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From your business website, to your logo, from your printed brochure to your major billboard, one thing remains consistent: the colors you chose are incredibly important. Your brand colors and accent colors not only act as another medium for communication but also reflect your brand values to potential customers.

In regards to your website, colors can drastically affect the mood of your site visitors. What are the goals of your site? Do you wish to portray a sense of security, professionalism and assurance for your customers? The colors of your site should? emulate that.

Here is a quick run down of what each color typically?conveys:

- happiness
This can be used to make a website brighter, but it should not be overused because it can easily strain? a reader's eyes.

- love
- passion
Typically, businesses will use red to motivate a specific action. Red can also portray warning or caution.

- purity
White is consistently underrated in the color wheel. Having sufficient white space on your site will aid in making the right elements "pop".

- security
Black can be used similarly to white in substitute for white space.

- trust
Blue is a very popular color for businesses. However, this can mean that it becomes trite and overused.

Green is especially popular for financial-based companies as well as eco-friendly or environmentally-focused brands and non-profits.

- security
Typically, grey compliments other colors especially well for professional businesses. It blends well, and it is easy on the eyes (especially on computer screens).

- nurturing
- calm
For the most part, pink should be reserved for youthful or female-oriented brands.

- luxury
- creative
Purple is a good accent color for businesses in the higher end retail industry.

- warmth
-? pleasure
Orange is a popular color for many food and nature-related brands.

Color Scheme Tools

Now that you have a basic understanding of colors and the feelings they depict, here are some tools that will make your life easier when it comes to choosing the best colors for your brand.

1. Color Scheme Designer

2. Pictaculous

3. Adobe Kuler

Hopefully these helpful color scheme tools will get you well on your way to perfecting your website. Do you have any other free tools you especially love using when compiling color schemes for digital and print materials?

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Carla Rosemarino
Internet Marketing Analyst


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