Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Your Health & Fitness Questions Answered - Week 3 - Rocofit ...

answers Your Health & Fitness Questions Answered   Week 3I can?t believe we are half way through the ask Rocofit anything on health and fitness.? I?m loving answering your questions.

This weeks questions answered were:

1) What to do if you have tennis elbow?

2) What foods lower your blood sugar?

3) Are there exercises pregnant women can do to strengthen pelvic floor muscles?

4) How to keep the kettlebell from hitting your arm when performing a snatch?

If you can add to these answers please feel free! Sharing is caring.? Also remember to post your question for next week below this post.

Health & Happiness

Source: http://www.rocofit.com/your-health-fitness-questions-answered-week-3/

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