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RetroN 5 console gives ultimate retro gaming fix, plays SNES, NES ...

RetroN 5 console gives ultimate retro gaming fix, plays SNES, NES, GBA and Sega cartridges. games, Gaming, Retro gaming 0

25 March 2013 12:07 GMT / By Hunter Skipworth

If you fancy dusting off some old cartridges, taking Sonic for a spin, or giving Mario a run about, then the RetroN 5 could be for you.

Designed to let you play games created for five of your favourite retro games consoles, the clever box has five slots on the top, each accepting cartridges from different games. You can play SNES, NES, Game Boy Advance games, Sega and super Famicom titles.

And here's the twist: the system also includes an SD card slot for game saves and two controller ports for Bluetooth controllers. It even has a 720p capable HDMI out.

NSTC and PAL game support means you can import the rarer titles from abroad. No word on release date yet, but the RetroN 5 should appear after June, once Hong Kong-based Hyperkin is finished putting it together.

Bringing the controllers cross-platform play means they have?two bumpers, a pair of macro keys and six buttons to hit. That should keep every possible title covered nicely.

We can't wait to see what the RetroN 5 will look like with five catridges sitting inside. Switching from Sonic to Mario on the fly might also finally help answer the ultimate question: who's better - Mario or Sonic?

Via: polygon.com

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games, Gaming, Retro gaming
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