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Guild Wars 2

The Original Series Guild Wars from NCsoft in the world are already sold more than 6 million units. Can still enjoy a strong player base, which is eagerly looking forward to the continuation of each other. It all started in Guild Wars Prophecies, published in 2005. Since then, the counter reached expansions Factions Guild Wars, Guild Wars Nightfall Guild Wars or the latest Eye of the North.


The story takes place 250 years after the events of the last Guild Wars expansion Eye of the North. Tyria country is plagued by ancient dragons, who lead the army of undead and terrorize all free nations. The five major races inhabiting this world have been pushed back to its initial territory. We are the ones who must try to unite all nations in the fight to get the continent back.


Intensive action against players gamers-PvP. Grab a weapon in the battle of two huge worlds, or enter the arena and face off with other players here. Rich and elaborate fantasy world. From the moment when the world of Tyria alive for the first time, have passed for five years, and throughout it improved the award-winning team of experienced developers.


In the couple will no longer be such as to produce their own objects. Promised them a few other features that deliver a richer gaming options. The game requires constant internet connection.


The big change has undergone processing world and quests. While the first part of the player closed most of the time in separate instances, the other part wants to focus on large common world where players are separated only in certain appropriate cases.

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