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I am reading a book that someone passed on to me called ?In Praise of Stay at Home Mom?s? ? Megan, if you are reading this, I know you have moved, I would be happy to mail it to you when I am done :) THANK you though. This book is a gift! I highly recommend anyone who is a stay at home mom to read this. It is by ?Dr. Laura? (Laura Schlessinger) Let me preface this by saying I do not agree with her 100%. I think some working mothers do a FABULOUS job of being both a worker and a mother. I know some families do NOT have a choice. I do think she sometimes makes it seem as if being a stay at home mom is something you HAVE to do, no matter what. Yes, I think it is WONDERFUL. It is a GIFT. I think there are MANY mothers who work, but don?t have to. I think there are many mothers who could stay at home, but they choose not to. HOWEVER, most the mommy?s I know work because they have to, but their family is still blessed. They do an amazing job of it. I am actually amazed at those moms! LOL. I don?t think I could do that! I think the point of this book is to make those moms who DO choose to stay at home realize HOW important their JOB is. YES. I said job. Being a mother is a JOB. We don?t get coffee breaks, or lunch with clients, etc. IT IS WORK! HAHA. Oh man, is it work. BUT, this book helps us moms to realize the impact we have on our children by staying home. We really ARE making a difference, even if at times we want to rip our hair out, one by one? I have fine hair, so it wouldn?t take too long, so I may have to move on to my husbands hair haha. In the introduction, there is a FABULOUS letter that a listener of Dr. Laura sent her. I want to share it with you today. I hope it encourages you stay at home moms out there. Being a stay at home mother is a full time job, and it is a job that MATTERS! SAHM?s? don?t you for one second EVER EVER question that.

?As I sit to write this letter, my hope is that if just one mother can hear what I have to say and holds her child just a little tighter today, I will have?fulfilled?my reason for writing.

By the time I was 29 our family was complete. I had three beautiful children, a loving husband, and although never money to spare, we found ways to get by. I had stopped working full-time and started part-time shortly after my first child was born because I loved being with her. Although I had my mother and mother-in-law to babysit whenever I needed, by the time my middle son was born, I knew I could not work anymore. ?Something inside of me told me that I had to spend as much time as possible?with?my?children?as I could. My husband worked extra hours, I made do?with?what we had, and we made things?work?for us. ?My husband would work at night or at home, but if there was a baseball game- he was there. I cut everyone?s hair, including my own, did my own nails, and never bought anything that was not on sale. We were happy.

There were many days where I was pulling out my hair, found myself screaming at them, and was totally exhausted by the end of the day, thinking to myself, ?Any other work would be a pleasant relief.? But there were also many moments I would never trade in for any job, no matter what the pay. Those moments when your child gives you a smile or a look you never forget, moments when they would give you a kiss, a hug, or just hold your hand for no reason. ?Those are the moments a mother treasures in her heart forever and they can never be replaced, not even by a grandmother.

I was selfish- I wanted my children to know me, and I wanted to be that special person in the lives. Although I didn?t know it then, and on certain days may have told you otherwise, my life was perfect.

Maybe life isn?t meant to be lived perfectly. Perhaps I took too many things for granted. But our life is no longer that perfect storybook tale. Two years ago, our middle son was killed in an auto accident. He was 22 years old. He was away at college when he decided to get in a car where the driver had been drinking; ten minutes later he was dead.

Our lives will never be the same again; the world as we knew it has been destroyed. We miss our son terribly. My husband, surviving 2 children, and I will never be the same, but we are trying to hold onto each other and pick up the pieces, one piece at a time.

Dr. Laura, there is only one thing I can say. I am so grateful for those moments I had with my son. ?Those moments, the good as well as the crazy ones, I will forever hold close to my heart. All those precious years I spend with my son now are what help me get through the day.?

So please, Dr. Laura, never stop preaching to all the young moms who feel they can?t handle it, are struggling with making it through the day, who believe they ?need? to work instead of being with their child, just how much it might someday mean to them to have spent those precious moments with their children. ?Hopefully other moms can just take my word for it; Don?t let anyone or anything prevent you from holding them, hugging them, playing with them, memorizing their smile, their laughter, their heart.?

Our children are such special gifts that should never be taken for granted, and life is so unpredictable, we never know if today we will breath our last breath. -Lisa?

God bless you stay at home mom?s out there. You are important. Do not ever let anyone look down on you or make you feel you are JUST a stay at home mother (I know I am guilty of doing this to myself! MOMMA?S we need to stop!)? there is no JUST about it.

?Don?t let anyone look down on you?because you are young, but set an example?for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith?and in purity.? 1 Timothy 4:12

?Behold,?children are a heritage from the?Lord,?the fruit of the womb a reward.? Psalm 127:3

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