Saturday, December 31, 2011

Look Whos Going to Africa for New Years Eve

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The Akerkars, for instance, are planning on an "escape to Alibaug" where Rahul says, he and his friends will simply sit under a tree and while their time. And if that sounds incredible, Sangita Kathiwada is already in Australia, at her good friend Pavan Sukhdev's estate, in the heart of an ancient rainforest. "It's like standing still in the lap of luxurious nature," she gushed.

Sounding definitely upbeat, Queenie told us that she just got back from New York, where she had spent Christmas, and is headed to Goa in a couple of days to usher in the New Year. Meanwhile, wild horses may not be able to pull Riyhad Kundanmal away from his cosy abode in Mundhwa, where he has been cocooned for the longest time.

Beach babe Natasha Poonawala has taken off on a chartered flight to Phuket with her gaggle of merry friends, while Sidhartha Mallya is already in London. Among the legal eagles, both Zia Mody and Mahesh Jethmalani say they have no plans of getting out of the city.

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