Saturday, November 17, 2012

Has royal wedding singer Ellie Goulding found love with War Horse star Jeremy Irvine?

Tuned out of the BBC

If Ed Richards, the chief executive of Ofcom, the broadcasting watchdog, becomes director-general of the BBC, as some predict, licence-fee payers can look forward to some fascinating television viewing.

Richards, 47, who was a senior policy adviser to Tony Blair, tells Mandrake that he enjoys nothing more than sitting in front of a screen as the television channels are retuned.

?You find it, and then you press it ? I quite like watching it do that, actually. It?s quite enjoyable ? the magic of transmission ? 'I?ve found another channel??.

Come back, George Entwistle, all is forgiven.

Faith embarrasses

His script for the opening ceremony of the London Olympics convinced the Queen to star opposite James Bond, and now Frank Cottrell Boyce hopes to persuade occasional churchgoers to worship more often.

?People who never come near the Church at any other time feel the need to come to her, and spend fortunes on, baptisms,first Communions, weddings and funerals,? says the writer, a Roman Catholic.

?But when they come to us, how do we react? What do we offer them? We are happy to share that fruit, but embarrassed to show them the garden where it grew the roots that fed it: our faith.

?When the Wesleys began their great missionary work, they went to where the people were ? they preached in fields and tents. It seems to me that we are in danger of doing the very opposite.?


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