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The Significance of Knowing Mountain Bike Parts | Content for Reprint

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Some people who like to ride a mountain bike should know about mountain bike parts so they can maximize the function of each part. Mountain bike can be used in mountain biking, dust trails or any other off road terrains. People like to ride the mountain bike to those terrains because they enjoy the thrill and the adventure. There is a possibility that your bike will get into trouble in the middle of your riding. To avoid the unwanted situation, it is important to know some parts of mountain bike. So, if there are any broken parts, you can repair them.

The first part from mountain bike parts is the bottom bracket. It is the adjustment of the crank which is set to the body of the bike. The function of this part is to transfer the power to the toothed chain rings. The crack lever itself is extended from the bottom of the bracket to the pedals. The other part of the chain is called chain circular. It is a set of links that transports power from the chain ring to the moving part in the wheel. Hence, the power of your bike is decided with the chain ring which is moved by the pedals.

The second parts from mountain bike parts are a brake cable and a lever. The function of those parts is to attach the lever to the mechanism and activate the brakes correspondingly. The Derailleur Mechanism is used to move the chain from one part to another part. Then, the front Shock absorbers are used as a headset mechanism that connects the front fork to the stem or the handlebars and spokes. The handlebars and the spokes are attached to the Hub Center section of the wheel. All of those parts give the same important role in a mountain bike.

The third parts from mountain bike parts are rims and tires. Those parts are located in the wheel and their function is to support the wheel. Next, there is also a seat in the bike for the riders to sit during the riding. Moreover, there are also top tubes and steering tubes that also give the same crucial role in a mountain bike. As we know, mountain bikes are made to go through off-road terrain which is known as a difficult terrain. You should be able to control your bike when you go through this type of terrain and the role of gears here is to control the bike.

The role of the gears as a mountain bike parts is to maintain the comfort pace when the riders go through any speeds or slopes. As technology progresses, the mountain bikes obtain more and more gears such as the typical layout that has three gears located in front and nine gears located in back. The fourth part is the rear derailleur which has two roles in a bike. It can be taught naturally if the largest chain is located in front and back sprocket of the bike. On the other hand, it can be slack to manage if the chain is located on the smallest sprocket in each side.

Another role of the rear derailleur as a mountain bike parts is to switch the gears by moving the bottom of the chain from side to side. It concerns with the bottom of the chain because it has less tension and if you want to have significant tension, you can force the legs pedaling forward. Then, the front derailleur is used to move the chain located between the front sprockets, especially in the top portion of the chain. It is due to the fact that the front portion deals with forward motion so it will be under tension. The role of sprockets is to hold and move the chain smoothly. Then, the shorter and wider teeth as well as the ramps and pegs in a bike are used in sprocket technology to ease the transition of the gear.

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