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Reference-and-Education Red Ribbon Week Time to Celebrate ...

ge the student Reference-and-Education Red Ribbon Week Time to Celebrate Freedom 20th September 2007 So many times when we celebrate Red Ribbon Week we only think about not taking drugs. Students get tired of the no, don't do that message. They want to hear something else. Well, if you think about it this should be a week to celebrate

freedom. If we don' Reference-and-Education PE Performance Programs Using PE Activities 20th September 2007 Most of the time when you have a program for parents in the elementary school it is comprised of speaking some lines and then singing a song. Or it might be speaking some liens and say a poem. Or it just might even be speak a few lines and sing a song and Reference-and-Education Red Ribbon Week is Almost Here, lxfumoner46789 Again 20th September 2007 Some people think that Red Ribbon Week is no longer important, but I disagree. I believe that the earlier moncler outlet we reach children the better. One of the best ways to reach school aged children with a message about saying no to drugs is through the use of plays Reference-and-Education Roses are Red Ribbon Week Poetry 20th September 2007 Sometimes the best thing to do for Red Ribbon Week is to have the students make their own poetry. Using the old Roses are red, violets are blue poem is easy for the students to make up their own rhyme. Below are some examples.Roses are red, Violets are bl Reference-and-Education So You Want To Teach Elementary School 29th August 2007 So you want to teach. Let me give you a preview of what your life will be like if you succeed in becoming an elementary school teacher. If you become an elementary school teacher this is what you might expect. For nine months of the year your life will Reference-and-Education Fly Your Flag Proudly 29th August 2007 It is so reassuring to drive down the street and see our national flag flying proudly in the wind. The problem is most people only do it occasionally. So what are those days that are appropriate to

fly the flag? January 1-start the year out right, even Reference-and-Education Teaching Patriotism is a Growing Concern 24th August 2007 Patriotism is a growing concern in our nation today. One of the ways to teach children patriotism is to have them be in an informative play or program. Many schools and teachers are looking for programs to fit this description that are easy to put lxfunoricl495423 on and A vintage ladies cardigan in good repair can be a great find. But knitwear in general is rarely found in perfect condition, and will usually require some repairs, moncler sale and special care when storing and cleaning. If youe buying vintage ladies cardigans for the first time, here are some tips

for repairs and care that you can do yourself. It always best to avoid the expense of a specialist tailor if possible, and much more satisfying to restore an item to its original beauty without outside help. And it surprising easy to care

for most vintage clothes, including knitwear, as long as you are prepared to do a little by hand. If youe fallen in love with, and bought, a cardigan that worn or even holed, hopefully youl have looked at the necessary repairs before hand over your cash, and got yourself a good price that takes your valuable time into account. Depending on the kind of yarn the clothing is made from, you may be able to find a close match and darn through the existing yarn to make a relatively invisible mend. If the damaged area is relatively unobtrusive, such as under the arm, where a lot of wear occurs, your repairs won be on show for close scrutiny anyway. If your item has a hole or has already been patched, the best alternative may be to simply cover up the area. Consider an appliqu?patch on shoulders or front panels, for example. If you pick the patch carefully, you can sometimes make it look as though it was part of the original design. Or, if the damage is lower down on the front, you could add a patch pocket or two in fabric or lace, or even knit a patch yourself in a contrasting or coordinating colour, to create a truly unique, yet still vintage piece. With a worn hem, collars, or cuffs, lace may again be your saving grace. A narrow lace edging stitched through the existing knitwear, and backed with
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