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5Rest assured.
By bobby morrow
This is a fantastic deluxe edition featuring all the 'Break Out' you'll ever need. Both the '83 and '84 versions of the album, loads of extended mixes and single releases, it's a total blast. It's remastered perfectly. There's no compression, just fresh, natural sound.

Even the packaging is lovely. 'Break Out' comes in a six panel digipak sleeve containing a 24 page booklet with loads of great photos from the time and a comprehensive essay on the making of the album featuring interviews with Richard Perry and the surviving Pointers amongst others.

Short of including a DVD (and possibly the lyrics), I don't see how this release could be any better. It's been a long time coming but at last you can obtain the definitive edition of this long-cherished album.

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5more complete than we could have expected
By Daniel W. Kelly
Now this is how you do a deluxe edition. It's really all here. Breakout was released twice--the second time round, they replaced the song "Night line" with the newly extended remix of "I'm So Excited", a 1982 song that climbed higher on the charts as a result of its 1984 re-release. For years, "Night Line" became the forgotten Breakout track--until now. You get BOTH versions of the album as well as all the fantastic 12" mixes and even the single edits. Sure, it's a little odd that numerous songs are repeated in the same album version on both discs, but hey, as long as they don't leave anything crucial out from this album's success, I won't complain. But if I have one regret here--and it's not the fault of this release--is that the awesome 12" mix of Baby Come and Get It leaves out the totally awesome line "I think I'll take a bubble bath". WHY??? WHY??????

Track listing:

CD1: September 1984 Reissue Edition

1. Jump (For my Love)
2. Automatic / I'm So Excited
3. I Need You
4. Neutron Dance
5. Dance Electric
6. Easy Persuasion
7. Baby Come And Get It
8. Telegraph Your Love
9. Operator
10. Automatic (12" Special Remix)
11. Jump (For my Love 12" Long Version)
12. I Need You (UK 12" Special Remix)
13. I'm So Excited (12" Remix)
14. Neutron Dance (12" Remix)
15. Baby Come And Get It (12" Extended Version)

CD2: Original October 1983 Edition

1. Jump (Original Mix)
2. Automatic
3. Baby Come And Get It
4. I Need You
5. Dance Electric
6. Neutron Dance
7. Easy Persuasion
8. Nightline
9. Telegraph Your Love
10. Operator (Original Mix)
11. I Need You (Single Remix)
12. Automatic (Single Edit)
13. Jump (For My Love Single Remix)
14. I'm So Excited (Single Remix)
15. Neutron Dance (Single Edit)
16. Baby Come And Get It (Single Edit)
17. I Need You (USA 12" mix)
18. Jump (For My Love 12" Instrumental Mix)

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5Far *Exceeded* My Expectations! BBR Does It Again!
By Alex Honda
I cannot praise Big Break Records (BBR) enough for their exquisite attention to detail and the loving care that they give to their reissues (Never Can Say Goodbye [Expanded Edition], Odyssey, Special Things, Hot Together (Expanded), Contact to name a few) and BREAK OUT DELUXE EXPANDED EDITION 2 CD set from the Pointer Sisters' monster 1984 hit record is no exception.

When I first heard hints that BBR had BREAK OUT on their list of reissues, I was over-joyed. This was my favorite Pointer Sisters album when I was a pre-teen, literally piquing my interest in pop/r&b/rock music, and I have owned it on cassette, record, and CD. I thought that at most, the reissue would include the original album, plus the 12-inch singles that were previously released on The Pointer Sisters - Greatest Hits. In fact, I would've been happy with just a remastered copy and a few extra-tracks!

But Big Break Records went above and beyond what would've made us fans happy, and produced a stellar 2-CD set that features not only the 12-inch extended versions of the hit singles like "Jump (For My Love)," "Automatic," "I'm So Excited," and "Neutron Dance," among others, it also includes alternate versions of the songs, and the 1983 release of BREAK OUT, with the song "Nightline," and the 1984 re-release -- the one I had -- that replaced "Nightline" with "I'm So Excited." I didn't even know there were two different versions of the album.

For those unfamiliar with BREAK OUT or THE POINTER SISTERS, this album was a huge hit for them in the 80s and spawned 4 top ten hits in the USA and garnered them a new generation of fans like myself. Every track on the album was fantastic and the album was solid throughout. It had a dance/electro pop feel (that was very popular in the 80s), almost bordering on new wave, but it never went too far into that 80's synth sound, and it doesn't sound dated listening to it today. Each song is likable, whether a ballad (though there are only two of those) or uptempo dance tunes, and that's really in part to the remarkable talent and sound of Ruth, June, and Anita. And each sister gets to handle lead vocals throughout so there's a wonderful mix here.

The 2-CD set comes housed in fold out box with album cover art reproduced and a booklet. The booklet has an introduction by famed music producer Richard Perry who produced this album and was responsible for marrying the Pointer Sisters' halleluiah-church-like vocals with a hard rock beat on their first pairing with 1978's Energy (not that they needed any help since the Pointers were fully adept to sing almost any type of music from jazz to rock to country to Broadway show tunes to funk). And there's also extensive liner notes by the associate producer on this reissue, writer Christian John Wikane. Both were written in June 2011, and the booklet contains song credits, discography (chart) positions, and color pictures from the BREAK OUT photo shoot and the covers of the singles from various places. The lyrics aren't included, but I'm sure you can find them on the net.

Needless to say, the remastering is fabulous and breathes new life into this classic album. The bass is punchy, the treble is clear, and it sounds as though these songs were recorded yesterday. It's not just louder it's alive with sound! Even on my computer speakers the sound separation is remarkable, sounding as though I'm in the recording booth with them.

If you're a fan of the Pointer Sisters then you should definitely pick this one up. There's enough new stuff here that even if you own the older release of "Break Out" on CD this new BBR version is worth the investment.

And a special shout-out to BREAK OUT's reissue producer, Wayne A. Dickson! Without whom many of these classics would've long been forgotten (but not to us fans).


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