Monday, April 9, 2012

'Types of Insurance for the Lawn Care Business | My Blog

I've had several people contact me about what insurance is needed for the garden business. Here are some answers. General Liability- for damage to somebody or their home. Government and big businesses require liability insurance of 1 million coverage terms. Health- If anything occurs to you while working, you need to make certain your health insurance will protect you if it is possible to not work. Individuals compensation- Compensates workers for work related diseases and injuries. Some states don?t require this sort of insurance. Workers compensation is not required for less than 5 employees where I stay (TN). Charge of workers compensation varies by state. Company cars are covered by Business Auto-. Charge depends on: Type Size Amount of vehicles How far it?s driven everyday What it?s haulingBusiness Owners Policy( BOP )- Package insurance which includes: 1.General Liability 2.Business Interruption Insurance- pays expenses such as equipment, office rent, fire, theft and replaces business revenue, orother loses. Price $300- $400 a year. Surety Bond -Covers the choosing companies should you default face to face. Sometimes, this might be required for professional jobs. After you become established they could waive the bond. Surety bonds commonly are not necessary for residential accounts, unless you are using pesticides or herbicides. Ask your insurance broker. Unless you have costly equipment, I'd think about not insuring the equipment, but to not guarantee equipment must be always closed by you with locks which are fast to open and close. I make use of the locks with the 3 numbers( Masterlock) or important locks, never do mix. Takes too much time to open. I'd equipment taken from my trailer before I started locking my gear down. Down the road my truck was stolen even being closed. Yard equipment is taken a lot. More than you almost certainly believe. Just how long do you think it take to drive past a truck andsteal a $500 blower? About 5 seconds. When searching for insurance you will find 2 varieties. 1.Insurance agents- Usually represent 1 organization 2.Insurance brokers- Represent numerous businesses. I like working together with agents since they are on your part and look many companies for quality and value. Because prices may vary greatly prices are got 4 5 by Always. I know very well what you may be thinking is, 'I insurance is required by don't. Desire to make your life miserable? Let your mower put a stone and struck a child. I'd rocks break many windows in my day, but I'm so fortunate it anyone was struck by didn't. Consider insurance!Best of Luck!

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