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Greg Mason is The Business Coach, the man who traded his successful years in the corporate financial services industry for assisting entrepreneurs to tackle and overcome challenges and obstacles in business in SABC?s reality show, ?The Business Coach?.

His passion for business coaching has developed over more than a decade spent in the corporate financial world, and also as Head of Change for one of the largest financial services?groups in South Africa, where he interacted with twelve different companies.

A certified business and executive coach with five years experience in actively coaching SMEs owners, Greg ?is now taking his passion to television, meeting with various entrepreneurs in front of the cameras and developing solutions to their most challenging issues, by drawing from his diverse experience in accounting, HR, IT, strategy and business planning, change management and project management.

We chatted with Greg about his involvement in the show and the challenges faced by today?s South African entrepreneurs.

WealthWise magazine: How is The Business Coach different from other business shows in the country? What are the show?s strengths?

Greg Mason: The show is not just about pushing content at the participants, it?s fundamentally about helping small business owners change their self-limiting beliefs about themselves and their businesses, and providing practical advice and guidance to assist them to overcome stumbling blocks.

Through the process, they are coached to think like a business owner. They get homework and tasks to do. ?They have to physically take action and are often pushed out of their comfort zones.

Each episode is filmed over a period of a month, so viewers get to see changes in the business owners take shape. What is important is that the viewers at home, many of whom are aspiring or existing entrepreneurs, can identify with some of?

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