Friday, August 17, 2012

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By Nick Hatton

Website design remains one of the most intriguing art forms of the 21st century. If you are looking to start your own website or blog, however, you do not have to be the next Da Vinci to have a web space that looks and feels like it was designed by a professional. There are three easy paths you can take to get your site looking original and beautiful. Firstly, free blogging websites such as Tumblr and WordPress offer free web space, a URL of your choosing, and a good amount of templates to customize your page. Next, free or paid content management systems like WordPress (free) of SquareSpace (paid) are powerful tools for organizing all kinds of content, from blog posts to an online store. Finally, simple coding languages you can learn include HTML and CSS which offer endless possibilities as far as what your site looks like.

Blogging has become all the rage in the last decade, and blog design has become fairly standardized during that time. However, using a website like Tumblr to host a blog has really become popular in the last five years or so. This is because the hosting site has taken care of the hard part for the user: the coding and design of the site. These sites even offer professional looking templates that can be modified with a few clicks of the mouse, with little or no knowledge of the code that makes them run. This will benefit anyone eager to market themselves on the web.

For the user who needs a more complex site design that includes more functionality, content management systems (CMS) are great alternatives to designing a website from scratch. For example, the WordPress CMS is an incredibly powerful tool that enables a user to set up a site with almost any feature one could think of with relatively little experience. not to mention the best advantage of using WordPress and CMS , its free. Creating an online business using CMS make seem like a tricky process for the novice user but it still can be done. There are many great online tutorials that can be used to help a user a guide them through any problems they may have along the way.

Finally, there are some simple coding languages that one can learn that will open the door to endless possibilities in terms of site design. HyperText Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are the instruments of choice for Web 2.0 site designers. Every designer should learn these languages and understand them as they will become an important influence in Web Design. With these two languages, a web developer can build a site from scratch or modify the templates found on a blog hosting website or CMS install. Free tutorials on how to learn each both of these language are readily available online.

The three tools discussed may take time and effort to learn but the benefits of becoming skilled in this particular area are endless. Before getting started on your page, take some time to become familiarized with each of these options. The free blogging tool Tumblr may best fit your needs better than more advanced tools like CMS. The most difficult part of Web Design has been eliminated from the equation allowing anyone with a creative mind to design on the internet..

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