other reasons.

In any comprehensive program to control smoking cessation should be given to the operation of services which will help smokers to quit or reduce cigarette consumption. It is done through them important educational work and alert smokers to the general population.

In these, among other things, can appreciate the reasons why smokers began the habit and why now want to quit smoking and also study and apply the best methods to quit smoking and achieve those objectives .


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